Friday, January 19, 2018

How to transition into being a vegan

Transition into veganism is an easy process depending on frame of mind. Often times a person is more so emotionally attach to eating animal flesh and the products that are product by animals. There is lots of money that has been spent to keep people emotionally attached to eating animals and processed products despite science has proven that people are natural herbivores.

I was blessed to be raised by a mother that did not fair well with meat. She was a vegetation mostly. My father was the meat and potato guy. He also love to hunt and fish. We went years not eating anything my father did not proudly ketch himself. So, transition to becoming a vegan started when I was a kid and finally took when I became an adult realizing the moral and healthy choice over the spoon fed, social pressured marketing choice of eating dead rotten flesh and products made out of the animals.

Seems for me the process happened overnight. In some ways I say yes and other ways no, took a few years for me to become a vegan. When I was a kid, I would eat the beans, vegetables, grains, pasta, breads, and fruits just fine. Now when eating the meat that my parents provided, not so much. I would fight and fuss. A few nights I had sat at the table staring at a piece of cold bloody steak my father insisted I ate, only to be rescued hours later by my mother. Thankfully my mother would give me more beans and bread. Of course only leaving my father frustrated since he grew up with the poor belief eating meat was a must.

Well at a young are I knew better. When my grandmother would take me to get fresh milk I would asked about the cows. So if I knew I was eating cow I would protest. Yet, as the years went on I too turned a blind eye to the truth and gave into social pressure. For years I ate meat and fish without a thought. What got me to awaken to veganism once again was learning the word "speciesism". That is the day I simple stop eating any animals, fish, or animal products. All lives matters. There is no difference from the dog to the cow. Nor the goldfish, the freshly caught Trout or the rotten shipped Trout to the store.

I have been blessed to never look back nor have a craving. Once I learned the truth behind marketing and the lies, I craved more knowledge and the passion to share a clean and compassionate life through veganism. Yes, I have had a few cravings for certain foods, such as pizza. I simple have found another plant-base food to meet the craving. Also, I had used lots of substitutes to help me during the transitions. As you learn with me, you will see I still do use substitutes.

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How to transition into being a vegan Amy's is a great way to transition when first learning how to cook fresh Vegan foods
Amy's is a great way to transition when first learning how to cook fresh Vegan foods

What I recommend to heavy meat eaters is to take one meal or one day at a time. What I mean is pick one day or one meal each day to be vegan. Do that for a week. The following week two meals or two days. Do this process until you reach being vegan everyday and being a vegan comes naturally.

Another great way to transition is to learn all you can, such as where to get a vegan meal out if you are out on the town with friends. For example, there are over a hundred restaurants and fast foods that offer vegan foods.

Also, learn the health reason why not to consume dead animal flesh and products. The more we learn why our bodies live a healthy life through live plant-based foods the more we can avoid, heal, and prevent sickness, and diseases while maintaining being a vegan. The more we know, the better and compassionate choices we can make. Knowledge is power.

To further grow confidence in the transition learn how you can have a well balance diet by simply eating fresh plant-base foods. One of the things that impressed me is all plant-based foods have protein for example. So, as longs as you are consuming enough calories you will always have enough protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals. The original food source of nutrition is in all plant-based foods.

Forgive yourself if you make a mistake and if you did not know a certain cereal or candy is not vegan. Learning all the hidden animal products is also part of the learning to become a healthy vegan. Remember Rome was not built in a night. Forgive yourself. Say a blessing for the life that was sacrificed. Start a new within the present moment.

Also, not all vegan foods are healthy. If you are like me and once loved to eat junk food keep enjoying your foods that are simply animal free, and still yummy and deliciously junkie, such as Oreo cookies, breads, pizza, and pancakes.

The transition is as good as you make things. I enjoy all the plant-based foods I know. I slowly add in more and more that I never tried or did not care for in the past. Been a few years now since I became a full-time Vegan. I have found some vegetables like okra I enjoy better verses in the past I would had said "no thank you, not so much".

I have learned to love food more since I became a Vegan. Knowing what you are eating is a reward in itself. I love the history of plant-based foods. I so love sweets, such as chocolate. I have found a hot cup of almond milk and special dark chocolate is the best. I also been enjoying fruit pies, such as strawberries and blueberries. Lots of plant-based foods provides me comfort from sweets, to the basic potatoes and beans. Thinking about mashed potatoes makes me hungry. So, my biggest recommendation is to find the things that you love and brings you comfort from the large variety of plant-base food.

