Sunday, December 31, 2017

A new year awaits with abundance of joy and success

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Be sure to prepare by having a designated sober diver or be the safe drive home and stay sober.
Be sure to prepare by having a designated sober diver or be the safe drive home and stay sober. 

Every great moment has a start. A new year awaits with abundance of joy and success. As the years past, I realize the beauty of living life is not reaching every goal with success, rather expanding awareness and appreciation for all life on Earth.

There are lots of projects on the fire for the new year. Traditionally everyone set goals at the beginning of the new year only to faultier within the first few weeks. I have found the best method to keep new year resolutions is to take note of the goals and revise throughout the year.

I like to create a list of the goals and desires. Each week I look at my major goals and set minor objectives to reach the end desires.

The biggest secrets is not to be attached to an outcome or end result. Focus on your heart's desire. Remain flexible to changes. Sometimes we understand the end results of the goals or dreams better then what we need to do to reach the aspirations.

Also, if your heart and soul tells you that you are on the correct path, don't worry about negative people that cannot visualize your designed purpose. Take heart and paved the road that most dream about, yet allow fear to keep her or him trap in the path that has already been harvest and long ago created.

One of the greatest goals that is at the top of most people's desire each year is to improve health. This coming year I am going to start Vblogging on YouTube daily what meals typically a Vegan could eat to help the understanding Vegans do indeed eat food, as well as become healthy and successful beyond a person's imagination or dreams

So, stay tune for more recipes, as well as videos showing the simple and easy steps to replace the animals and animals byproduct with a plant-based food in any traditional dish. I love to eat. So join me in eating your way to the perfect body full of youth and health. No matter where a person is at in health, veganism can reverse poor health, as well bring back youth and energy.

No matter if the goals are to loose weight or gain healthy body mass, veganism is the healthiest choice. The secrets are hidden within the shadows of understanding to fit the meals to your personal needs. The process of veganism can be quick for some, yet in reality every great thing in life takes steps and time. If there is a area you need help, message me or leave your questions in the comments. I will be sure to address your needs or concerns.

Keep learning and break the spoon fed marketing concepts, such as abundance includes material things and a life must die for people to live and eat healthy.

Have a blessed New Year Eve. A fantastic year awaits to be shaped. Awareness and the greater aspect of humanity is on the rise. Go Vegan!

Be kind. Remember to bring your furry loved ones inside this winter. The fur being enough warmth is a misconception. Even our furry loved one needs to cuddle in a pack inside a den if in the wild or be inside to keep warm when domesticated.


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Vegan on the go, what is for Lunch?

One task that can be difficult for a new vegan is discovering what to eat on the go. Finding foods that satisfy the body's needs and our desires can be a daunting and overwhelming task for Vegans when away from home.

Yes, there are hundreds of restaurants that do serve vegan foods. The real task is finding a restaurant that a  person can trust will take the proper steps to keep the vegan food separate from the food that is prepared with animals and animal byproducts, such as dairy and eggs.

The real issue lies within the staff preparing the dish without animals products. For example, I have gone to Taco bell several times and order food just to have the staff add everything we spook a few minutes early to take out of the dish. So, personally I have found preparing and bringing food from home is best. Of course this will depend on the area you live. More Vegan, the better the choices.

For me to eat out at any restaurant would take a Vegan restaurant. The overall lack of understanding, care, and respect leads me not to trust in general. I prefer to prep and prepare my own food. As you explore with me you will soon discover each Vegan's needs, knowledge and choices may vary slightly, such as some do not eat anything with rising yeast. I will show you the importance of the variety of yeast in which plays a role in obtaining a well balance diet depending on need and what type of Yeast.

Picture Created by Eve Hoffman
Vegan Burger prepared at homes for pennies
Vegan Burger prepared at homes for pennies

Picture Created by Eve Hoffman
A complete balance meal includes fruits.  If you want to build weight, be sure to add a carbohydrates, such as a anti-pasta dish or the classic french fries
A complete balance plant based meal includes fruits.
 If you want to build weight, be sure to add a carbohydrates, such as a anti-pasta dish or the classic french fries.

There are several classics choices when we are on the go with or without means to warm a meal. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

1. Peanut Butter or Almond Butter and Jelly Sandwich ( Sometimes I omit the jelly for banana slices or fresh seasonal berries)
2. Veggie sandwich made with Tempeh (use the veggies you enjoy, such as spinach, squash, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, alpha sprouts, sliced apples and so on)
3. Hummus and crackers
4. Three bean anti-pasta salad
5. Tofu stir fry with green beans
6. Veggie soup (great to heat and place in a thermos before heading out of the house)
7. Nuts and Seeds
8. Dry and fresh fruits
9. Raw veggies, such as celery, cauliflower,  broccoli, and tomatoes.
10. A green salad loaded with all your favorite, seeds, nuts, veggies, and fruits.
11. Fried rice loaded up with great stir fry veggies, such as sugar snap peas.
12. Pasta loaded with classics steam veggies such as carrots, peas, collard greens, or spinach
13. A simple bean burrito (fast to make and easy to eat as you head to work or the days adventure)
14. Classic vegan cheese sandwich (great served hot or cold)
15. Tomato soup with pasta
16. Vegan wraps (this is only limited to what you want, such as what kind of beans, veggies, tofu, or all of the above.
17. Mushroom sandwich on bagel (my favorite is portables)
18. Bean salad sandwich (sorta of the same as fish or chicken salad. Instead use a white bean such as Chick peas or the great northern bean)

Meals on the go is only limited to your imagination, as well as being able to keep things hot or cold depending on personal desire.

Here is a video I discovered that creates a few sandwiches and wraps to give us some ideas what we can bring  with us on the go as healthy balance Vegans. I agree with Miss Rebecca. We do have lots of choices. The greatest secret is to be creative, while eating what you enjoy.

Regardless if we are working, going to school, traveling, or simply out having fun, being prepared for the hungry moments is an easy task that only takes a few minutes, as well as a small amount of an imagination.

Vegan on the go, what is for Lunch? What did you prepare for today's snacks and lunch? Did you think about the sweet tooth that always seems to cry for that treat late in the day? Do you know the best way to end the day is how we start the day?

Video created by Bonny Rebecca. Found on YouTube

Four days before Christmas, what matters to you?

As the days get closer to Christmas, people start to reflect on matters of the heart, desires, and what really matters in life, love, friends, and family. Four days before Christmas, what matters to you?

I had not thought of looking at what eating animals really means until I ran across Mr. Stuckey documentary. What benefits can we obtain from food that is dead? Sadly, we are truly what we eat. Wow, no wonder humanity is dying from self-inflicted sickness and diseases.

Thankfully with so many benefits the truth is starting to come to light of Veganism. One of the greatest benefits of being a Vegan is having a lower food budgets, while eating all that is desired. Amazing how the myths of Veganism stays alive, such as you must be rich to be a vegan despite the facts of the opposite. As I grow in years of veganism, I realize, I am rich due to being a Vegan. Eating a clean diet, I have found I personally do not require as much food to be satisfied. Due to consuming less, I have lowered all my bills, such as energy consumption, and trash.

As you can see in the following documentary and countless other studies, consuming animals and animals products harms all humans. No culture or race is immune to the harmful effects that comes from eating dead flesh or byproduct of the animals, such as dairy and eggs. The clean source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that a human needs daily to live a healthy and successful life is only available in plant based foods.

Do you want to feel alive, as well as live life to the fullest? Go Vegan. Eat from the original source of nutrition what Mother Earth has sweetly provided for all animals, including us humans.

Four days before Christmas, what matters to you? Have you started a new tradition this year? Or has veganism always been a part of your holidays? If you knew the health issue humanity faces is all due to eating dead flesh and animal byproduct, would you take the needed steps for a healthier and more humane world?

