Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween, A Day of Magic

Happy Halloween. Today's moments are filled with endless possibilities. Magic is all around us everyday. However, Halloween is a special day in which the magic becomes stronger for several reasons. Most reason are a mystery and depends on the person, as well as culture.

Many say Halloween is a day to connect with the dead. As well as the dead walk freely among us hidden in costumes.

Lots of Empaths will tell you this is the day communication becomes easier even for beginners. Perhaps because so many individuals are focusing the energy in the idea of communication, such as with the dead.

When we start to understand basic laws of nature such as energy, vibration, and attraction, everyday is a powerful day for magic.

However you celebrate Halloween wish you the blessed day and night. Be safe. Do not drink and drive. Party and live for another day.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

No means No, even if the pervert is a family member

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The pervert want the victim to feel he or she did something wrong. No means No
The pervert want the victim to feel he or she did something wrong. No means No

09/24/17 11:05 am 
No means no. For years I have said no to my stepfather. His physical sexual advances started when I was a young adult. From the moment we met he look at me in sick and wrongs ways that made my skin crawl. I was in my early 20's the first time I believe he touched my bum. Thankfully I had moved out of my mother's home prior to my mother meeting my stepfather when I was 15 years young. I had not lived with him as a teen, otherwise I am certain his advancements would had started earlier. I am now 44 years young and still dealing with the stepfather sexual advances. 

For years my stepfather would simply touch my bum without words. I never knew when he was going to grab me. Today his new method include telling me verbally what he desires sexually of me, as well as the following, "your adult now, let me know if your interested" or "come on, just one hug". For the endless amount of times, "no, I am not interested!"  

Alright, lets look at a bit of history that will set a clearer idea of why trust is a major issue. The stepfather has a history of abuse to himself and others. When I stayed with my mother for a short time when I was 17 years old my stepfather assaulted me over the curse word "Fuck"I said in which he did not like. My mother stood by watching my stepfather slap and punch me. After several hits, she finally pleaded for her new husband to stop. So with this moment in mind, took me years of saying no in many creative ways to finally realize I am not at fault. No matter what my mother believes, my stepfather grabbing my bum is not acceptable for any reason at any age.

For me the biggest issue is not the stepfather sexual advances, yet my mother's thinking I am at fault for the way I dress and talk. For years now I have endured the stress of my stepfather and keep saying no for the sake of the relationship with my mother. The sad aspect each year the stepfather becomes more bold and touches more body parts. Also, my relationship with my mother appears worse then better. No matter what I do in my mother's eyes, I am the one that is at fault. 

Even at the age of 70 years young my stepfather lacks the concept of personal boundaries. So, never think age is a factor with sexual assaults. Sometimes the older perverts are overlooked. As you see with my stepfather's sexual assault does not have to include a working penis ( will explain further in the article). Also, my stepfather fails to understand not all fantasies should be revealed. Some thoughts and urges should be kept in secret and within the pervert's mind, or with his or her therapy with a certified doctor. 

I have tried for years to be respectful for my mother. I even tried to tell my mother only to get my clothes changed when I come to visit. Now that I am direct, all my mother says is stay away from her husband. Yes, I do stay away from her husband. The only time I see my mother's husband is when I visit my mother. When my mother learns of the new rule of staying away from her home while she is still married to him, I hope she remember she said I was the problem.

All I have asked of my mother is to recognize the stepfather is at fault and her husband needs to stop the sexual advances. Also, she must realize the only private relationship with my stepfather and I is in his dreams and fantasies. For my mother I have not called the police. However, after learning about my stepfather touching my bum is an offense that he can go to jail in Texas I will. I did not want to bring harm to my mother is why I avoided the law. However, since I know from history, I do not have my mother's protection or support, I must do what is good for me and my family.

Funny when I was younger, I would wear pants and a shirts around my stepfather. He would ask for a hug when I first arrived and when I left my mother's home. Of course slipping his hands down the back of my pants for a feel of my bum. So, now I wear dresses. The stepfather just slides his hands down my bum. I try to get away fast to avoid the bum grab with a hug, I  try for side hugs. Super awkward. The sad part is I can imagine him reaching under one of my dresses for a good feel one day. Thankfully this has not happen. In the state of Texas if he was to touch someone's genitals is consider a sexual felony. Not sure how I would react. Often times I freeze and blackout with hope the moment shall pass quickly.

So, I have decided for my own well being, I will meet my mother outside of her house in public places or at my home. We can meet at the park down the street from her house or the walking trail between our homes. I will meet her with my big boy Duke. We can go see a movie or meet to eat. We can even go shopping if she pleases. Now my mother is welcome to my house. No matter where we meet our visits will not be on  a property in which my mother owns with my stepfather.

We could get rough with my stepfather to have him stop. I know plenty of people that are willing to teach my stepfather a lesson. I love them over teaching my stepfather anything. The sad part in some ways getting rough with the stepfather maybe a wake-up call that is much needed. However, I rather take the peaceful route by keep saying no, as well as avoiding the stepfather. If I am pushed, I will call the law. I will take my friends advice and stay away from my stepfathers property. Now if he sexually assaults me in public, I do have the right to defend myself by any means necessary. I have warned him personally and publicly with this post. I am no longer keeping his sick fantasies a secret. As I said, I will take my friends advice and avoid the stepfather for everyone's safety including mine. 

What amazes me is the fantasy of having sex with his wife's daughter. Also, what shocks me is the constant nos do not stop him. I have stayed away for a few years at a time, even time does not help. If anything the stepfather touches more and begs more to have oral sex with me. The sad thing being nice is part of being respectful, not a open moment to sexually assault me.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, being touched in a unwanted sexual manner is an assault. Stand up and be brave. Say no loudly so all can hear. Above all, do not keep the assault secret in hopes to protect a loved one or the person will stop. Appears with perverts once a line is crossed there is no going back.

Also, the perverts desires the person he or she is assaulting to feel the actions are his or her fault. No matter the excuse, such as you smiled or wearing a sexy outfit, the sexual physical and verbal assaults are not your fault. Even if you wear something see through, the assault is not your fault. Moreover, even if your bum pops out of your outfit, the assault is not your fault. Furthermore, even if the whole entire body can be seen through the outfit, the sexual assault is not your fault.

Moreover, enjoying sex in a healthy manner is the spice of life. Sex is a healthy act that helps to maintain good health between two consenting adults. Now enduring unwanted sexual advances from a pervert is a nightmare, as well as unhealthy. Be careful not to allow anyone to blame you due to the fact you enjoy sexual activities.

One big lesson I learn is listening to how someone will deflect the blame on the victim reveals the person's true perspective and feeling of that person. Also, the lack of support and blame of responsibility as my mother has with me is another bad sign the person thinks negatively of you.

Even as heartbreaking a situation has become there comes a point when we must place ourselves first and sever all the relationship that place us in harms way. As I said to my mother "If I am the problem. I will be happy to remove myself out of the equation".

I am not sure what is worse the touching or the verbal sexual assaults. The stepfathers touches makes my skin crawl and creep. Matter of fact, I did not like him when I met him after my mother married him. The sad part they knew each other only for 30 days when they got married. My step father has a record of a sexual assault of touching a women's boob in public. Also, he has been know to touch his ex-wife's daughter. Another odd thing is a confessional my mother found stating he had a fantasy since I was a teen about having sex with me. Yet, despite all this, my mother still holds a percentage of blame towards me. She also gives her husband the excuse he is sick in his mind. What is interesting is the stepfather controls himself with strangers that are dress revealing. My mother has no say on how others dress. She also says that is different. My mother says if he did what he did to me to a stranger now that would be an sexual assault. I guess the only thing I can be lead to understand with that sick belief is it is not consider an assault since my mother and her husband believes I ask for his verbal and physical assaults by being me. 

So, lets talk about the broken penis. What confuses me is my mother's husband as not had a working penis since the early part of their marriage due to drugs and health issues, yet she blames me for his sexual advances. Not that it matters much, yet for the record, I am not interested nor have I ever been interested, regardless if my mother's husband is functional or not. Peeing on himself due to his prostate removal  just makes things more awkward and uncomfortable. As well is the stepfather promise to love and honor my mother. I have had a golden rule since I was a teen, never date or play with my mother's men or in the stepfathers case, sickos. Yuck, double dipping is not my thing and that is another disgusting thought. 