In time the sweet rewards of being a vegan will keep you strong. Until then learn about the Chicken, Tuna, Cow, and the Pig. Did you know we all have the same primal needs, as well as the need for family and love to thrive in a natural life?

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I so love Vegan pizza at Papa Johns
I so love Vegan pizza at Papa Johns 
  What motivates you to live a clean and compassionate life? Find your passion to create a easier transition. Stay focus on the countless lives that do not have to suffer for you to enjoy a meal. Perhaps focus on the health you will gain by selecting compassion and life over poor marketing or social pressures.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A little something humorous that will get you to think about the truth veganism

Vegan Gain makes some great points with some much needed humor in the following video. Please take the time and listen to Vegan Gain before leaving another hateful comment. When we seek compassion and a clean life there is not always room for political niceness or correctness. So thanks cry babies for helping to spread awareness that compassion and intelligence is much needed world wide. 

I have been searching how to prove that the designed religions, such as Christianity did not give mankind the rights to slaughter, treat with cruelness, and consumed animals as food. I am grateful Vegan Gain points out the proof that was written thousands of years ago. Mankind was designed for Veganism, not to consume dead rotten processed flesh.

No God would allow or give permission for the creation of life to be torture and murder for mankind's personal gains or pleasures. All lives matter. A person that does not see all animals serve a higher purpose is a hypocrite and ignorant.

When we go Vegan and live a compassionate life is when we start to see the true purpose for us and humanity, as well as all living sentimental beings have value from land, sea, and fresh water.

Reap the abundance and blessings the Universe has to offer go Vegan!

Compassionate living, has endless benefits that go beyond health. 

So agree with Vegan Gains, if i had a choice to save a chicken or a stubborn human that insisted on killing I would save the chicken. I would not give a second thought.

Also, I can appreciate a dumb dog or puppy over a ignorant human as well. At least the puppy or dog is trainable and lives naturally a compassionate life. My dogs and puppies are still going strong on the Vegan diet. My five large and extra large dogs are a great example that killing for food is a cruel choice that is not needed. I am very happy to report after a few months my dogs have proven that eating dead rotten flesh is simply a marketing tool for the meat industry to gain money and not for a healthy life.

I agree with Vegan Gain, we have been provided with endless choices of plant-based foods from the Universe and eating dead rotten flesh is a sick luxury that was designed out of need at one point in history and kept alive with greed today. There is a new brave world on the rise. Soon killing to eat with be a few to none. Compassionate and clean living will be the normal. 

Not only do we save lives from suffering, we save the planet as well since living a clean life takes less destruction and consumption. In time as we explore, you will learn that feeding a vegan takes about three times less the land and natural resources, such as water. Keep growing and learning to be a healthy Vegan to make a brighter and loving world that is filled with health, peace, and compassion to just name a few of the blessings and riches that are gained.

Be smart. Make a stand for the lives that suffer everyday for poor beliefs and market driven concepts.

Ask a stupid question, get a smart answer.  

#GoVegan #CompassionateLiving  

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Love at first sight

When I was a young child, eating pigs was not allowed for a few different reason. Shamefully, later as a teenager, I actually ate pig under pressure of my mother and friends. I do feel terrible for all the years I  did eat pig. The more I learn about the pig, the deeper my understanding my family was correct, no one should eat pig for several moral and logical reasons. 

I was told since I could walk eating pig was consider eating unclean meat. Also, I was told that since the pig could not sweat out the toxins, the meat was dirty and filled with parasites, as well as poisons to make me sick or worse, bring death. 

Other things I heard lots through different family members was the pig was close to the human DNA. So, I was told eating pig was the same as eating our second cousin. This thought left a bad taste in my mouth. So, for years I stayed away from eating pig. Until one day my mother and friends introduced me to sausage and bacon. Just as everyone, I gave not much thought to what I was eating, after all the word "Pig" was not on my plate.

What finally set me straight years later was learning the word "speciesism". A good link to learn what speciesism means click here All animals matter. All animals seek the same comforts, such as food, shelter, safety, and love. No animal should be discrimination against or classified as item to be owned or as food.