Perhaps the following video "Don't eat meat, The Truth In America...." by Lamont Stuckey may help humanity as a whole to realize what really matters, as well to achieve peace that all wishes to have this Holiday season.

Video created by Lamont Stuckey found on YouTube

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Five days before Christmas, what gift cannot be purchased?

Five days before Christmas, what gift cannot be purchased? As the days countdown to Christmas many scramble to find the last minute perfect gifts. Have you ever consider by not buying into the stereotypical holidays we actual give gifts that cannot be purchased.Yes, the gift of a peaceful life that once faced inhumane lives and disgusting, as well as tortuous deaths.

For every person that chooses veganism, there are countless lives the received gifts that cannot be purchased with money. No, the cost is a simple sacrifice of understanding that eating flesh and killing is a twisted luxury that is not necessary and only designed by greed. Only the power of the greedy industry would like you to believe you need to kill to have a balance lifestyle and good health.

Amazing how much the industry will keep the truth from the world for profit. Sad laws are designed to hinder free speech that helps lives from suffering. No living animal in which suffers such a inhumane life and death should be kept quiet or silenced for the sake of profit of money. Of course, the industry misleads consumers for the greed of money. As well as pay good money to shape the consumers' beliefs despite the harm or the facts.

Not a surprise consuming animals and animal products is a concept to make money, not the health or well being of people. As can see in the presentation the studies reveal people's health conditions are caused by consuming animals and animal products. I agree with Mr. Simon, life is about how I want to live and die. I do want to be able to enjoy every stage.

For years my grandmother would tell me the biggest reason to not smoke cigarettes and eat a clean diet was about not suffering and causing others to suffer to care for me. Today as I truly see the effects I have or not for having a clean lifestyle, I truly understated what my Grandmother meant about the priceless life of a peaceful, healthy, and loving one verses one trapped in a body full of sickness that is controlled by another.

The greatest gifts to give is the sweet breath of life. This gift seems to have a instant return in goodness. The best gift you can give yourself this holiday season to achieve a loving and peaceful life with abundance of success in health is to become a Vegan. Join the countless others like myself that see the greed verses the need of the industry that profit from inhumane treatments and cruelty animals.

How the animals are treated do indeed effect people in several dark issue from physical to spiritual. The shameful aspect is most people have forgotten humans are mere animals. Humankind is connected to all animals. The sad part is as humanity advances in technology has forgotten the connection we have to nature and all animals.

Thankfully there is a new awaking. Veganism is on the rise. People, both men and women are starting to see past the brainwashing of the advertising and see the truth the lies behind what has been spoon fed for too many decades. New Traditions are being created that people are starting to realize that has nothing to do with profit of money, yet the richness of the future of better side of humanity.

Five days before Christmas, what gift cannot be purchased? What are you buying and supporting this Holiday season? Do you give gives that cannot be purchased?

Video "How the Meat and Dairy Industry, Addicts you to their Food - David Robinson Simon"

Video Credited to The Real Truth About Health
Found on YouTube

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Six days before Christmas, What is for dinner?

Six days before Christmas many families are starting a new Vegan lifestyle maybe asking what is for dinner. Surprising enough there are lots of delicious choices at the local super markets that can help keep the family traditions.

One of our favorite substitutes are meal helpers come from the Brand Gardein. The company offers a large range of meals throughout the seasons. Halloween and throughout thanksgiving, Christmas, and new years Gardein offers a Savory Stuffed Turk'y that is great. The only thing I do is add things to the gravy to give the gravy a personal taste.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Great for holiday meals from Gardein. Easy to heat and Serve. Happy Holidays!
Great for holiday meals from Gardein. Easy to heat and Serve. Happy Holidays! 

Just as any products that is bought at a store, the trick or secrets are to season and warm to what fits your personal taste.

Our  holiday meal will also include a green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, green garden salad, collard greens, hot baked rolls, and of course desert. 

One of the deserts will be a chocolate cheezecake made from coconuts, Yummy!

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Chocolate cheese cake by Daiya
Chocolate cheese cake by Daiya

There are other deserts in debate. Perhaps we will have cookies, ice cream, apple pie, or blueberry pie Maybe even a pound cake or all of the above. We will see, after all the holidays is meant for good food, friend, and family. No Vegan is restricted on the amount of food, even in goodies. Enjoy!

Thankfully we can go Vegan to create a peaceful and joyful time with friends and family, while helping countless lives that would had faced a sad and lonely life, while suffering a cruel unnecessary death.

Blessed be. Go Vegan. Happy Holidays!

Six days before Christmas, What is for dinner? Are you keeping the traditions or doing something different?

Monday, December 18, 2017

The accepted massacre of thousands of lives for the sake of long celebrated traditions

Unknown Source, found on Facebook
Say no to cruelty and go Vegan this Holiday!
Say no to cruelty and go Vegan this Holiday!

This is the first year I actually see the connection between the American holidays that start with Halloween to religious event such as Christmas to the yearly tradition of Yulin Dog Festival in China. I become a Vegan because of the Asians country brutalizing and harming dogs and cats for a sake of a tradition. I agree with the Chinese that eating other living animals for other religions and tradition have no difference. Therefore, I became the living example that the holidays can be enjoyed and celebrated without bringing harm to another life.

The accepted massacre of thousands of lives for the sake of long celebrated traditions must stop, so humanity may become peaceful and healthy, as all the religions, such as Christianity prays for throughout the year.

Very ironic to see a minister for example to preach not to kill or torture in the name of greed and then turn  eat meals that come from a inhuman life and torturous death. As I become stronger in my Vegan beliefs, I become grateful, I have created new traditions that not only cause no harm, yet good health, as well as saves countless lives each holiday, as well as throughout the year.

As a Vegan I have learn to desire the sweeter things in life. My Christmas list is small and humble as an adult Vegan. All I desire is good loving plant-base meals, deserts and snacks, along with like minded people to enjoy the fall harvest. Anything else would truly be unnecessary. As the years go by me becoming a Vegan becomes a deeper lifestyle of leaving less of a foot print on the earth, as well enjoying nature and consuming only that is needed for a comfortable healthy life.

Here is some reasons why no Turkey should die for the holidays. Yes let's create a new peaceful and loving holiday and go Vegan.

Video Create by How To Vegan, found On YouTube

Now going Vegan does provide us with abundances beyond our wildest dreams. All animals, including humans desire the peaceful, loving, joyful, and humane life. If people understood what is happening to the animals and the truth about nutrition all would go Vegan.

The power of true success lies within a clean lifestyle, in which includes clean eating. I never knew I would see life in such a different manner. I started out as a Vegan for the love of the animals and to make a difference to stop animal cruelty once I had learned Vegan is the original source of nutrition and killing is unnecessary to maintain a human life. As I grow as a Vegan and years pass me quickly, I start to see there are more benefits then the physical improvements and health. I start to see how life and humanity can change for the better. 

Yes having a firm youthful body as I reach fifty years young is a great motivator as well. The true inspiration is the love and positive vibration I produce that brings gifts and blessing beyond what I could had imagined or dreamed. 

As a Vegan we do tend to set our standards high for all to enjoy the fruitful purposeful of life that all lives were designed to live. 

Join me this holiday and bring all the past wishes true to enjoy a peaceful and joyful holiday for all that brings harm to none. Over the next few weeks we will look at some documentaries and research that will show how no animal that is born desires to be killed or ripped from the mother. Also, we will learn how holidays, as well as daily living is more successful when balance and harmony is the focus of the Vegan.Yes, we cannot live merely off of veggies alone, that is why we have fruit, grains, nuts, and tofu for an example. 