So, despite the lack of support, be sure to say no to unwanted talk or behavior. If  you are alone without support, if all else fails, call the police and let them get the right help for you. After the first no do not allow a pattern to develop. 

Nothing is personal. Often times if we allow the person to get away with bad behaviors the behaviors will either escalate or the pervert will assault another person. I know calling the police is hard when there are loved ones involved. Trust me, sometimes outside help is a must.

Have you been sexually assaulted by a family member or a stranger? Did you report or did you feel the negative action was your fault? Did you know men can be sexually assaulted as well as a woman? Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind.

Never be ashamed of who you are. Always remember your are valuable and the sexual assault does not determine your worth. No Means No. Nothing is worth years of torment, not even the love of a mother. Of course, the love of a mother is broken if protection is not there regardless of age of the child. Yes, I may not be a child at this stage of life. However, I am a child of  my mother's. She has a long history of not being there in times of need since I was a baby. I am not sure if healing of trust is possible. I do know for sure the recent talks with my mother reveals how my mother feels in regards to how I dress and my character in which damages the trust to a point of unseen healing.

Update 10/17/17 9:58 am

As time goes by and mother chooses not to speak to me since I went public, I realize how blessed she is in this ugly situation. Every-time my Stepfather harassed me verbally and physically was a felon. I could had called the authorities. I could had pressed charged. My Stepfather could had been explaining to a judged why he insist on touching my butt and asking for oral sex.  

So, Yes my mother is blessed I chose to avoid and walk away. Also, my mother said no more secret relationship as if I had suggested that to my stepfather. If she would had not blamed me for her husband sexual advances I would not had made her dirty secret public. 

My mother is a great example to be careful what you wish for. She told me a dozen times no secret relationship with her husband. Well there was never a relationship and now that everything is public no more William the sexual offender in my life. I hope he is blessed to read my final no.

Mother, I warn you and him since I was a teenager. No means No. William, your husband, is a sex offender, no matter the excuses you give him. 

Yes, we are missing out on great adventures I had plan for us. I was even willing to work with the situation for the sake of love of you. The sweet thing life will reward all. 

On the cold lonely nights remember you had chosen to believe your husband over your child that expected nothing but unconditional love and acceptance in return by you. Just as I have awaken, so do you my dear mother need to see the reality that your sacrifice love to gain. May Karma have mercy on your soul. May the demon dogs show your husband his way on this earth. 

Blessed Be


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The Gift of Insight, FREE readings!

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Fall is a time of year when everything is getting cooler and getting ready for the Winter months. Be sure to ask about the falls special  to take advantage what the guides may have to help you this fall and upcoming winter season.

Having the best clear insight for any situation or person allows us to make educated decision that bring a bright, successful, and hopeful future. The guides are here to help you see the multiple paths that possible. A good reading is a way to light your path so you may stubble less and achieve me.

Depending on your desires we may look at what is at hand in the present, as well as what past influences that will cause harm to the future. Also, we can look to see what needs us to ponder, as well as what to do.

Call 254 640-8264 to schedule or email Eve at evehoffman@rocketmail.com

Please be sure to pay for readings prior to scheduling your appointment. Payment receive will insure a place on the schedule. No appointment will be set until payment is confirmed.

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How to learn the guitar at any age

When I was a kid I played the clarinet, as well as drums. Life adventures of heavy parties and trying to survive curbed my desire to learn and express myself through music.

When I did play my clarinet for example, the music took me away from the harsh world in which I was growing-up in. Since I was on the run ( this is a deep story of why I had been planning running away since I was five years young. Perhaps one day I will tell my side of the day I decided my parents might as well had been wolves) at the age of 12 years old having the time, safe place and discipline was not the top priority. The sad part not even food was my focus and I loved to eat. Nope just a place to party to forget my troubles, as well as rest my head.

So, fast forward with me if you will into adulthood. I always said if I stopped smoking cigarettes, I would learn to play the saxophone. This started in my early 20's. Well, I guess I loved smoking over any music expression I desired. So, another couple of decades past and I finally stop smoking cigarettes.

For the past few years, I kept wishing I could learn to play something. Yet, I felt to old to bother. Then a light lit up and I realized that was the same excuse I had for smoking. Everyone starts at different stages of life. Yes, would had been nice to flourish my musical talents back when I was a kid. Of course having a healthy stable home each night and day would had been nice too.

At first, I wanted to barrow the guitar from  my mother. My mother has had a nice guitar for thirty years. I was sorry I bothered to ask. That is OK. Not the first time my mother could had improved my life and chose not to be a positive influence.

The funny thing is I have learned more in two day then my mother has in all the  30 years she has had the guitar. Despite my natural musical talents, as usual my mother took the opportunity to reveal her level of value I have in her perspective. So, after my mother made a comment letting me know her guitar was more valuable then me was the spark to get my own. She could had simply said no. Did not need to add the value of the guitar verse me. What we say is not always important in how we say things.

So, I order a cheap beginners guitar. I have my eye on a nicer one as a reward of learning. My guitar is not as nice as my mothers at the moment. Yet, my guitar is being played. I am learning the strings. I have also learned one note so far. Even if I had a pricey top of the line guitar, not knowing how to play the guitar makes the item a expensive decoration. Plus after much research, I feel, I got the best beginner guitar so I may know what Guitar I wish to have after I learn.

Now, once I learn the G note and the G note is second nature to me, as well as I am sick of the G note, I will learn the next note. A good friend is teaching me to play the acoustic guitar. I am taking his advice by taking one step at a time to build a firm foundation. He said I will learn C next and then to transition the two notes. At the moment I am happy with G. I am confident with dedication and patients I will quickly master the Guitar.

I do need to build the tips of my fingers up to be tough. Boy, the tips of the finger are sore after two days of practicing the frets and G note. I will have to build the toughness, as well as the flexibility. I was told conditioning the finger tips can take a few weeks. Let's see how long my soft finger will cry.

The great thing about learning music at any age is the action of the hands doing two different things while your brain gives directions is a great way to stay healthy and youthful. The brain is a muscle that needs a workout as well. After four plus decades of observing and living life, trust that the old saying "if you don't use it, you lose it". This expression applies to all aspects of life.

So, follow along, watch me grow my musical skills. If you like to learn. Great! You do not need to know how to play any music or have a special talent. All you really need is the desire, dedication and practice.

I will update once to twice a week depending on progress. I look forward to your comments and suggestion.

Thanks for sharing as well. Rock on! Express yourself however possible.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

How to break free of a relationship when a ageless bond has been forged

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Not all relationships are lasting. We must learn to let go when the relationship inflicts harm.
Not all relationships are lasting. We must learn to let go when the relationship inflicts harm.

Knowing how to break free of a relationship when a ageless bond has been forged can be tricky. Sometimes freedom takes years. There are a few good signs often times leads to a end of a relationship. Even the healthiest of relationship only can take a series of tragic events. 

Some unhealthy relationship do start early. My mother's and I's relationship became toxic at a early stage of life. I knew at a very young age my mother was not a person that would be stable. I feared for the worse. As most fears, the worse grow to the heartbreak today. 

My mother has had a history of choosing men over me, including my father. Also, when times gets rough, my mother gets running. There was countless time she left me with a relative or my father to simply not deal with me when I was a child. Rumors had it she started started dumping before I could walk. The popular place to rid me according to the rumor mill was my grandmother's home. As you see there as been a years of unfortunate events that has caused harm to the relationship.

The biggest break and one we may have never overcome was when she ran and left me behind despite our plans for a man according to my father. I was nine years old. She stayed away for two years. The time I saw my mother again, I went through two years of seeing  the dark side of life. I saw people shooting up drugs and violence, such as my father beating his new girlfriends while they were naked. He beat his girlfriends until sometimes he knocked out their teeth. We had lots of traffic day and night due to the drugs my father sold. Also,  my nightmares were terrible. During this time, I developed a hate for my mother since she was not there in my time of need.  I cried for the first year in secret. Without comfort from my parents, the only thing soothed me was hate. I had two years to figure out why she broke our plans and ran off with another man according to my father. 