According most scientific studies, the pig is closely related to humans. Not a big surprise, after all mankind is part of the animal kingdom that walks on two legs, not four. 

According to the study Psychology Today, Dr. Bekofff, pigs do indeed have cognitive thinking skills, as well as other intelligence and social skills. Also, pigs do enjoy playing, learning, and living a peaceful life as any other animals do in which we consider intelligent. 

I had a friend that caught a wild pig on his property about ten ago. I felt so bad for the pig. Whenever my friend had approached the pig, the poor animal would scream and pull away as far as the pig could move inside the small metal cage. Now when I approached the cage and whispered "sorry you got trap by this real pig I call friend", the pig would lower his head and sweetly sniff my hand. The pig seem to be calm when I was near and knew my true inner nature that I struggle with. I knew then that everything my former friend was doing was wrong and immoral to the pig. The pig seem to beg me for help. All my former friend cared about was his struggling meat smoking business. Our friendship not lasting and his failed smoke house was and is a sign that true lasting abundance and blessing comes from harming none. 

More and more pigs are becoming pets these day for all great reasons. The pig is an intelligent life that is eager to learn and live among people. Despite never having freedom, even a pig born into a torturous and inhumane life knows in the heart that life is wrong without love, freedom, and compassion. Also, with the right choices we can end the suffering for all life, such as the gorgeous and loving pig.

Humanity is headed in the correct moral direction, compassion and enlightenment. We are collectively starting to see past the spoon fed marketing that only cares about greed of money, not your health or well being of life in general. Veganism offers abundance of blessings for simply choosing the healthy and compassionate paths.

If you ever cross a wild pig's or bore's path do not try to pet or challenge the pig or bore. The pig or bore is very strong and not friendly. Of course not being friendly makes since, after all the pig has had to endure so much from humanity. 


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Monday, January 8, 2018

Positive healthy change takes time

Yes, sometimes positive healthy changes seems to be instant. However, in all reality real true lasting positive healthy transformations takes time. Every great successful moment started as a thought or a small seed waiting to grow. Nothing in life that is good is instant.
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Today's Breakfast.  A apple, A banana, three large sweet strawberries  A day in life of a Vegan
Today's Breakfast.
A apple, A banana, three large sweet strawberries
A day in life of a Vegan
As we get into the second week of the new year, I am starting to hear how certain changes has not occurred as expected, despite the great intentions. One common thing I keep hearing is "I went Vegan for a week and nothing changed". Well, I will show some of  the facts why a week may not be enough time for healthy positive changes, such as studies reveal meat can take up to 3 days to a week to digest in a person system.

So yes, a person really needs to take the 30 day vegan challenge to start to see positive and healthy changes. There is rotten meat left in the colon of a former meat eater for days after consumption. So, just for the body to adjust, detox, and a create new healthy habits may take a  minimum of 21 days.

Thankfully the process takes time. The detox would be painful if the process was instant. Also, the process depends on the person's independent choices. The more raw fresh vegetables and fruit eaten, the faster the healing and detox will occur.

As you explore veganism, soon you will realize there are unhealthy vegan choices as well. I too consume treats that not so healthy, such as Oreo cookies and pancakes. I am a firm believer to allow goodies that bring comfort to have a balance diet. The goodies help a person feel satisfied. Also, I have found that when a person is satisfied, that person is more willing to make the compassionate and healthy choice for the greater good. Yes, the healing maybe slower, yet long lasting.

Another food I still have not given-up since I became a vegan is bread. Still to this day I enjoy breads. Breads is one of my major comforts foods. I find bread in most forms is naturally vegan. Also, most breads are easy to bake fresh. So, as you see I suggest to discover foods that make you happy and bring comfort for the best success. In time becoming healthy will become natural. Enjoy the foods of life.
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So love Vegan Burgers, with onion rings and fries.  Made with compassion and healthy is a bonus
So love Vegan Burgers, with onion rings and fries.
Made with compassion and healthy is a bonus
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So love pizza. Even more so without cheese.
So love pizza. Even more so without cheese. 
So, as you see by my last two example there are endless choices, healthy and not so healthy in plant-based options. As we become healthy, we learn that  having a well balance diet of what we need as well as what we desire is best. After all, most people not only feed the body, the soul as well.