Perhaps the cries for life will awaken the truth. Listen closely to the cries of suffering of the animals that are torture unnecessary to bring a traditional feast that has a long history of cruelty and death to all animals, including humans. As we explore you will see the heartbreaking sounds of pleads of life is one of many reason Veganism is on the rise. The industries that profits off of cruelty and killing life is running scared and are willing to do anything to hide the truth. As you can see in the following video there is an awaking and new traditions are being created that promote love and balance with the world in which humanity must learn to love and respect for a healthy and brighter future. 

What matters to you? Do you understand there is no humane killing and that is a lie the slaughter houses and meat industry want you to believe? What keeps or encourages you to become Vegan, the planet, perhaps the inhumane treatments to the animals, or simply the logical scientific reasons, better health and no diseases? Have you gave much thought to how many animals must face a inhumane existence and tortuous death for the sake of  a holiday or choice of religion? 

Video created by Ella Marie, found on YouTube

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Secrets to Looking Youthful As You Age

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
 Guess my Age. I bet you cannot. I have unearthed the fountain of youth.
Guess my Age. I bet you cannot. I have unearthed the fountain of youth. 

There are endless benefits to veganism. As the years roll on I start to see the process of aging actually reversing in my face and body. Amazing enough Fifty is in my horizon. The unexpected benefit of becoming a Vegan and eating a clean diet is I am looking younger as I age. Welcome to the fountain of youth, Veganism.

Several studies, even from the dairy industry has proven that animals and animal products are not digestible nor have the proper nutrition for humans. The dairy industry has in the past ran a study to prove calcium was better in cow's milk. Yet, as always the study prove the cow's milk is only designed for the calves, not human consumption. The women that were ask to consume cow's milk loss calcium and bone density, while the women that drank alternatives, such as almond and soy milk actually increased calcium absorption, in which also improve bone density.

So not a surprise when the vegan lifestyle is in proper balance can actually reverse aging process as diseases. There are many plant based foods that have been proven to decrease the signs of aging such as Garlic. Garlic releases sulfur that is necessary for the production of collagen.

Another plant based food that bring the fountain of youth are Green or red fruits and veggies, along with citrus fruits. Citrus fruits have endless benefits. Studies have proven cancers cannot live in a high acidic ph that is found in lemons, as well lemons is high in vitamin C for example.

Studies have proven Vitamin C also is great in healing, as well as slowing and reversing the aging process. Citrus is the best method to absorb vitamin C. Due to my skin I make a citrus tea that I wash my hair and face everyday. The Vitamin C helps heal my skin as well creates a great clean smell.

I take about 1 or two of each citrus fruit, lemon, orange, and grapefruit, slice and place in a big pot of water. Bring water to a boil then let simmer for about ten minutes. Next, I allow the citrus tea to seep for twelves hours with the sliced fruits. Then I squeeze and drain into glass jars. You can refrigerate to keep the tea fresher.

The Citrus tea is the only thing that has helped truly cure the psoriasis on my scalp, face, and hands. Becoming a vegan helped bring my breakouts to a very small amount and not as often. Yet, since I started consuming more citrus, my skin is pain free and 100% cleared today.

Another aspect that keeps a Vegan healthy and youthful is clean the proteins that can be found in tempeh, nuts, soy, tofu, pea protien as well in green vegetables for example.

Also, studies have proven clean oils, such as olive, coconut, and canola oils helps keeps the skin hydrated and youthful looking. I have been blessed to consume the clean healthy oils all my life. Through personal experiences I can say that consuming the proper amount of clean oil, such as the olive oil will bring balance to any dry or oily skin.

I have a combination of oily and extremity dry skin. When my skin is dries there is no lotion or external oil that will satisfy the thirst. The best method I have found to hydrate my skin is through a proper Vegan Diet.

There are countless plant base fruits and veggies, such as berries and orange veggies that either block, reverse or prevents aging studies have proven. The beauty of Veganism there is hope for all regardless of age or stage of life. No matter the condition of a person becoming a Vegan will allow a person to gain health that is priceless.

The Secret to looking youthful as you age is a multi process of a clean diet, exercise, and a positive out look on life. The bonuses to becoming a Vegan there are endless benefits that not only bless you, yet brings a end to a terrible existence for countless lives that are unjustly suffering.

As we discover the fountain of youth, so many lives find the peace and joy of living Vegan. Yes all lives matter, even the smallest of life is aware and appreciate the peaceful present moment.

Take the 21 day challenge and unearth improved health, as well as the fountain of youth. Note, balance snacks and meals is necessary to unlock the benefits for a plant based lifestyle. Being a Vegan we can eat as much as we desire to ensure we are providing our skin, body, mind, and spirit with proper nutrition.

Did you know all the varieties of plant life that provide youth and good health? Did you know good health also equals looking and feeling youthful as you age? If you could stop taking the traditional medication in time with a clean balance diet would you consider Veganism?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Easy Tips To become a Vegan

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  One kind act can save serve lives from unnecessary suffering. Go Vegan.
One kind act can save serve lives from unnecessary suffering. Go Vegan.

Most of my life I boarder on vegetarian. Eating meat was a struggle for me since I can remember. When I was a kid I would cry and prefer to eat the veggies and beans on my plate. I even was a vegan twice for a few years at a time, until I discovered the truth and logical healthy reasons to finally remain a Vegan. So, I understand that one of the biggest difficulty of becoming a Vegan is breaking old habits, as well as old beliefs that have been past down from generation to generation. Just as anything in life positive change begins when we change our negative belief systems.

I was blessed one day that I simply stop consuming animals and animal products. My switch may had seem instant, yet as I said took me sometime to get to where I am today. I have faith if you are reading this article so you soon will be a pure Vegan as well or you are the path to Veganism.

Easy tips to start your journey of peace, happiness, and good health to become a Vegan

1. One of the greatest thing you can do is start researching all the benefits of being a Vegan. For example the one thing I discovered that really set my new Vegan lifestyle into play was the word "speciesism ", as well how animals are treated and processed explained why people get sick from countless diseases.  Also, through research I learned animals products or animals are not digestible for in which causes all kinds of health issues, such as strokes, heart attacks, and dementia to name a few. As I explored, I learned the original source of nutrition grows from the earth. Also, studies have reveal killing animals to eat is simply for the industry to make money, not for the nutritional needs or well being of people.  

2. Those that struggle start a Vegan day. Dedicate one day to eating only plant based foods. In time you will learn how easy you can go without animals or the animal product and will naturally want to increase the days. Also, consider having a Vegan lunch or breakfast every day and limit you animal consumption to once a day. 

3. Take your time and eliminate eating animals and animals products as you feel comfortable. One of the best methods I have notice for others is to start with the meat. Challenge yourself and remove all the meat in your meals and snacks for 21 days. All new habits start and are broken in 21 days. As you build confidence and are happy with not eating the flesh of the animals remove the dairy products, such as milk and cheese. You will discover there are so many great alternatives you wonder why you had not discovered so much goodies that do not cause harm in the past. Next remove the eggs from your menu. In time you will discover there are endless way to bake tasty treats and cook without any animal products. The bonus is you will feel great, become healthier, while helping a few hundred animals per year from suffering and dying a cruel inhumane death. 

4. Cook the comfort foods that you know and love. Simply find something to replace the animal products in your favorite dishes and snacks. For example you can make Mac n Cheese without dairy. Replace the cheese made out of cow's milk with a nice almond, coconut or cashew cheese for example. These alternatives taste just as good as cow's milk, except they are digestible, offer proper calcium and not full of hormones and high protein that are only designed for a calf to digest. 

5. Be brave and explore new foods to discover new comfort foods that you will love. You will find nutritional yeast for example is a great way to get the Vitamin Bs needed, as well adds a nice cheesy or creamy taste to a meal. I had tried at least four different Vegan burgers until I started to find the ones I enjoyed.  