After that moment there was series of unfortunate events that leads us to where my mother hates me today. Now these days, I no longer hated her. I am sad. I am heartbroken. I am disappointed. I am simply tired of the judgments. I am also sick of the constant need my mother has to change me. Yes, I have had to raise myself since nine years old. Yes, I may be rough around the edges. At the end of the day, I do my best with the tools my parents gifted with me early in life. Thanks for the broken tools.

Now let's look at the signs when to end an unhealthy relationship, so we know how. 

One of the big signs the relationship needs to end is feeling that your best is not good enough. Whenever I am around my mother, I never feel good enough. Her actions of trying to change me shows me my mother thinks I am not good enough. 

One example is how my mother speak to me as well reveals she thinks I am lower then the gutter. The other day when I went shopping with my mother said "oh you better go to Walmart cause you cannot afford Drug Emporium. The prices are better at Walmart". I saw how she sees my value low. Matter of fact, I shop Drug Emporium all the time. I simply wanted away from her, as well as what I really needed was at HEB. I was debating which store to go Walmart or HEB. I love bargains. 

Since I am still working my dream to earn an income I am frugal. My mother fails to realize, I rather have fun adventures with my dogs then invest into material items. Yes, I may be materiel poor. When a person takes the time, he or she will discover I have other values. 

To recovery from being in my mother's presents can take me days and even months. Not only she makes me feel terrible about myself. I am guard. This leads us to the second sign, trust. 

Now if trust is broken and years has past without improvements, the relationship is dead. My mother broke my trust countless times as a child and adult. There has been to many times she sat idol while I was harmed emotionally or physically. I try to endure the anxiety of being around her despite the gut feeling if the world was in trouble, she would run leaving me in harm.  

Once a time in history my mother was proud she could beat me physically. The funny part is now she claims to be afraid of me. I will only defend myself, my mother has nothing to fear. Of course her fears may be coming from having the desire to harm me. I notice my mother reflects her damage on me, as well how she sees herself and life. I get the feeling my mother is miserable until see someone more so then her.  

The third reason to break a relationship is unhealthy fear. The mental abuse from my mother has gone on so long now the tables are turn. She has claims to be fearful of me. What my mother does not understand is me being on guard is because of her husband always making sexual advances, while she does nothing. She once stood idol while he beat me What is it that would encourage her today to do what is right?  So. I tend to be jumpy or touchy. Not to fear dear mother, I trust living life alone with your husband with teach you the harm you placed on me. This is another reason to let the relationship end. The end of our relationship will open a space for my mother to learn her lessons and see she never had anything to fear from me. I unconditional love and accept her regardless if she does for me. The unconditional love is what feeds onto the false hope.

Plus my mother throws fits when she does not get her way. I am the opposite. I do not have the urge to control and boy my mother controls everything, or so she thinks so.

Now the fourth reason to have a relationship come to an end is unhealthy controls. My mother says " I control my husbands skirt strings" all the time. She is correct. My mother controls and pays for everything. She even tells her husband how much money he is allowed to keep in which he earned. My mother even spies on all what her husband does during the day and night, including printing out phone records. My mother's husband works and blindly listen to all my mother's demands. I can imagine she uses material items to punish or reward her husband like a monkey. My mother cut her husband's testicles off years before he lost them to cancer. So unlike me, ask my husband. I will asked of something of him, such a saving money and hope you does. Yet,  I do not control anything he does on any giving day.  

The biggest harm all my life with my mother is the constant trying to control. Control is an illusion is my motto for this reason.

Once I realized my mother bought things for me to control me, the trick did not work. My mother fails to realize even dogs cannot be control for very long with manipulation. The best things is to educated, help awareness, while allowing the person the freedom of choice.

If I agree always with my mother life is good. If I give her the illusion of control, our relationship appears to be functional from the outside. The sad truth is I die inside. I lose what I want. I lose sight of my path. I become less then. I don't see me looking back in a mirror, just the facade my mother is attempting to create. This brings me back to not feeling good enough. 

When I have to change everything I am to suite my mother controlling habits sends myself a loud message everything I every was, is, will be, or dream of are not good enough.  

Now the last reason to end a relationship when everything results back to you not feeling good enough. I once did drugs to hide from the pain my mother caused. I even once in history cut myself to avoid showing emotion. No more destructive behavior due to toxic relationships.

 Now this is how we can break away from a long and very unhealthy relationship. 

First step is to become indifferent. We must let go of any dreams or fantasies that traps into the relationship. The sad part is we must let go of hope. Without the person, we must work on all issues and emotions that remain within us to release them into freedom. 

Second step is forgiveness. Allow karma to care for everything, while you focus on achieving pure freedom through forgiveness. Sometimes we must even forgive ourselves for giving-up on hope for example. You will have moments of what if I had tried longer. Say "No, Say I love and forgive myself. I did not give up hope entirely. No I simply change hope to a positive and realistic goal", repeat until you accept.

Third step keep clear the reason for the death of the relationship. Do not allow imagination to honey coat the person or relationship. This is how abuser keep us trapped in a relationship. When we are aware, honey cannot mask the bitter truth. 

Fourth step do not respond and remain silent. My father was a silent man when most were around. Alone together a whole different person. We talked for hours. One positive lesson my father taught me was his quite moments were a sign he did care for the person or situation. So, he choose to focus on other things. So, I have learned to remain still and silent when I do not care for someone or some situation. The relationship will die if we do not feed with a response.  

Fifth and final basic good start to end a unhealthy relationship is to allow time to pass. Time does not heal all things. However, time does allow the pain to not hurt so much. Some relationship we get over in a second. Now other relationship that are attached to a dream sometimes can take years to overcome. 

My father was clinically mad and depressed. He was abusive to himself, as well as others all his life. The one gift he gave me that stands among a slue of things I have learned is always see reality and not what I dream. My father said I would suffer less if I saw people for how he or she is and not what I wished. 

My father was correct. I had always wanted loving parents no matter the storms life brought. I let this dream cloud how my parents really felt about having the burden of a child. 

The final blow for me and my relationship with my mother is realizing I would take my father's physical abuse over my mothers emotional abuse even today if my father was alive. One thing my father came with a warning. He did not make me feel such as gutter trash as my mother. At best he gave me a reason to become stronger, wiser, more aware, and to always think. My father never wanted me to become the same as my mother. End in later years of  my father's life he hated me and thought I was the same as my mother. He was wrong then and now. I work simply to be myself. 

The number one reason we should end a relationship is when we can not be ourselves, as well as improving  at our pace naturally. True lasting change comes from within. Sometimes in order to discover our personal success in life requires removing all toxic relationships. 

Everyone path is different I spent the fist 44 years trying to please others. Now I am living to be the best me. Thanks for joining me. We will explore all kinds of things in life that can make life changes for the better or worse, such as removing toxic relationships that serve no longer serves a purpose in our lives.

Do you have a toxic relationship? Are you trapped in a cycle and do not know how to break free? Is the relationship escalated into stalking? Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind.

If a relationship is toxic to a point of violence, be sure to contact the proper authorities to seek protection and help. 

Self-defense classes is also a way to feel safe while ending a unhealthy relationship. 

There is stages that are similar to losing someone to death. There will be times you feel your heart will explode. You may feel as if you cannot breath. You even may hurt so deep simply due to the inner cries of false hope. 

One way to let go of a relationship is to recognized the purpose of the relationship, be grateful for the times that were healthy.Say good bye. I love you. 

As you see Letting go is at the start of everything. Embracing each moment regardless of the pain  deep within will bring you peace in the end. 

Thanks for leaving a comment and sharing. One person at a time makes a better place, together we make a better world. Free yourself to attract the positive people that are healthy and appreciate your for simply being you. 

Unconditional love is pure acceptance without control. If others cannot provide such love, gift yourself until the universe vibrates the people that do understand to love you without conditions. 


Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Cost of Smoking Includes Relationships. Secrets to Quitting.

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The Biggest challenge is to change the mindset that is attached to the habit.
The Biggest challenge is to change the mindset that is attached to the habit.

The cost of smoking goes deeper then most people can envision. One of the cost of smoking is relationships. One clear obvious ill side affect is death that will sever the bond of  a relationship permanently. There is also resentment that can build and cause a relationship to change negatively or come to an end such as death. My husband's lies and attachments to his cigarettes has brought us to resentment and now heading towards indifference.

One of the major issue is the lie. Not only is my husband not telling me the truth, he is misleading himself. The root problem of the lie is he will never see the cigarettes for the value they give. He will never see a clear plan of stopping the bad behavior of smoking. His lies will keep him trapped within his habit. 

He told me once I should understand how difficult it is to quit. Actually, the one thing I clearly understand is he set me up for failure for years, even decades. If it was not for him, I would had quit years ago. The one thing we had to break was the habit of smoking together, as well as him leaving me cigarettes just in case. Positive changes take time and baby steps. This is normal, after all we have been married close to 30 years and been smoking about 27 or 28 of the 30 years. Rome was not built overnight.

Well, I researched enough to understand how the 7000 chemicals effect the body and mind when smoking cigarettes. I now know what the body and mind is really addicted upon and the 7000 chemicals is not one of them. That is why I smoke my own e-juice. I know the three ingredients. So. with understanding and patient, I work through each craving a few years ago. I know freedom from the addiction is possible when the person is willing and has the desire.

So, while I worked through the cravings, I focused on how my husband needs me healthy. Also, I kept in mind my fur-babies that needed me. Eventually I realized my negative actions not only affected me, the actions has effects on the fur-babies. Now, this really set my goal of becoming smoke-free into play. This is one of the main reasons I resent the husband smoking. 

OK, so, from my perspective if the husband truly cared about the family's well being he would quit smoking cigarettes. We have the tools. We have nicotine. So, he does not have to endure harsh cravings. Yet, the sad fact is he rather live the lie the big cigarette companies want him to live instead of living a healthy life. 

He is healthy now to a point. The present moment is a good time to quit smoking before he develops any negative health issues. Research shows the minute a person stop smoking cigarettes the body starts the repairing process. Also, once he works through all his pathetic excuses, the husband will discover he will feel much better as his health improves positively. He has a awful cough and a snore that keeps me wake at night. I imagine the coughing and snoring keeps disturbing my husband awake as well. Also, he is 50 years old now. Perhaps he should realize how blessed he is to have good health and celebrate his life with  the healthy choice of stop smoking.

The number one reason I am so anger with the husband is his attitude appears not to care to quit for better good for the family. Appears he much rather do as he pleases and abandon us in the end to a terrible sickly death. He sounds like Darth Vader from Star Wars when he breath naturally. The breathing issues do clear if he would stop smoking. Shocking, he starts to breath better within one day. Yet, he has lied to himself for so long he thinks his breathing issues are allergies. Sure keep telling to yourself lies.

Also, if he can lie about something I clearly can smell, what is he hiding that I cannot not detect. Another sad point is the lack of intimacy. The husband rather not kiss me to avoid me on the days he lies about smoking. This in itself has caused a bad habit of not kissing. If I am lucky, I have one small elderly of a kiss a day. The kiss is unpleasant. The kiss comes with a lovely dirty ashtray smell. Sometimes sweat or spit from him licking his lips. Really, Yuck! Also, if I am really lucky, the smell comes with a bite from his unshaven face. Now that is another issue in which he cannot help growing very strong pubic hair on his lips. Yep, I am the same as the rat that got shocked each time the rat reached for the bread. My face even cringes at the thought. Ouch!

I hope the husband wakes before things are to late and I simply do not care. I am already not caring to make e-juice for him. Why should I waste the product I enjoy. The only way I can be motivated to help is the lies must stop. He must honesty set the cigarettes down for good. The husband must take the time to explore the 40 flavors I have to see which one works for him. He must quit with personal desire. I cannot do this for him, nor would I. 

I can go on all day about the ill-side-effects of smoking. However, a person has to learn on her or his own to really set positive change into motion. 

Once a person breaks a habit completely the addiction does indeed go away. Thankfully even addictions are only temporary and cravings are fleeting. A simple change in perspective or desire can take away the cravings for good in a instant. 

For me being healthy for my family and the discovery of making my own e-juice is what helped me break my sad delusional need for the harmful  expensive cigarettes.

Kissing and cuddling are my two favorite activities. These moments lead to a healthy loving relationship. Too bad the husband prefers to smoke dirty smelly cigarettes then show some love to his wife that loves him despite is lack of caring in return.   

Well I have been with him close to 30 years. I do have hope that there will be a moment that he will have the desire to make the much needed positive healthy changes to quite smoking. Smoking is a complex behavior. Stopping takes lots of personal work of discovering the why the person smoke. Also, once we discover the why we need to look at the tools that are needed to resolve the bond with the bad habit. Furthermore, learning the sound or logical reason why we want to stay smoke-free is a must. The number one way to stop smoking is simply say no with each craving and no not give into the demand of the urge. 

In time the cravings will slowly become few. Also, with practice the cravings can completely disappear. Cravings do only last up to ten minutes at a time. The trick is to deflect the moment keeping the mind busy. With each no the cravings do go away faster. Keep in mind the cravings can be like children that are ignored. The cravings will throw fits to get you to break your commitment. Now, if you keep saying no and do not give into the craving, the urges soon disappear. My biggest gift was to find my healthy passion for my family to quit. If you made it this far in the article change is just a matter of time. Finding your passion to drop the bad habit and become healthy is one of the biggest secrets next to desire.

So, no matter how many times you have tried to quit smoking cigarettes, keep trying. Just as your habit took time to become a daily must, so does resolving all the reason you chose, such a harmful act against yourself in the fist place. 

Amazing feeling to have when you truly become free from an addiction. Quitting is possible and very personal. Try everything you can to become the healthier you. The rewards outmatch the sacrifice of the delusional need for smoking. Don't forget all the emotions are the same as losing a loved one to death. Also, embracing the process will make things easier and quicker. Moreover, keep in mind craving and emotions are similar to clouds, everything shall pass.

Leave a comment. Do you need help in making the healthy choice of not smoking? Did you realized the harmful effects that goes beyond the second hand smoke the life that shares your world? Did you know the cost goes beyond money or physical harm and into the relationship you may hold dear to your heart. 

Keep in mind, I am not a professional just someone that struggled for over 20 years to stop smoking cigarettes. I know all the sad excuses why I could not stop smoking cigarettes. Well,  today I am 44 years young and feel better then when I was 24 years old, even my skin looks healthier. I for sure added more healthier years to my life. I am living proof that we must change our mindset to truly see positive results in our lives. I shamefully started when I was 10 years old. I smoked for about 32 years. Perhaps my next post will be the details of how I broke free of the nasty cigarette habit. Stay tuned.   

Friday, September 22, 2017

Is Your information being sold without Permission?

Picture created by Eve Hoffman

Wow, I understand we are all attempting to make a living to enjoy the basics in life in every creative method possible. Sometimes in order to make or save money we must allow our information to be sold and traded. What is shocking is the information that is being sold without our prior knowledge or permission.  
Business Insider (BI) reveals that the House Republicans allowed our internet providers to sell our search history without permission back in march of 2017 when Obama was in charge of the US. See BI full article click here . One great reason for this new law is this allows advertiser to sell the right ads to fit our search habits and lifestyles. I wonder how much profit the advertisers will increase? I can imagine there are organization and people profiting off of all kind of information being sold without permission.

What makes a person wonder what is the deeper reason why the internet providers are not wanting to be  informative to the consumer. 

According to BI, thankfully this bill is not in full act. President Trump still must sign the bill into law. Also, there will be a appeal. If Trump does not do what is right by the people, a appeal is assured.  I understand the desire to sell information to better a service or product, while increasing profit. Also, learning how to advertise benefits the consumer. I much rather see less commercial while avoiding the ads for products or services I will never utilize, such as ads for dairy. What is not acceptable is doing business in secret. The act of not being open invites trouble and greed to flourish. Typically this mentally is for the good of the individual and not the people as a whole.

