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The gifted present moment is where success hides

There is never one easy answer to any given situation or problem.. All the answer we seek are within.We discover the answers within ourselves, as well as within the gifted present moment.

 The present moment is the only true guide in this life. A person can study. As well as collect knowledge and some basic know how to skills. The true teacher is the present moment that allows us to apply the knowledge or skills we have obtained. This is when we know we have truly learned and have gained skills.

There is a season for everything. A time to be still, to learn, and to take action. We only know what action is required when we are in the present moment. Not the past, nor the future can have an affect on our lives. Nope, simply the present moment.

Let go of the past.Only keep the skilled learned. Dig a hole and place all past things. While covering the hole send positive wishes of a brighter future. Allow the earth to devour the past into mulch. Let the sun kiss the earth and grow a new ad…

Muslim throughout the world Begrudge American's Western Culture

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Amazing how many Muslims envy American's western culture. When a culture such as a the Muslims has such a rage of resentment is a true threat and danger to all Americans, even the Americans the naively support the Muslims.

The Atlantic reveals how deep and dangerous the Muslims rage is toward Western culture. Apparently the Muslims resent the Western cultures advancements in science. Also, the Muslim appear to be jealous of the growing economic status of the Western culture. This is one of many reason the Muslim brotherhood desire to control the leadership within the America. The control of the politics and money would insure taking over the world and resources.

Also, the Muslims holds a grudge against Western culture due to being rejected and feeling humiliated by the culture as a whole. Furthermore, just as many other cultures, the Muslims resent many freedoms Western Culture enjoys, such as free speech (The Huffington Post HP). Many countries have…

The Muslims are attacking America and the Final Existing Western Culture

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
New Politics reports, the CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) are calling for a removal of President Trump. According to the report, the CAIR plans is to take over America and force Sharia law. 

I am not surprised.  There are many reason why Trump was elected as president. One big reason is Americans did not want to vote in another Muslims, such as Obama. America has lost so many rights since Obama had been in charge. Also, the dept is worse then we have seen in history. 

Trump is a threat to the Muslim's plans is loud and clear. As the Muslims lose control, attacks such as getting people to remove Trump will occur. The greatest aspect is the Muslims do not know what will come next anymore. Trump is a wild card with opposite views of Obama. Trump's focus is on America and the basic rights, as well as freedoms to all. 

Obama's past plans appears to had been to make America poor and in so much dept we would have to bend and allow an organi…

How to avoid online scams that offer online employment

. Picture is Jason Diana's profile picture. Who knows if this not a fake picture.  This person is a scammer, beware.
Original post: 03/15/17
Today with advance technology there are plenty of opportunities for people to work from home or online while a person travels. The difficult aspect of discovering a online job is weeding through the scammers. Scammers always seem to be there in hopes to con someone and take advantage of a person that is simply seeking a better life. Thankfully, I am poor and wise enough not to fall for scams. Yet, sometimes understanding a person is a scammer take me a minute to recognized, since the scammer is feeding off a hope or dream.
There are many ways to identify and avoid a scam. Here are a few examples. 1. The offer is to good to be true. 2. Person cannot be verified 3. The person emails you from a persona  google or yahoo email account. 4. The person can not be verified they work for the company in question. 5. The company does not know the person that cla…