6. Substitutes are important in the beginning to new Vegans or former meat eaters. The alternatives helps keep you satisfied while you adjust to being a Vegan. Also, the substitutes are filled with lots of nutrition that you may overlook while learning. Once you learn how to create balanced meals and snacks you will discover the alternatives are not needed. 

7. Think outside the box. Consider legumes and nuts to replace the meat or dairy in your recipes. Always be creative and use what you enjoy. You may surprise yourself from time to time and realize the taste is all about the seasoning, not the meat or animal. 

8. Another great and easy thing is making your own cheese. Cheese is the most popular reason why most people struggle to become a Vegan. I thought I would die without cheese myself. Cheese was what got me to fail several times in the past. In a very short time I stop craving cheese when I learned about how the milk is tainted by blood, puss, and infections due to mistreatment of the dairy cows. By the time the industry processes the milk and cheese there is no value that justifies the harm caused to the cows and calves.

9. Find other like minded people. Being among other Vegans can be very supportive, as well will help you stay a Vegan. If not do not  know other Vegans not to worry what other are doing or not doing. Become the living healthy example why your friends and family may consider Veganism. 

10. Never be a snob and turn your nose up to a new food to try, such as tofu. At first I did not like tofu. I learned to like tofu by buying the Amy's meals in the freezer section at the grocery store. Also, I learned that I prefer the firm tofu for most meals and the soft for things like egg substitutes, smoothies, and sauces. Take the time to understand what you are snubbing before you decide that is not for you or you simply do not care for the food.  

The best and easy tip to become a Vegan is simply take one moment at a time, while focusing on the great benefits of Veganism. 

What is holding you back from being good to your health and becoming a Vegan? What food do you fear you cannot live without? What do you need to free yourself from eating animals and dairy? Did you know that roughly 200 hundred animals are saved per year when one person becomes a Vegan? 

Monday, December 11, 2017

How to gain healthy weight and mucsle mass as a Vegan

Picture created By Eve Hoffman
 Be sure to break the overnight fast by having a healthy Vegan breakfast to gain healthy weight
 Be sure to break the overnight fast by having a healthy Vegan breakfast to gain healthy weight.
Over the past few years I have gotten lots comments and questions about maintaining or gaining healthy muscle mass when a person becomes a vegan. So, we will take a moment and address the many options that a Vegan can gain healthy weight. 

So many people that become a Vegan will have weight loss of unhealthy body weight initially, such as body fat. The weight loss normally occurs when we transition from process food, as well as foods that are truly not digestible, such as dairy. The key to gaining weight is rather simple, yet can be daunting to most people, especially former meat and dairy eaters. 

The best way I have found to gain healthy body mass is by eating more food, and exercising. The American Dietetic Association found in studies that the Vegan diet is very sufficient in nutrition and through proper exercise and enough food consumption building healthy mass is possible for both men and women.

Now depending on how much muscle mass you would like to gain you will need cardio, as well as weight lifting, or strength training to help gain healthy muscle weight. The Lighter the weights the longer and leaner the muscle you will gain. Now heaver the weights, bigger and more compact muscles will be gained. Never underestimate the power of cardio. When we increase the oxygen to our muscle through cardio, we also increase the health. Therefore, the body can gain healthy body mass, as well as heal quicker.

Now we can gain healthy weight by simply increasing our calories. The difficult aspect of this task for most people is creating the habit of eating in perfect timing to gain weight. According to most studies a person needs to increase the calories anywhere from 200 to 1,000. The studies show the increase depends on the personal needs, as well as how much calories a person is currently consuming. The best way to insure calorie increase to gain weight is to eat every two hours. This is where most people fail. Most people wait until there bodies are starving for nutrition, especially if food is only being consume two or three times per day. 

So by now you must wondering, what are the foods that will help me gain healthy body mass as a vegan? 

According to International Society of Sports Nutrition, foods that are rich in lean protein is the best to gain healthy body mass over weight gain by unhealthy fats.  

Foods such as green vegetables, soy, nuts, tofu, legumes, and seeds are rich in protein and are great for gaining healthy weight. According to most research, the goal is to obtain about 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. When we feed our muscle proper nutrition, we start to see our bodies increase faster in mass. 

Also, don't forget to eat lots of foods that are dense in calories as well. Foods such as avocados, healthy oils, granola, even vegan mayo are high in calories and can be added to a meal easily without making you feel you have to eat a ton of foods to gain weight. 

Another great food that is high in calories is dried fruits. As you eat your snacks every two hours, be sure to add dried fruit as one of the snack. 

Also, remember to eat healthy carbs, such as whole grain pasta, brown rice, as well as sweet and regular potatoes.

So now you maybe wondering, how can I eat a meal every two hours? I can hear you saying, "I am not going to be hungry enough for a meal every two hours". 

Well even though we need to eat every two hours, we will not be consuming a meal every two hours. The best method to gain weight is to think in snack terms every two hours and a meal on the fourth hour for example. 

Here is an example of a day. 
  1. Wake, breakfast
  2. Two hours later have a snack. 
  3. At the four hour mark have a good lunch.
  4. Two more hours, snack
  5. At the eighth hour, dinner
  6. Two hours later, snack.
Another great way to gain weight is to have a snack as well before going to sleep.

Yes, I know this day and age hearing people wanting to gain weight seems odd. The sad thing that holds people back from benefiting from the Vegan lifestyle is fear of losing weight. Gaining healthy weight through animals and animal products is a misconception that meat industry wants us to believe. As you take the time to look at the studies and research you will see for yourself not only the Vegan dietary choices cures and prevents diseases, we can also gain healthy weight.  

So what is holding you back from taking the steps towards a healthy, loving , and peaceful life as a Vegan? 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Any unwanted sexual advances is not acceptable, Yes Me too

Picture created By Eve Hoffman
No mater the smile, no means no!
No mater the smile, no means no!
Let's get real for a minute and take away the shame of saying No. We don't have to be a celerity, famous, or rich to have experienced unwanted sexual advances that "No" does not stop. Any unwanted sexual advances is not acceptable, Yes Me too.

For close to 30 years I tolerated sexual advances from my stepfather for the sake of the fragile relationship with my mother. I said "no" to my step father in so many creative and straightforward ways I came to a point I did not know what to do. However, the moment my mother revealed to me she felt this sexual advancement was my fault, I said no more.

I knew since I was a young child my mother did only things that was best for her interest. Whenever times got tough, my mother got running. Typically I was left behind to figure things out on my own. Trust, I saw more cold nights at a park sleeping or under a park car when I was a 12 years old then my mother had in her whole life. My mother never had my back. I suffered more then she will ever know due to her selfish choices. I knew confronting the stepfather and forcing my mother to face the truth would cost our relationship.

One of the reason I knew my mother would not support me was in the past she allowed her husband to lay hands on me because she felt I deserved the beating. She stood by while he hit me and did nothing when I was roughly 17 years old. I had to stay with my mother and her husband for a short time with I was about 17.  I said "Fuck you" to him in an argument my mother was having with him regarding me. He beat me for using the word "fuck".  She said out of principle I had the beating coming despite how her husband was talking or treating me in disrespect.

Also, my mother will not give up money or her convinces. The stepfather has provided the basic comforts, as well as provided my mother with the illusion of ownership of a home (she still has a loan and has to pay land taxes, the house will never be truly hers). As my mother said I have nothing to offer her of value in material items. Well since she has harmed me since I was five years old in some emotional or physical manner, not having anything to offer her is understandable.

So, for years my step father has gotten away with sexual assaulting me, such as sliding his hand down the back of my pants to grab my bottom. He started sliding his hands down my pants when I was a teen. When I approach my mother on the subject her solution was to have me change my clothes.