Do you believe we should have the right to know when information is being sold or traded? Or do you feel if you are part of the consuming society selling information is a given? Do you think Trump will do the correct and moral act by vetoing this Bill?

The provisions are set to take affect this coming December of 2017 (BI). Will be interesting to see what Trump decide to do with the bill.

What is your privacy worth? Leave a comment, tell me what is on your mind. Thank you  for the share.

End of Summer

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Every great moment as a new start and a sweet end!
Every great moment as a new start and a sweet end! 

A end of Summer is the beginning of sweet Fall. One more day of summer according to the calendar. The end of Summer is marked September 23rd this year. Here in Texas, the mornings are already starting to become cooler. As any great beginning, there is a ending. Farewell Summer. 

Summer is not always my favorite season. I say this because the joy of summer depends on how hot, as well as how many water actives I attend. Now fall and spring I enjoy the most. I do miss the west coast for the four seasons. Often times Texas has two seasons, hot and evil hot. 

The best part about Fall is the cooler weather, summer fruits and veggies harvest, and Halloween. 

Fall here in Texas can be Summer like, 90's or 100's Fahrenheit . However, once in awhile the devil takes a season off and Fall will be in the perfect mid 70's during the day and 50's Fahrenheit at night. The mornings have been in the 70's Fahrenheit. There is hope. 

The delicious aspect of Fall is the Fruits and veggies. Fruits such as apples and cranberries are coming into season. Yummy. I enjoy the small red delicious.Also, veggies that make tasty soups are coming into season such as the cauliflower and squash. Oh and yummy deserts come from Fall, such as sweet potatoes pie and apple pie.

We do not celebrate traditional mankind holidays such as Christmas. Yes I know, say what? Stay tune will explain Christmas as the season approaches quickly. However, we do enjoy some of the benefits of certain holidays, such as Halloween. 

Halloween is great for all the scary movies and shows. As well as for all the yummy treats, such as candy, pies, and cake. I typically do not think of sweets until this time of year. Yet, you know how certain sweet smells will trigger a craving? Well, my sweet tooth is sparked by Fall. Also, the sales on Halloween candy is how everything gets started. 

The only thing I do not care for when the seasons ends are the time changes here in Texas. Yes I understand at one time in history having the time change was economical. Yet, time changes do not serve a greater purpose today. Shamefully we will lose a hour of sleep with the next time change. Takes me weeks to adjust to the hours moving forward or back. Even simply speaking of the time change is exhausting.  

Everyone has a favorite season. My favorite season is the end of summer and the beginning of any season that brings cool or cold weather. However, when I desire to swim in the lake, Summer will once again be my favorite season. I prefer to swim at a lake on the west coast verses the south. One big reason is the lakes in the south are very warm in comparison. The lakes in the south can be as warm or warmer then the air, which provides no relief from the heat.  

Oh yeah end of Summer! Get ready to turn off the A.C. Open the windows and enjoy the fresh new season Fall.  

What are your favorite seasons? Does the end of Summer depress you? Do you look forward to the new season? Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Thanks for the share.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

New Expensive Penalties for Texting and Driving

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Keep your eyes on the road!
Keep your eyes on the road!

Every state in the union is starting to adopt a no texting and driving policies We will explore a few to see what the penalties for texting and driving.

Amazing there has to be so many laws created to cover common sense stuff such as keeping your eye on the path ahead of you. Before there where cell phones everyone was taught to keep there eye on the road. Yes, have your hands located at 10 and 2 o'clock on the wheel. The most exciting thing  that happen when driving was looking for a radio station. Most of the time we even pulled over to eat. Nope not today, everyone is in a hurry.

Today everything you think of including grooming occurs in the driver seat. No wonder driving while distracted is one of the top leading reasons for injuries and deaths these days in the US while driving. Texting and driving is among the top five since people never want to miss a thing. The saddest aspect is no matter how heartbreaking the story of someone dying or getting hurt while texting and driving the masses still reach for the phone.

No matter if a person is texting, surfing on social media, chatting on a hands free voice call or getting maps directions they are distracting the driver. Taking our eyes off the road even for a second to look at the maps directions can be the difference between life or death.  The best rule of thumb is to pull over to the side if the road. Despite how people feel they are great at doing two things at once multiple tasking is an illusion. Several studies and test stimulation reveal time and time again people can only truly focus on one task at a time. No one cares to admit imperfection or miss out on something such as "where are you?" text. However, no one person really wants to die or become independent on another person over a action that could had been prevented with simply waiting.

New laws and old ones are created and corrected through study and research. Apparently people need a form of finical and freedom restrictions to learn how to stay focus on the road. Perhaps with new laws and punishments we will reduce the thousands that die or become injured each year.

To avoid Getting a fine simply turn off phone or to silent and place out of reach. There are apps you can download that will shut things down for you and send out messages that your are driving. Check your play store for your phone.

Oregon laws on Texting and driving.

Oregon is a complete hands-free state with no exceptions. This is much needed. in Oregon there are lots of wild life that could cause harm if a driver was to look away even for a fast moment.

According to an attorney from Oregon, the maximum fine can be $2,000 to $5,000. That pails in considerations of lives being killed.However, that is too big of a fine to answer a text that can wait for  a safer moment.

According to http://www.drivinglaws.org/oregon.php fine is $142 for texting and driving.

With the new law in Oregan police officers are able to pull over drivers for texting. Good! So, do not text and drive. The simple act of setting the phone out of view can save your life, as well as others.

Well off to drive and complete errands. I will be placing my phone safely out of reach, so I may not be tempted.

Be safe and think before you look to your phone while driving. No text is worth being your last or the lost of life, as well as your freedoms.

Fines typically start somewhere at a base, such as the $142. Other charges can be added to any fine that can make a person loose his or her life in more ways then death. Be safe. Do not text and drive.


The penalties for texting and driving in California. 

California has a base fine in which the fines start and other fines are added depending on situation. The California DMV reports due to other penalties driver can expect to pay three times the amount for the complete fine.

According to DMV the base fine as follows. First offense $20. Second offense and subsequent convictions $50.

Surprising the base fines are so low. I suspected to see harsher fines such as the rumor I hear on the east coast. People on the East coast are paying up to $1,000 on the first defense. Appears the fines do not fit the action. of course depending on the violations fines can reach in the triple digits.

California does have a hands-free law with restrictions, such as no person under 18 can drive and use the cell phone in any form. I imagine the restrictions are to a one touch as is in the Federal guidelines for commercial drivers.

Here are the rule of the road starting with Texas.

Starting September 7, 2017 all texting and driving is illegal for all motorist. For the class C license the first time the fine will be $25.00 to $99.00  and second offense $100.00 to $200.00. Even though all other activities such as calling on the phone or using a app for directions if a police officer suspects you texting the officer will pull you over.

Now if harm or death occurs due to texting and driving there will be an additional fine up $4,000 plus one year in jail.

There are much more harsher penalties for commercial and truck drivers when texting and driving in any state in the union. Drivers loose their license along with high personal fines upwards of $3,000 depending on state and area of offense. Now the companies in which the driver work for faces even higher fines, such as up to $10,000. Most state allow a one touch hands-free device for drivers.

The safest bet is no text, no ticket. Most states have laws and penalties against texting and driving. Do you need a law to tell you to not drive and text? Or you one of the few that actually focus on one task at a time. Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind.

Perhaps we next will explore California to see what laws the great sunshine state has to prevent texting and driving. Typically California is the state to start a trend. Of course Texas held up to the slow draw of change. I wonder if Texas is the last state that added no texting and driving laws or is there still states allowing driver the freedom to chose the safe route of keeping your eye on the road. Well Stay tune. As we explore we will discover if Texas is truly the slowest state to take action in the union.

Let's keep our freedoms. Let's get back to the basic by teaching people rules, such as look both ways when crossing the street or give up your right away to avoid an accident, so we can avoid having to have common sense rules as laws. No matter the large amount of a fine or how restricted a law can be written there is nothing more sad when a injury or death could had been prevented with a education and touch of commonsense.