As you become compassionate in your living, remember Rome was not built in a week. Also, every good adventures gets better as you learn, even if the learning is trial and error. Positive healthy change takes time.

Always remember everything is best in moderation. Be sure to keep balance with the plant-based foods, water consumption, exercise, and sleep for a healthy, abundance, and peaceful life.

Learn all you can and enjoy life. Blessed. Be.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cows as nature intended, look at that sweet face!

As you can see in the following two videos calves and cows seek the same things as our dogs and cats food, water, shelter, love, and play.

When a mother cow is allowed to raise her calf there are similarity to human mothers. The mother teaches the calf how to, love, live, and play. 

As you can see in the following videos cows and calves are very playful, loving, clever, curious, emotional, compassionate, and intelligent. 

I was raised in the city and played in the woods. I never had understood what a cow was until I become a Vegan and had the blessing to live in country. 

I have fallen in love with cows for several reasons. Whenever I see cows in pastures, I am amazed how the heard sticks together and protects the smaller cows and calves. If you decide to approach a cow or a herd, I have found staying quite and still while allowing the cows to approach out of curiosity is best. Just the same as humans, cows are very curious and eager to explore something or someone new. Unfamiliar sounds will keep the cows away. 

Amazing how many years a cow can survive when allowed to live a natural life. Studies of the cows have proven a cow that lives a natural life and not enslaved for meat or dairy can live 20 plus years.

Another aspect most people are unaware of is cows are very social animals. Studies have revealed cows are very sociable and become depress when separated from the herd, especially from the cows' calves that occurs daily in factory farming. The cow has several friends within the flock. When we observe the cow as nature intended, we can see there is top Queen bee all desire to follow as we see in the human community. Close friendship for a cow is for life. Cows have great memories. 

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Friends for life

Yes, studies have proven cows have great memories and are capable of planning ahead from past experiences. So if you meet a cow, remember to be kind and respectful. The cow will remember you and your actions. 

What really amazes me is the fact cows carries the offspring for nine months as a female human. The cow feels her calf grows and kicks inside her for nine months. The bound begins as soon as the cow becomes pregnant. When the calf is born the mother is in love and ready to care for her calf with unconditional love. The sad reality for factory and dairy cows, the calves are painfully ripped from the mother right after birth. The cow tries her best to stop the person from harming her calf only to fail and fall into depression that can never be healed. Now under a natural environment studies reveal the cow nurses her calf for three years. The bond between the calf and cow is a lifetime. The family unit is the most important to cows.
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Everything will be fine my sweet baby. I love you. Go vegan

Yes, studies reveal even calves and cows suffer from deep grief when separated from the herd, lost of a family members, and friends. 

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Even I grieve with the lost of family and friends

Another aspect about cows is the same as humans, yes they too have good days and bad days. Studies reveal when the calf or cow is in a good mood will be social and play when the sun is shining. However, when in a mad mood or having a bad day, the cow will stay away from the herd and seek isolation. Also, studies reveal cows hold grudges on other cows, as well if someone does something negative to them. This really hits home for me to understand why the dairy cow will get stubborn and try to avoid the handler when abused. Remember the cow has long-term memory. So anything that happens to them or around the cows will effect their emotions for the better or worse. 

The great thing cows can forgive. Studies have proven they are the same as us in time through love and compassion can overcome most cruel situations. 

Enjoy the sweet moments of the calves and cows as nature intended. Go Vegan to save countless live from suffer cruel and inhumane existences and deaths.

Video credited to Animals All the Time, found on YouTube

Video credited by Animal TV, found on Youtube

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

One great resolution to save money, while becoming healthy.

One great resolution to save money, while becoming healthy is veganism. Becoming a vegan and maintaining a healthy eating regime is expensive is a myth.

As I talk with people about veganism, I hear the excuse being vegan is too expensive. I once was a meat eater that did not know better on so many levels. So, I personally know the excuse being a Vegan is expensive comes from a sad and ill belief system.

When money is low, I can manage to feed two adults for about 3 weeks on $200.00 US dollars. This also includes fresh vegetable and fruits. I even share leftovers with five large to ex-large dogs. 

Also, no need to look for a special store. Most grocery store and including Walmart has great substitutes at great prices to satisfy any former meat eater. When you compare the amount of meals that can be prepared verses with meat expense the cost is pennies. Also, all a person needs is the basic plant-based foods. Substitutes are really a luxury.