Instead of facing the pervert my mother married after knowing him for less then 30 days she decided to blame me. My mother decided to blame how I dress, walk, and talk. Despite my mother reading a confession how the stepfather had a fantasy about me since I was a 16 years old, my mother blames me.

The list of blaming me can go for miles. My mother reaches for the smallest things to justify her husband negative actions towards me. My mother said I wear to revealing clothes. Also, she said he could not help himself since he saw my nipple through my shirts.

The craziest excuse my mother gave her husband was I flashed him when I was wearing a dress by mistake and the step father took me flashing him my vagina as an invitation or permissions to violate me with sexual advances and touching.

The most hurtful excuse was when my mother said I have daddy issues is why her husband does not take no for an answer when he begs for oral sex.

Now the cruelest thing my mother has said to me is if he did this to anyone else her husband behaviors would be a sexual assault and unwanted harassment. Yet, since the person is me, my step father's constant touching and begging me for oral sex is me asking for the advances from her husband with my behavior.

One of the saddest facts is I am now in my mid 40's and the step father in his mid 70's now with a penis that does not work, nor has worked since his forties and yet he still trying to have oral sex with me. Really, after three plus decades you would think he would stop. No matter how I dress or behave conservative the step father does not stop the unwanted advances. With every excuse my mother provides my step father becomes worse.

Now the strangest things was my mother even tried to act shameful with my husband in a sexual manner to prove her point that behavior will provoke a man. The funny thing is he is six foot ten inches and she is only five foot two inches so my husband did not notice my mother. Her plan failed. She was left embarrassed and the point lost. Sad my mother does not see my husband only respects her because she is my mother. She is like a mother to my husband. Unlike my step father, my husband understand personal boundaries and respect.

At first when all the different famous people were coming out and talking abut the sexual assaults and harassment I thought the subject was a joke. Then my mother reminded me that keeping quiet only allows the person to cause harm as my stepfather has done for the past 30 years. Even after going public the stepfather does not understand the word No. My mother still places the blame on me.

So, I have no choice but to stay away from my mother. The sad fact she is as guilty as her husband by allowing him to beat me and make sexual advances for the past 30 years. No matter the excuses, any unwanted sexual advances is not acceptable, Yes Me too.

Make a Stand. Say No. All else fails call the authorities to stop another person from being the next focus as well as me too.

#Metoo #Nomeansno

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Vegans do eat food that goes beyond Veggies

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Many people that are raised eating farm or factory foods do not understand vegans eat the original source of food that supports all life on planet earth.

Yes Vegans do eat Vegetables. However, the choices of foods is endless and goes beyond veggies. Overtime we will explore the abundances of the vegan's choices.

Also, in time we will explore what a vegan means. The meaning of a vegan can vary from person to person. Most vegans will agree that the core meaning is to live and eat without bringing harm to any life, regardless of the size, species, or intelligence. Vegans will typically agree all life serve a higher purpose then being killed for a meal.

For me being a Vegan means having a lifestyle that honors and shows respect for all life. As well there are logical reason for being a vegan, such as better personal health. Science has proven health issues such a strokes, diabetes, cancers, and heart attacks can be prevented or cured when animal products are eliminated from a person lifestyle as a food source.

Studies have proven a person's health does increase for the better when a live animal spends time with the person.

Science and research from the meat and dairy industry as proven for years the vegan lifestyle has been known to cure and prevent most diseases and cancers. The medical industry or the meat industry does not want you to know that majority of disease and sickness comes from consuming animals and animal products. The last ten years I have suffered with a a unknown skin disorder on my hands and feet. I had tried everything from pills to diet changes, as well as steroid creams without success. Well a few years ago I learn the word "speciesism" that help me to decided to become a vegan full-time. Within weeks of becoming a vegan my skin was cleared.

The bonus since I became a vegan is my skin looks younger, as well as healthy. I can eat all I want, even deserts without worrying about calories or gaining weight. When you become a certain age losing negative weight can be a issue. No matter the age or fitness of the person, the vegan lifestyle can bring balance and health.

I also stopped smoking about the same time I became a Vegan. I have lost over 35 pounds since I stopped smoking. Now smokers normally gain weight, roughly 10 to 20 pounds. However, since I became a vegan, I have slender down to a healthy weight. The lost of weight is a combination of the vegan diet and daily walks with my dogs. We walk about 14 to 21 miles a week.

Also, I notice shortly after I became a Vegan lots of my aches from my old injures are not as painful. Of course when I overwork myself, nothing stops the pain other then rest.

Becoming a healthier you takes one step at a time. Becoming a Vegan is a simple choice once you learn your personal reasons, as well as how to cook well balance meals and snacks.  The nice aspect is most meals take 20 minutes or less to prepare. So being a vegan is the perfect choice for a busy person. You can have a fresh snack or meal within minutes.

I Love both fresh, frozen, and canned choices. In time I will share what I believe is the best for beginners. The best thing to do is explore all the different vegan choices. As anything in life there are going to be some foods you desire to eat each day, as well as foods you wish you never knew existed.

Let me know what is your biggest struggle that keeps you from choosing the healthy vegan path. One of the best ways to learn how to become a vegan is to learn how the industry treats, torture, and kill to make money. The meat industry knows that killing animals is not for our health and is only for the greed of money. Don't worry, the industry will find another way to earn money. There are lots of choices the farmers can grow to feed the world that is healthy for the planet, as well as for all of the life that depends on the earth.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about being a vegan. In time you will see there is a endless list of vegan snacks and meals to select for any craving. If you are new at being a Vegan be sure to look for the V for Vegan. In time you will learn about more products such as Oreo cookies and Nature Own bread are vegan that does not have the V symbol.

Thankfully there are vegan choices for every product that is designed with animals since every food that a vegan does have a choice of eating is the original choice.

There was once was no slaughter houses and commercial farms that abused and torture life. The masses drive the industry by supporting the cause with money. Just as everything that has a beginning, one day inhumane acts against life to feed the masses will come to a end.

As we explore the simple life of a Vegan, you will soon see how many lives are saved and changed by one person's kind act of becoming a vegan. Also, you will soon learn the enjoyment of food is all about the seasonings and textures. For example, I prepare biscuits and gravy that you would never know no animal was harmed. The Secret is the balance of seasoning for the Gravy. Depending on what type of sausage you enjoy eating will be the type of seasoning you will use. One of my favorite gravies I use thyme and sage to create a classic country gravy.

Fun fact: According to most research data a single person can save roughly 200 lives each year. I live in Texas where everything is larger then life, as well as appetites. So I can see more then 200 lives are saved each year. I suspect the 200 is a mid range of the data collected.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween, A Day of Magic

Happy Halloween. Today's moments are filled with endless possibilities. Magic is all around us everyday. However, Halloween is a special day in which the magic becomes stronger for several reasons. Most reason are a mystery and depends on the person, as well as culture.

Many say Halloween is a day to connect with the dead. As well as the dead walk freely among us hidden in costumes.

Lots of Empaths will tell you this is the day communication becomes easier even for beginners. Perhaps because so many individuals are focusing the energy in the idea of communication, such as with the dead.

When we start to understand basic laws of nature such as energy, vibration, and attraction, everyday is a powerful day for magic.

However you celebrate Halloween wish you the blessed day and night. Be safe. Do not drink and drive. Party and live for another day.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

No means No, even if the pervert is a family member

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The pervert want the victim to feel he or she did something wrong. No means No
The pervert want the victim to feel he or she did something wrong. No means No

09/24/17 11:05 am 
No means no. For years I have said no to my stepfather. His physical sexual advances started when I was a young adult. From the moment we met he look at me in sick and wrongs ways that made my skin crawl. I was in my early 20's the first time I believe he touched my bum. Thankfully I had moved out of my mother's home prior to my mother meeting my stepfather when I was 15 years young. I had not lived with him as a teen, otherwise I am certain his advancements would had started earlier. I am now 44 years young and still dealing with the stepfather sexual advances. 