If there is a particular state you are interested let us know. If you have had a ticket for texting and driving, please share with us the final cost. Be safe. Keep your eyes on the road.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Blessings to Florida and Texas USA

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Appears the most active part of the hurricane season is here in the USA. We have had several hurricanes hit the US coast since the beginning of September. Each one have brought devastation and death. As always mankind will rise up and build again.
The open mined and flexible survive the harsh world.

Appears the most active part of the hurricane season is here in the USA. We have had several hurricanes hit the US coast since the beginning of September. Each one have brought devastation and death. As always mankind will rise up and build again.

Our hearts go out to all the life in Florida and Texas. Irma and Harvey has brought great destruction. Large amount of  people of been confirm dead due to the hurricanes. Millions are displaced or homeless. Some life such as the furry loved ones are lost as well as displaced and homeless. These are the times that remind us what is important, life. All material things can be rebuilt. All materials items no matter how old or unique can be replaced in some fashion.  No life, no matter how big or small can be replaced.

So, the best aspect to take from any disaster such as Irma or Harvey is to be prepared as much as possible. Learn to let go. Walk in the present. Rebuild and become strong for the future.

I can see how some people can die simple by not wanting to abandon his or her furry loved ones. I have wonder for years what happens in hurricanes with the furry loved ones. In the past I would witness pets being left behind on the news. Shamefully even puppies and dogs tied to post or some object.

Thankfully I read recently the state of Texas created a law that made leaving a person's dog or puppies tethered in bad weather is illegal. Also, shelters and rescuers are helping the furry loved ones along with the people.

I would not be able to leave my five dogs or five cats in a disaster. Just as us, our furry loved ones have the same basic needs. I would find a way to keep all of us safe as a family. That is why I keep a bag of needed things in an emergency. I can grab my truck and dogs easily. We could be on the road evacuating before the news finish the sentence "Mandatory evacuation for the following areas..."

Now if I had to stay, I would know better to go to the attic of the house that is flooding. I would go to the level that is dry. If all else fails I would go to the roof. One of the big reasons I would not go to the attic unless it had a big window and ladder to escape is because I would not want to get trap in the house with no way out. The idea swimming through the house sounds easy until you add in debris and water currents. So, there is not one logical or good reason to go to the attic during a flood. Besides most attics are small and unsafe on a typical day.

Better to prepare a evacuation kit of needed items such as water, fuel, food, clothes, important papers and documentations, as well as leave as soon as possible. I know in areas that there is five plus millions people finding the road less travel is difficult, yet very much needed. I would not want to get stuck trying to leave. In that case, I would stay home and take my chances. A plan evacuation is best. There are going to be some scary people trying to leave as well. When people are panicking there is typically no rules. This is why we must plan to prevent undue hardship.

Of course thinking about a emergency plan reminds how grateful I am for living in the country with miles between neighbors. Of course we still need to plan for emergency, just do not need to worry about traffic and the road less traveled.

Now we all want to help and do all we can when disaster strikes. no one ever wants to be left alone hurting. However , be aware of scams that are out to get your money. Scammers seem to pop up the most during terrible events such as hurricane Irma. Also, check to see what percentage of the money goes to helping the cause. Sometimes we find organizations, such as PETA, only 1% what is donated goes to helping PETA's claimed caused of helping the animals. Also, rumors has it the Red Cross may be taking more away from the cause as well. Some politicians are encouraging people to avoid donating to the Red Cross due to the profit margin verses help to the cause. So, with that in mind be careful to whom you donate your money. In a ideal world all the money would go to the cause. However we must understand even the people and organizations need money to survive. Otherwise we will be creating a organization to help the ones helping. When we donate we simply need to be comfortable with the amount that is not helping the focus of the cause, such as the victims of hurricane Harvey or Irma.

Sending love, blessings, safety, and sunshine to Florida. Thankfully just as all good things this hardship shall pass.

Have you been affected by Harvey or Irma?

Friday, May 12, 2017

The gifted present moment is where success hides

There is never one easy answer to any given situation or problem.. All the answer we seek are within.We discover the answers within ourselves, as well as within the gifted present moment.

 The present moment is the only true guide in this life. A person can study. As well as collect knowledge and some basic know how to skills. The true teacher is the present moment that allows us to apply the knowledge or skills we have obtained. This is when we know we have truly learned and have gained skills.

There is a season for everything. A time to be still, to learn, and to take action. We only know what action is required when we are in the present moment. Not the past, nor the future can have an affect on our lives. Nope, simply the present moment.

Let go of the past.Only keep the skilled learned. Dig a hole and place all past things. While covering the hole send positive wishes of a brighter future. Allow the earth to devour the past into mulch. Let the sun kiss the earth and grow a new adventure.

Look to the future only for a moment to gain an overall idea if your future dreams and goals. Do not dwell on the future. Allow all present action to shape the future. Let the future take care of itself. If you find yourself worried of the future check your present moment choices. If not pleased with the present gifted moment, change. Make different choices. After all Albert Einstein was correct the perfect definition of insanity is doing things over and over expecting different results.

One of the best method to enjoy the present moment is to become still and be with the present moment. Make the best choices and enjoy the outcomes good or bad. Be sure to learn all lesson to brighten the next present moment regardless if the moment was great or terrible. The biggest challenge will be to focus on the present moment. Life, people, and things will attempt to distract you.

When you become still look at the present situation and ask yourself, what is holding me back? What are my dreams verses the present moment? What baby steps can I do within the present moment?

When we become honest and still within the present moment we become able to see the options within the gifted present moment.

Life is full of wonder and mysteries. We never know what secrets we find in the shadows until we become aware of the present moment.

Peace, love and light. Blessed Be

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Muslim throughout the world Begrudge American's Western Culture

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Hate is fuel by hidden political agendas
Hate is fuel by hidden political agendas... 

Amazing how many Muslims envy American's western culture. When a culture such as a the Muslims has such a rage of resentment is a true threat and danger to all Americans, even the Americans the naively support the Muslims.

The Atlantic reveals how deep and dangerous the Muslims rage is toward Western culture. Apparently the Muslims resent the Western cultures advancements in science. Also, the Muslim appear to be jealous of the growing economic status of the Western culture. This is one of many reason the Muslim brotherhood desire to control the leadership within the America. The control of the politics and money would insure taking over the world and resources.

Also, the Muslims holds a grudge against Western culture due to being rejected and feeling humiliated by the culture as a whole. Furthermore, just as many other cultures, the Muslims resent many freedoms Western Culture enjoys, such as free speech (The Huffington Post HP). Many countries have restriction on what a person can say in public, unlike the Western culture. For example it is illegal to state anything against the Holocaust in Germany, such as the Holocaust is a fake political story (HP).

Furthermore, most Muslims follow dictators, unlike the Western culture, the politicians support the people desires and will. If the Muslims resent Western culture is simply comes from lack of understanding the natural freedoms and lifestyles.

When we boil down why most Muslims hate Western culture is because the Muslim feel they should be in charge of everything ( The Blaze). Any one, such as America that resist is consider a enemy against Islam.

Also, Muslims hate that the Western culture excepts all personal briefs, such as Jewish and Christianity (The Blaze). Muslims desire a one order religion. Recent attack against the Jewish community is more proof of the hate against Western culture and all other religions that refuse to conform to Islam.

Also, according to the Blaze, many Muslims blame America for the poor economics. Also, the Media in middle eastern counties are saying that American are stealing resource, such as oil that is causing the decline in prosperity. Bad politics and corrupt government is fueling the Muslims hate towards Western cultures (the Blaze).

There is not one simple answer why the Muslims hate America and Western culture. One aspect is clear is the hate. We can see the hate through the hostile action and protest that come from Muslims.

No matter the opinions, the hostility and hate can be clearly observed from the daily actions of the Muslims. Actions speak louder then words, talk is cheap.

I can say as a proud American, most Americans accept all people and life as they are, unless that person or culture fringes on our basic natural rights and attempts to threaten Western culture.