So the reality of veganism is a plant- based lifestyle that offers the most convenient, readily available and very affordable regime, even with goodies, sweet, and treats. Of course, the cost depends on personal choices. As I said as a former meat eater, sometimes we just need the substitute while learning how to complete meals daily with balance of healthy and inexpensive plant-based foods. 

One of the biggest reason veganism is lower in budgets is most process foods are avoided due to animal products that are known and hidden. Also, takes less to grow plant-based foods then to raise and slaughter animals. 

Furthermore, when we compare a meat eater verses the plant-based lifestyles we see less cost in the food budget per meal and snacks, as well as in health issues. Even if I buy the substitute cheese and mock meats the meals are pennies in comparison to buying meat and animal based products. Also, research and studies has shown when a person switches over to a healthy plant-based balance regime due to health issues will see a reverse in the condition, along with removal of medication. Not only the person saves money, so does society in the growing cost of health issue in nursing homes and hospitals, such as obesity and diabetes since the plant-based diet prevents sickness and diseases in healthy people that decide to switch to a plant-based diet for the simple reason of compassion. After-all compassion is priceless and comes with endless rewards and benefits. 

A small minor saving also comes from less cost to prepare the meals, such as lower gas or eclectic expenses. Plant-based foods are easy and quick to prepare. I typically can prepare a meal in 15 minutes or less. Also, oftentimes out of conveniences raw plant-based foods are consumes more so when a person truly learns the benefits of veganism.

Stay tune for the growing and endless reason why Veganism not only saves lives also saves money. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

A new year awaits with abundance of joy and success

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Be sure to prepare by having a designated sober diver or be the safe drive home and stay sober.
Be sure to prepare by having a designated sober diver or be the safe drive home and stay sober. 

Every great moment has a start. A new year awaits with abundance of joy and success. As the years past, I realize the beauty of living life is not reaching every goal with success, rather expanding awareness and appreciation for all life on Earth.

There are lots of projects on the fire for the new year. Traditionally everyone set goals at the beginning of the new year only to faultier within the first few weeks. I have found the best method to keep new year resolutions is to take note of the goals and revise throughout the year.

I like to create a list of the goals and desires. Each week I look at my major goals and set minor objectives to reach the end desires.

The biggest secrets is not to be attached to an outcome or end result. Focus on your heart's desire. Remain flexible to changes. Sometimes we understand the end results of the goals or dreams better then what we need to do to reach the aspirations.

Also, if your heart and soul tells you that you are on the correct path, don't worry about negative people that cannot visualize your designed purpose. Take heart and paved the road that most dream about, yet allow fear to keep her or him trap in the path that has already been harvest and long ago created.

One of the greatest goals that is at the top of most people's desire each year is to improve health. This coming year I am going to start Vblogging on YouTube daily what meals typically a Vegan could eat to help the understanding Vegans do indeed eat food, as well as become healthy and successful beyond a person's imagination or dreams

So, stay tune for more recipes, as well as videos showing the simple and easy steps to replace the animals and animals byproduct with a plant-based food in any traditional dish. I love to eat. So join me in eating your way to the perfect body full of youth and health. No matter where a person is at in health, veganism can reverse poor health, as well bring back youth and energy.

No matter if the goals are to loose weight or gain healthy body mass, veganism is the healthiest choice. The secrets are hidden within the shadows of understanding to fit the meals to your personal needs. The process of veganism can be quick for some, yet in reality every great thing in life takes steps and time. If there is a area you need help, message me or leave your questions in the comments. I will be sure to address your needs or concerns.

Keep learning and break the spoon fed marketing concepts, such as abundance includes material things and a life must die for people to live and eat healthy.

Have a blessed New Year Eve. A fantastic year awaits to be shaped. Awareness and the greater aspect of humanity is on the rise. Go Vegan!

Be kind. Remember to bring your furry loved ones inside this winter. The fur being enough warmth is a misconception. Even our furry loved one needs to cuddle in a pack inside a den if in the wild or be inside to keep warm when domesticated.


How to transition into being a vegan

Transition into veganism is an easy process depending on frame of mind. Often times a person is more so emotionally attach to eating animal...