For years my stepfather would simply touch my bum without words. I never knew when he was going to grab me. Today his new method include telling me verbally what he desires sexually of me, as well as the following, "your adult now, let me know if your interested" or "come on, just one hug". For the endless amount of times, "no, I am not interested!"  

Alright, lets look at a bit of history that will set a clearer idea of why trust is a major issue. The stepfather has a history of abuse to himself and others. When I stayed with my mother for a short time when I was 17 years old my stepfather assaulted me over the curse word "Fuck"I said in which he did not like. My mother stood by watching my stepfather slap and punch me. After several hits, she finally pleaded for her new husband to stop. So with this moment in mind, took me years of saying no in many creative ways to finally realize I am not at fault. No matter what my mother believes, my stepfather grabbing my bum is not acceptable for any reason at any age.

For me the biggest issue is not the stepfather sexual advances, yet my mother's thinking I am at fault for the way I dress and talk. For years now I have endured the stress of my stepfather and keep saying no for the sake of the relationship with my mother. The sad aspect each year the stepfather becomes more bold and touches more body parts. Also, my relationship with my mother appears worse then better. No matter what I do in my mother's eyes, I am the one that is at fault. 

Even at the age of 70 years young my stepfather lacks the concept of personal boundaries. So, never think age is a factor with sexual assaults. Sometimes the older perverts are overlooked. As you see with my stepfather's sexual assault does not have to include a working penis ( will explain further in the article). Also, my stepfather fails to understand not all fantasies should be revealed. Some thoughts and urges should be kept in secret and within the pervert's mind, or with his or her therapy with a certified doctor. 

I have tried for years to be respectful for my mother. I even tried to tell my mother only to get my clothes changed when I come to visit. Now that I am direct, all my mother says is stay away from her husband. Yes, I do stay away from her husband. The only time I see my mother's husband is when I visit my mother. When my mother learns of the new rule of staying away from her home while she is still married to him, I hope she remember she said I was the problem.

All I have asked of my mother is to recognize the stepfather is at fault and her husband needs to stop the sexual advances. Also, she must realize the only private relationship with my stepfather and I is in his dreams and fantasies. For my mother I have not called the police. However, after learning about my stepfather touching my bum is an offense that he can go to jail in Texas I will. I did not want to bring harm to my mother is why I avoided the law. However, since I know from history, I do not have my mother's protection or support, I must do what is good for me and my family.

Funny when I was younger, I would wear pants and a shirts around my stepfather. He would ask for a hug when I first arrived and when I left my mother's home. Of course slipping his hands down the back of my pants for a feel of my bum. So, now I wear dresses. The stepfather just slides his hands down my bum. I try to get away fast to avoid the bum grab with a hug, I  try for side hugs. Super awkward. The sad part is I can imagine him reaching under one of my dresses for a good feel one day. Thankfully this has not happen. In the state of Texas if he was to touch someone's genitals is consider a sexual felony. Not sure how I would react. Often times I freeze and blackout with hope the moment shall pass quickly.

So, I have decided for my own well being, I will meet my mother outside of her house in public places or at my home. We can meet at the park down the street from her house or the walking trail between our homes. I will meet her with my big boy Duke. We can go see a movie or meet to eat. We can even go shopping if she pleases. Now my mother is welcome to my house. No matter where we meet our visits will not be on  a property in which my mother owns with my stepfather.

We could get rough with my stepfather to have him stop. I know plenty of people that are willing to teach my stepfather a lesson. I love them over teaching my stepfather anything. The sad part in some ways getting rough with the stepfather maybe a wake-up call that is much needed. However, I rather take the peaceful route by keep saying no, as well as avoiding the stepfather. If I am pushed, I will call the law. I will take my friends advice and stay away from my stepfathers property. Now if he sexually assaults me in public, I do have the right to defend myself by any means necessary. I have warned him personally and publicly with this post. I am no longer keeping his sick fantasies a secret. As I said, I will take my friends advice and avoid the stepfather for everyone's safety including mine. 

What amazes me is the fantasy of having sex with his wife's daughter. Also, what shocks me is the constant nos do not stop him. I have stayed away for a few years at a time, even time does not help. If anything the stepfather touches more and begs more to have oral sex with me. The sad thing being nice is part of being respectful, not a open moment to sexually assault me.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, being touched in a unwanted sexual manner is an assault. Stand up and be brave. Say no loudly so all can hear. Above all, do not keep the assault secret in hopes to protect a loved one or the person will stop. Appears with perverts once a line is crossed there is no going back.

Also, the perverts desires the person he or she is assaulting to feel the actions are his or her fault. No matter the excuse, such as you smiled or wearing a sexy outfit, the sexual physical and verbal assaults are not your fault. Even if you wear something see through, the assault is not your fault. Moreover, even if your bum pops out of your outfit, the assault is not your fault. Furthermore, even if the whole entire body can be seen through the outfit, the sexual assault is not your fault.

Moreover, enjoying sex in a healthy manner is the spice of life. Sex is a healthy act that helps to maintain good health between two consenting adults. Now enduring unwanted sexual advances from a pervert is a nightmare, as well as unhealthy. Be careful not to allow anyone to blame you due to the fact you enjoy sexual activities.

One big lesson I learn is listening to how someone will deflect the blame on the victim reveals the person's true perspective and feeling of that person. Also, the lack of support and blame of responsibility as my mother has with me is another bad sign the person thinks negatively of you.

Even as heartbreaking a situation has become there comes a point when we must place ourselves first and sever all the relationship that place us in harms way. As I said to my mother "If I am the problem. I will be happy to remove myself out of the equation".

I am not sure what is worse the touching or the verbal sexual assaults. The stepfathers touches makes my skin crawl and creep. Matter of fact, I did not like him when I met him after my mother married him. The sad part they knew each other only for 30 days when they got married. My step father has a record of a sexual assault of touching a women's boob in public. Also, he has been know to touch his ex-wife's daughter. Another odd thing is a confessional my mother found stating he had a fantasy since I was a teen about having sex with me. Yet, despite all this, my mother still holds a percentage of blame towards me. She also gives her husband the excuse he is sick in his mind. What is interesting is the stepfather controls himself with strangers that are dress revealing. My mother has no say on how others dress. She also says that is different. My mother says if he did what he did to me to a stranger now that would be an sexual assault. I guess the only thing I can be lead to understand with that sick belief is it is not consider an assault since my mother and her husband believes I ask for his verbal and physical assaults by being me. 

So, lets talk about the broken penis. What confuses me is my mother's husband as not had a working penis since the early part of their marriage due to drugs and health issues, yet she blames me for his sexual advances. Not that it matters much, yet for the record, I am not interested nor have I ever been interested, regardless if my mother's husband is functional or not. Peeing on himself due to his prostate removal  just makes things more awkward and uncomfortable. As well is the stepfather promise to love and honor my mother. I have had a golden rule since I was a teen, never date or play with my mother's men or in the stepfathers case, sickos. Yuck, double dipping is not my thing and that is another disgusting thought. 

So, despite the lack of support, be sure to say no to unwanted talk or behavior. If  you are alone without support, if all else fails, call the police and let them get the right help for you. After the first no do not allow a pattern to develop. 

Nothing is personal. Often times if we allow the person to get away with bad behaviors the behaviors will either escalate or the pervert will assault another person. I know calling the police is hard when there are loved ones involved. Trust me, sometimes outside help is a must.