Caring is sharing please share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment.

Leave a comment. Why do you think Muslims hate Americans and Western culture. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Muslims are attacking America and the Final Existing Western Culture

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Muslims Want world Control Any form of religion does not allow free thinkers
Any form of religion does not allow free thinkers....

New Politics reports, the CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) are calling for a removal of President Trump. According to the report, the CAIR plans is to take over America and force Sharia law. 

I am not surprised.  There are many reason why Trump was elected as president. One big reason is Americans did not want to vote in another Muslims, such as Obama. America has lost so many rights since Obama had been in charge. Also, the dept is worse then we have seen in history. 

Trump is a threat to the Muslim's plans is loud and clear. As the Muslims lose control, attacks such as getting people to remove Trump will occur. The greatest aspect is the Muslims do not know what will come next anymore. Trump is a wild card with opposite views of Obama. Trump's focus is on America and the basic rights, as well as freedoms to all. 

Obama's past plans appears to had been to make America poor and in so much dept we would have to bend and allow an organization such as the CAIR to take control. If we had elected Clinton this fate would had been seal. The attacks against Trump is a clear sign he is making progress and rattling cages. 

If Trump keeps this pace of long hours and weeks, America is going to prosper beyond anyone's dreams, other then Trump. Trump is the best leader America has had in decades. As time will tell, we will see only the non-Americans and people such as the CIR attacking Trump.  

Americans lived in lies and deceit for the past eight years with Obama. The Muslim was once on the fast track of complete takeover. However, now America has hope and a guarantee with Trump Americans will have honest success and growth that is not only transparent, but attainable to all who take action, work hard and be true.

Things are going to get interesting as Trump takes back America to the basic of common sense and freedoms of choice.  I am grateful most Americans support Trump and not CAIR.

Learn more of the Muslim plans at muslims-are-infiltrating-america. No matter the past, reasons, or excuse no one has the right to infringe upon other's rights as the Muslims have and still do today. 

We may not always agree with Trump. However, we all agree on the foundation of freedom, success, and respect. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment. Do you agree with the CAIR? Or do you agree that Trump is a what America needs to be success and free once again? 

Monday, March 20, 2017

How to avoid online scams that offer online employment

Jason Diana This person is a scammer beware..
Picture is Jason Diana's profile picture. Who knows if this not a fake picture. 
This person is a scammer, beware.
Original post: 03/15/17

Today with advance technology there are plenty of opportunities for people to work from home or online while a person travels. The difficult aspect of discovering a online job is weeding through the scammers. Scammers always seem to be there in hopes to con someone and take advantage of a person that is simply seeking a better life. Thankfully, I am poor and wise enough not to fall for scams. Yet, sometimes understanding a person is a scammer take me a minute to recognized, since the scammer is feeding off a hope or dream.

There are many ways to identify and avoid a scam. Here are a few examples.
1. The offer is to good to be true.
2. Person cannot be verified
3. The person emails you from a persona  google or yahoo email account.
4. The person can not be verified they work for the company in question.
5. The company does not know the person that claims to be employed by the company.
6. The company tells you the person is scamming you.
7. The person ask for personal information, such as social security number before being hired
8. The person says they are going to send you a 401 and not a 1099 or a W2 form. The 401 is only for International Preliminary Examining Authority use only.
9.The person claims you get a signup bonus with a big allowance to buy needed equipment or material and all they need is you banking information. No job needs to know who you bank with and no forms should be filled out before the 1099 or W-2.
10. The person says the company's policy is to have full access of the bank account and asked for the following:
  Account holder:
Account number:
Routine number:
Account type:
Online Username:
Online Password
A sign up bonus would also be sent (only if you give the information)
11. You do not know the person outside of social media that referred you to the person that claims to be interested in hiring you.
12. Keep you busy so you get tired and hungry, so you will agree with anything a person offers without thinking about the offer.
13. Job offers are done by texting, messenger, or google hangouts.
14. The person does not allow time to verify the company or provide a method to verify.
15. The person tells you the job interview has to be done that day or the job will be no longer available.

So, here is my latest scammer. Let me start with a little background to insure we are all on the same page. Recently I have been looking for a online job, preferably part time, so I can still work on my blogs. I am starting to see a small amount of revenue from my blogs, but I still need to increase traffic to the blogs to be able to support myself and my babies, as well as the puppies and dogs in need.

So, I have a follower that has insisted he loves me, even without ever meeting me in person. OK, I will say that maybe possible, yet I am not a trusting person. One of the main reason I do not trust this person is as soon as I agreed with him and said "I love you" he wanted money to be sent to him to obtain a green card. Well, that is a red flag and another scam.  

Okay, so this same person was bugging me one morning and asked what I was doing. I told him I was working on my blogs and then later applying for some online work. He offered to contact a friend named Kennedy Medina that had a online business and could help me. So I agreed and gave him a account that I hardly utilized. The next day he says to email his friend.

Here is the first red flag. The email he sent me was bad. Here is the email. kennedy.medina@yandex.com. When I told him the email was bad he told me to check my email. At first I saw nothing. Yet, I decided it was time to check what emails I had. That is when I saw the email from a Jason Diana jasondian123@gmail.com stating the following:

"Position Type: Full-Time/Part Time.
Job Position:Customer Services/ Admin Assistant/
Receptionist/Data Entry
Salary:$ 40/hr
Part time is 4 hrs.
Full time is 7 hrs
Location: Online/ Office Location
Required skill sets:
Strong customer service skills
Organizational skills, detailed orientation, project
management skills
Demonstrated ability to change direction in
response to changing priorities
Ability to accept and facilitate change
Proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite of
products and especially MS
Outlook, Excel and Word.
Detail Oriented
Professional Attitude
Organization Skills
Ability to Prioritize
Professional demeanor and strong oral and written
communication skills.

You are to set up a screen name with Google
Hangout( www.gmail.com ) then
and add up the company Hiring Manager's Gmail
account (jasondian123@gmail.com ) and instant
message her for an immediate
online interview/briefing exercise.
The schedule time for the interview/briefing
exercise hold Today and
TOMORROW march 14th AND 15th 2015 by
9AM,10AM and 1pm Pacific Daylight
Time (PDT) and 9 AM your time. Make sure you are
to be available Google
Hangout at this time for the interview, your swift
and timely response
matters a lot to this position as the job starts
Your verification code is HRP07124,this would serve
as your identification
number throughout the online hiring process I wish
you best of luck.

Reference from CEO Kennedy medina

Lia paladino
Territory Manager at mylan laboratory
Recruitment Team."

The emailed appeared to be legit at the surface level.

So I contacted this person. I could not meet the times she wanted on the 14th. I told her, I would be available either later that day or on the 15th. Well, she asked me when I would be available and made sure she was ready when I was. This is another red flag. A busy HR manager has a schedule and only a scammer will flex a schedule and be ready at the same time you are.

So, I got ready expecting a online interview via webcam. Nope, the interview was done on Google hangouts via text only. This is another red flag. Anyone can be texting you with a fake profile picture. Not having a visual there is no way to verify the person.

Here is the conversation so far. Keep in mind the person is still attempting to message me this morning. That is another red flag. I told her I was not interested and she still is attempting to get me to send her my bank information. No Job is going to push when there is other people willing to work. Good thing I only gave her what I know is already in public view.

Also, when she asked for the bank information, I knew this was the final red flag and I had wasted my time in hopes of a good opportunity. No one should ever have your password to your accounts. They can add themselves to the account, delete the account, or simply drain the account of what money you have or what the bank is willing to allow to go in the negative. Thankfully, I bank with chase and they call me as soon as they see activity that is not normal for my family.

Okay, here is the conversation. The scammer's responses is labeled with her picture.Also, note she started the conversation. My response is highlighted in gray. Notice how her grammar is poor along with terrible spelling skills. The mistakes are not noticeable at the surface level. Also, notice how I miss spell Kennedy's name and she does not correct me.