Have you been sexually assaulted by a family member or a stranger? Did you report or did you feel the negative action was your fault? Did you know men can be sexually assaulted as well as a woman? Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind.

Never be ashamed of who you are. Always remember your are valuable and the sexual assault does not determine your worth. No Means No. Nothing is worth years of torment, not even the love of a mother. Of course, the love of a mother is broken if protection is not there regardless of age of the child. Yes, I may not be a child at this stage of life. However, I am a child of  my mother's. She has a long history of not being there in times of need since I was a baby. I am not sure if healing of trust is possible. I do know for sure the recent talks with my mother reveals how my mother feels in regards to how I dress and my character in which damages the trust to a point of unseen healing.

Update 10/17/17 9:58 am

As time goes by and mother chooses not to speak to me since I went public, I realize how blessed she is in this ugly situation. Every-time my Stepfather harassed me verbally and physically was a felon. I could had called the authorities. I could had pressed charged. My Stepfather could had been explaining to a judged why he insist on touching my butt and asking for oral sex.  

So, Yes my mother is blessed I chose to avoid and walk away. Also, my mother said no more secret relationship as if I had suggested that to my stepfather. If she would had not blamed me for her husband sexual advances I would not had made her dirty secret public. 

My mother is a great example to be careful what you wish for. She told me a dozen times no secret relationship with her husband. Well there was never a relationship and now that everything is public no more William the sexual offender in my life. I hope he is blessed to read my final no.

Mother, I warn you and him since I was a teenager. No means No. William, your husband, is a sex offender, no matter the excuses you give him. 

Yes, we are missing out on great adventures I had plan for us. I was even willing to work with the situation for the sake of love of you. The sweet thing life will reward all. 

On the cold lonely nights remember you had chosen to believe your husband over your child that expected nothing but unconditional love and acceptance in return by you. Just as I have awaken, so do you my dear mother need to see the reality that your sacrifice love to gain. May Karma have mercy on your soul. May the demon dogs show your husband his way on this earth. 

Blessed Be


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Gift of Insight, FREE readings!

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Fall is a time of year when everything is getting cooler and getting ready for the Winter months. Be sure to ask about the falls special  to take advantage what the guides may have to help you this fall and upcoming winter season.

Having the best clear insight for any situation or person allows us to make educated decision that bring a bright, successful, and hopeful future. The guides are here to help you see the multiple paths that possible. A good reading is a way to light your path so you may stubble less and achieve me.

Depending on your desires we may look at what is at hand in the present, as well as what past influences that will cause harm to the future. Also, we can look to see what needs us to ponder, as well as what to do.

Call 254 640-8264 to schedule or email Eve at

Please be sure to pay for readings prior to scheduling your appointment. Payment receive will insure a place on the schedule. No appointment will be set until payment is confirmed.

Fall Specials 

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

How to learn the guitar at any age

When I was a kid I played the clarinet, as well as drums. Life adventures of heavy parties and trying to survive curbed my desire to learn and express myself through music.

When I did play my clarinet for example, the music took me away from the harsh world in which I was growing-up in. Since I was on the run ( this is a deep story of why I had been planning running away since I was five years young. Perhaps one day I will tell my side of the day I decided my parents might as well had been wolves) at the age of 12 years old having the time, safe place and discipline was not the top priority. The sad part not even food was my focus and I loved to eat. Nope just a place to party to forget my troubles, as well as rest my head.

So, fast forward with me if you will into adulthood. I always said if I stopped smoking cigarettes, I would learn to play the saxophone. This started in my early 20's. Well, I guess I loved smoking over any music expression I desired. So, another couple of decades past and I finally stop smoking cigarettes.

For the past few years, I kept wishing I could learn to play something. Yet, I felt to old to bother. Then a light lit up and I realized that was the same excuse I had for smoking. Everyone starts at different stages of life. Yes, would had been nice to flourish my musical talents back when I was a kid. Of course having a healthy stable home each night and day would had been nice too.

At first, I wanted to barrow the guitar from  my mother. My mother has had a nice guitar for thirty years. I was sorry I bothered to ask. That is OK. Not the first time my mother could had improved my life and chose not to be a positive influence.

The funny thing is I have learned more in two day then my mother has in all the  30 years she has had the guitar. Despite my natural musical talents, as usual my mother took the opportunity to reveal her level of value I have in her perspective. So, after my mother made a comment letting me know her guitar was more valuable then me was the spark to get my own. She could had simply said no. Did not need to add the value of the guitar verse me. What we say is not always important in how we say things.

So, I order a cheap beginners guitar. I have my eye on a nicer one as a reward of learning. My guitar is not as nice as my mothers at the moment. Yet, my guitar is being played. I am learning the strings. I have also learned one note so far. Even if I had a pricey top of the line guitar, not knowing how to play the guitar makes the item a expensive decoration. Plus after much research, I feel, I got the best beginner guitar so I may know what Guitar I wish to have after I learn.

Now, once I learn the G note and the G note is second nature to me, as well as I am sick of the G note, I will learn the next note. A good friend is teaching me to play the acoustic guitar. I am taking his advice by taking one step at a time to build a firm foundation. He said I will learn C next and then to transition the two notes. At the moment I am happy with G. I am confident with dedication and patients I will quickly master the Guitar.

I do need to build the tips of my fingers up to be tough. Boy, the tips of the finger are sore after two days of practicing the frets and G note. I will have to build the toughness, as well as the flexibility. I was told conditioning the finger tips can take a few weeks. Let's see how long my soft finger will cry.

The great thing about learning music at any age is the action of the hands doing two different things while your brain gives directions is a great way to stay healthy and youthful. The brain is a muscle that needs a workout as well. After four plus decades of observing and living life, trust that the old saying "if you don't use it, you lose it". This expression applies to all aspects of life.

So, follow along, watch me grow my musical skills. If you like to learn. Great! You do not need to know how to play any music or have a special talent. All you really need is the desire, dedication and practice.

I will update once to twice a week depending on progress. I look forward to your comments and suggestion.

Thanks for sharing as well. Rock on! Express yourself however possible.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

How to break free of a relationship when a ageless bond has been forged

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Not all relationships are lasting. We must learn to let go when the relationship inflicts harm.
Not all relationships are lasting. We must learn to let go when the relationship inflicts harm.

Knowing how to break free of a relationship when a ageless bond has been forged can be tricky. Sometimes freedom takes years. There are a few good signs often times leads to a end of a relationship. Even the healthiest of relationship only can take a series of tragic events. 

Some unhealthy relationship do start early. My mother's and I's relationship became toxic at a early stage of life. I knew at a very young age my mother was not a person that would be stable. I feared for the worse. As most fears, the worse grow to the heartbreak today. 

My mother has had a history of choosing men over me, including my father. Also, when times gets rough, my mother gets running. There was countless time she left me with a relative or my father to simply not deal with me when I was a child. Rumors had it she started started dumping before I could walk. The popular place to rid me according to the rumor mill was my grandmother's home. As you see there as been a years of unfortunate events that has caused harm to the relationship.

The biggest break and one we may have never overcome was when she ran and left me behind despite our plans for a man according to my father. I was nine years old. She stayed away for two years. The time I saw my mother again, I went through two years of seeing  the dark side of life. I saw people shooting up drugs and violence, such as my father beating his new girlfriends while they were naked. He beat his girlfriends until sometimes he knocked out their teeth. We had lots of traffic day and night due to the drugs my father sold. Also,  my nightmares were terrible. During this time, I developed a hate for my mother since she was not there in my time of need.  I cried for the first year in secret. Without comfort from my parents, the only thing soothed me was hate. I had two years to figure out why she broke our plans and ran off with another man according to my father. 

After that moment there was series of unfortunate events that leads us to where my mother hates me today. Now these days, I no longer hated her. I am sad. I am heartbroken. I am disappointed. I am simply tired of the judgments. I am also sick of the constant need my mother has to change me. Yes, I have had to raise myself since nine years old. Yes, I may be rough around the edges. At the end of the day, I do my best with the tools my parents gifted with me early in life. Thanks for the broken tools.

Now let's look at the signs when to end an unhealthy relationship, so we know how. 

One of the big signs the relationship needs to end is feeling that your best is not good enough. Whenever I am around my mother, I never feel good enough. Her actions of trying to change me shows me my mother thinks I am not good enough. 

One example is how my mother speak to me as well reveals she thinks I am lower then the gutter. The other day when I went shopping with my mother said "oh you better go to Walmart cause you cannot afford Drug Emporium. The prices are better at Walmart". I saw how she sees my value low. Matter of fact, I shop Drug Emporium all the time. I simply wanted away from her, as well as what I really needed was at HEB. I was debating which store to go Walmart or HEB. I love bargains. 

Since I am still working my dream to earn an income I am frugal. My mother fails to realize, I rather have fun adventures with my dogs then invest into material items. Yes, I may be materiel poor. When a person takes the time, he or she will discover I have other values. 

To recovery from being in my mother's presents can take me days and even months. Not only she makes me feel terrible about myself. I am guard. This leads us to the second sign, trust. 

Now if trust is broken and years has past without improvements, the relationship is dead. My mother broke my trust countless times as a child and adult. There has been to many times she sat idol while I was harmed emotionally or physically. I try to endure the anxiety of being around her despite the gut feeling if the world was in trouble, she would run leaving me in harm.  

Once a time in history my mother was proud she could beat me physically. The funny part is now she claims to be afraid of me. I will only defend myself, my mother has nothing to fear. Of course her fears may be coming from having the desire to harm me. I notice my mother reflects her damage on me, as well how she sees herself and life. I get the feeling my mother is miserable until see someone more so then her.  

The third reason to break a relationship is unhealthy fear. The mental abuse from my mother has gone on so long now the tables are turn. She has claims to be fearful of me. What my mother does not understand is me being on guard is because of her husband always making sexual advances, while she does nothing. She once stood idol while he beat me What is it that would encourage her today to do what is right?  So. I tend to be jumpy or touchy. Not to fear dear mother, I trust living life alone with your husband with teach you the harm you placed on me. This is another reason to let the relationship end. The end of our relationship will open a space for my mother to learn her lessons and see she never had anything to fear from me. I unconditional love and accept her regardless if she does for me. The unconditional love is what feeds onto the false hope.

Plus my mother throws fits when she does not get her way. I am the opposite. I do not have the urge to control and boy my mother controls everything, or so she thinks so.

Now the fourth reason to have a relationship come to an end is unhealthy controls. My mother says " I control my husbands skirt strings" all the time. She is correct. My mother controls and pays for everything. She even tells her husband how much money he is allowed to keep in which he earned. My mother even spies on all what her husband does during the day and night, including printing out phone records. My mother's husband works and blindly listen to all my mother's demands. I can imagine she uses material items to punish or reward her husband like a monkey. My mother cut her husband's testicles off years before he lost them to cancer. So unlike me, ask my husband. I will asked of something of him, such a saving money and hope you does. Yet,  I do not control anything he does on any giving day.  

The biggest harm all my life with my mother is the constant trying to control. Control is an illusion is my motto for this reason.

Once I realized my mother bought things for me to control me, the trick did not work. My mother fails to realize even dogs cannot be control for very long with manipulation. The best things is to educated, help awareness, while allowing the person the freedom of choice.

If I agree always with my mother life is good. If I give her the illusion of control, our relationship appears to be functional from the outside. The sad truth is I die inside. I lose what I want. I lose sight of my path. I become less then. I don't see me looking back in a mirror, just the facade my mother is attempting to create. This brings me back to not feeling good enough. 

When I have to change everything I am to suite my mother controlling habits sends myself a loud message everything I every was, is, will be, or dream of are not good enough.  

Now the last reason to end a relationship when everything results back to you not feeling good enough. I once did drugs to hide from the pain my mother caused. I even once in history cut myself to avoid showing emotion. No more destructive behavior due to toxic relationships.

 Now this is how we can break away from a long and very unhealthy relationship. 

First step is to become indifferent. We must let go of any dreams or fantasies that traps into the relationship. The sad part is we must let go of hope. Without the person, we must work on all issues and emotions that remain within us to release them into freedom. 

Second step is forgiveness. Allow karma to care for everything, while you focus on achieving pure freedom through forgiveness. Sometimes we must even forgive ourselves for giving-up on hope for example. You will have moments of what if I had tried longer. Say "No, Say I love and forgive myself. I did not give up hope entirely. No I simply change hope to a positive and realistic goal", repeat until you accept.

Third step keep clear the reason for the death of the relationship. Do not allow imagination to honey coat the person or relationship. This is how abuser keep us trapped in a relationship. When we are aware, honey cannot mask the bitter truth. 

Fourth step do not respond and remain silent. My father was a silent man when most were around. Alone together a whole different person. We talked for hours. One positive lesson my father taught me was his quite moments were a sign he did care for the person or situation. So, he choose to focus on other things. So, I have learned to remain still and silent when I do not care for someone or some situation. The relationship will die if we do not feed with a response.  

Fifth and final basic good start to end a unhealthy relationship is to allow time to pass. Time does not heal all things. However, time does allow the pain to not hurt so much. Some relationship we get over in a second. Now other relationship that are attached to a dream sometimes can take years to overcome. 

My father was clinically mad and depressed. He was abusive to himself, as well as others all his life. The one gift he gave me that stands among a slue of things I have learned is always see reality and not what I dream. My father said I would suffer less if I saw people for how he or she is and not what I wished. 

My father was correct. I had always wanted loving parents no matter the storms life brought. I let this dream cloud how my parents really felt about having the burden of a child. 

The final blow for me and my relationship with my mother is realizing I would take my father's physical abuse over my mothers emotional abuse even today if my father was alive. One thing my father came with a warning. He did not make me feel such as gutter trash as my mother. At best he gave me a reason to become stronger, wiser, more aware, and to always think. My father never wanted me to become the same as my mother. End in later years of  my father's life he hated me and thought I was the same as my mother. He was wrong then and now. I work simply to be myself. 

The number one reason we should end a relationship is when we can not be ourselves, as well as improving  at our pace naturally. True lasting change comes from within. Sometimes in order to discover our personal success in life requires removing all toxic relationships. 

Everyone path is different I spent the fist 44 years trying to please others. Now I am living to be the best me. Thanks for joining me. We will explore all kinds of things in life that can make life changes for the better or worse, such as removing toxic relationships that serve no longer serves a purpose in our lives.

Do you have a toxic relationship? Are you trapped in a cycle and do not know how to break free? Is the relationship escalated into stalking? Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind.

If a relationship is toxic to a point of violence, be sure to contact the proper authorities to seek protection and help. 

Self-defense classes is also a way to feel safe while ending a unhealthy relationship. 

There is stages that are similar to losing someone to death. There will be times you feel your heart will explode. You may feel as if you cannot breath. You even may hurt so deep simply due to the inner cries of false hope. 

One way to let go of a relationship is to recognized the purpose of the relationship, be grateful for the times that were healthy.Say good bye. I love you. 

As you see Letting go is at the start of everything. Embracing each moment regardless of the pain  deep within will bring you peace in the end. 

Thanks for leaving a comment and sharing. One person at a time makes a better place, together we make a better world. Free yourself to attract the positive people that are healthy and appreciate your for simply being you. 

Unconditional love is pure acceptance without control. If others cannot provide such love, gift yourself until the universe vibrates the people that do understand to love you without conditions. 


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