Hello Mrs eve are you available now for the interview
yes I am ready
Just got the webcam set 
briefings where you will
get to know all about the job position as well as the
company information
and history ?
Your resume was forwarded to me from the
Companies Head Dept. for contact
and confirmation. Kennedy medina
Let's get started.
I am Miss jason diana i am 27 Years of age
located in spring hill,fl , 36402. The HR Manager Medical Action
Industries Inc. while we
are about to start with the Job Briefing and
Interview, i would like you to
Please introduce yourself indicating your full
name,sex, age and where are
you located ?
No web cam Is required
Hi. My full name is April Eve Hoffman. I am a female. Age 43, come May I will be 44, but do not feel a day over 21. I am presently located in Waco, Texas. I am a self-starter that enjoys challenges. Also, I am originally from California. I love to travel, especially for work as long the work is in the USA.
Ok well if we need the webcam I have that available 
Oh and sorry about the original Mr. I thought Miss and then saw Jason and changed the Miss. 
Nice meeting you , :) .
I need you to provide me with quick answers to
these few questions:
Are you a US. Citizen, if not do you have a Green
card ?
Are you clean from felony ?
Are you clean from hard drugs ?
Do you have a work reference ?
yes on all
Nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time for me today. 
This is an online and work from home job the
working hours are flexible
and you can chose to work from anywhere of your
choice,the pay is $40 per
hour training is $22 per hour and you will be
getting payed bi weekly via
direct deposit or paycheck and the maximum
amount you can work a week is 45
hours. ,if you are employed you are going to be
working as a full employee
and not an independent contractor
I believe working from home will not be a problem
for you ?
Yes working from home will be perfect for me and I am very flexible on the hours and days
Our company
When it has to be right, it has to be Mylan lab
In today's Medical arena, there is no room for
imperfection. That's why
Mylan lab dedicates every working day to
meticulous attention to
detail under stringent quality controls. We never
accept average during the
design, manufacture, packaging and delivery of our
Here's the company website ( https://
www.mylan.com/ ). You are
required to use (THREE minutes You are to go
through the job briefing
before you answer your interview question below.
Once done reading you
reply back with (Done Reading).
EE) minutes of your time to glance through the
website and read more about
the company. let me know as soon as you are done
so we can proceed with the
briefing..Okay ?
OK, I look over the website. Very nice design. 
Mylan lab is a cutting edge medical device
focused on development, manufacturing, and
distribution of state-of-the-art
spine technology products that promote healing in
patients with spinal
disorders. To that end, we have built a world-class
organization based on
team work, initiative, and energy.
We are currently seeking individuals to apply for a
remote office team.
Mylan lab is a high energy, team-oriented
environment.we are
looking to hire accounting / Data Entry Clerks.
Customer service,
Administrative assistant, And also medical billers
As a member of the
Medical Action IncTeam, you will be challenged to
work hard, accept
responsibility and deliver results. You will be
provided with all of the
tools required to succeed, but your ultimate
success will be limited only
by your desire and ability.
I had own my own business for years. I can do all of the above that your company is looking for.
Accounting and data Entry is a breeze and I enjoy customer services. I am great at billing and collecting payments. Also, I would be a great access as a assistant as well
Job Duties & Responsibilities :
1. Call Clients/ Customers on Phone
2. Transcribe, review, and interpret all lease data
entry into the database.
3. Ensure all data is accurately and quickly
4. Review all documents that come in for accuracy
makes the data entry people's jobs easier).
5. Update and correct any and all inaccuracies in
the database.
Preparation of Balance sheets (Mini), account
invoicing recording, proper data analysis of sales
and recording pay slips into accounting database all these
will be done through the use of the Accounting
Can you handle all this effectively ?
The Supervisor, who would be attached to you
online, He/ She would assign
logs of duty daily and you would be required to
work according to
instructions, using the Microsoft Office tools and
the Accounting software.
Now the function of the Accounting software is to
arrange, formalize and
manage the data you have processed, sent to your
supervisor via E-mail.
You would undergo a week training from your
training supervisor. During
that time, he will be training you to work with the
programs with much accuracy and other data entry
tasks you will need to get
done. Your training will be conducted online through
your PC.
Here are the name's of the software's you will
need to
start working with Myob business essentials
software 2016,
US Patent Single Users Pack simply accounting
2014,3.5 HD
Upgrade,9.0,Microsoft Office XP 2016 Standard
Upgrade, Peach
tree Premium Accounting 2016 with a brand new
Mac probook laptop.
NOTE: The company would provide full funding to
all programs and
equipment's needed, to get you started with
This is not a sales job, Also you're not required to
spend out of pocket to
get the job, let me know if this is understood?
I am going to ask you few questions now, Are you
ready ?
Yes, I understand. 
I am ready 
Interview Section.
( 1 ) Are you currently employed?
No, other then self-employment. I started a blog back on 2016  
( 2 ) What were your main responsibilities?
Creating the website, as well as articles, taking and editing pictures, advertising, marketing, editing, bookkeeping, adding programs, HTML adds and maintenance.  
( 3 ) have you been in the military before?
My main achievement is creating a article daily and several times a day 
No military 
( 4 ) Are you willing to work flexible or long hours?
I am use to working 12 plus hours a day 
I am accustomed to working 12 plus hours a day. Sorry for the poor grammar. 
( 7 ) Do you have a HP laserjet printer, copier and
a laserjet printer that is only black and white 
( 6 ) Do you have a check printing experience
Sorry about my numbering
Yes, I believe so. Years ago when I owned my construction company, yet I would need to refresh my skills

 I love numbers, they keep us on task 
I got honors in mathematics with my AST degree
( 7 ) Are you seeking employment in a company of
a certain size?
No, just meaningful employment that makes a difference to humanity and to better my family as well.
( 8 )How long do you intend working for this
company ?
As long as the company needs me 
I would like to have years of employment  
( 9 ) What Financial Institution (s) do you operate
with ? (Note)That is
needed for documentation
I do not understand the question. Is this for personal banking? 
and paypal 
Where you would be getting your pay check
chase would be preferable 
Checking or savings?
( 10 ) Are you seeking a Full time or Part time
Position ?
Full time would be ideal, but part time would be fine as well
( 11 ) Tell Us why you feel you are the right person
for this Job ?
I have had people in my life with spinal cord injuries, as well as myself. I am passionate about discovering methods and means to enhance health and fitness. I understand the importance of being accurate, on time, and ahead of the rest. 
Also, I am a self-learner and with proper training I will be a great asset 
( 12 ) How would you like to be Paid ? Weekly Or
Bi-Weekly /
Direct deposit or Wire Transfer ?
I do not have a preference, being paid weekly is always nice. I will leave that decision to the company. Direct deposit
I am a team player and will have the company in mind. 
( 13 ) What do you understand by privacy and code
of conduct?
I understand everything I do or see with the company is kept to myself, code of conduct should always be professional.  
(14 ) What do you hope to archive in our company
years from now
I expect to grow professional bonds and possible growth into other positions or benefits, such as pay raises as I grow in my experiences with the company.
Employee Verification: I need you to provide the
following information to
input into our filing system.
Name :
Address : ( Physical Address )
City :
State :
Zip code:
Cell # :
April Eve Hoffman
4300 W Waco B2-102 
Waco, Texas 76710
4300 W Waco Dr. B2-102
Forgot the Dr. 
What position are you applying for?
Do I have to pick one?
Ok I am looking for the list again. 
what position is this for
Job Duties & Responsibilities :
1. Call Clients/ Customers on Phone
2. Transcribe, review, and interpret all lease data
entry into the database.
3. Ensure all data is accurately and quickly
4. Review all documents that come in for accuracy
makes the data entry people's jobs easier).
5. Update and correct any and all inaccuracies in
the database.
Preparation of Balance sheets (Mini), account
invoicing recording, proper data analysis of sales
and recording pay slips into accounting database all these
will be done through the use of the Accounting
Job Position:Customer Services/ Admin Assistant/
Receptionist/Data Entry
Admin assistant 
Good, You seem like a perfect fit for this position I
need you to hold on
online because i need to forward our conversation
and questionnaire session
to the Head Dept to enable them preview and
approve to see if you are
committed and good for this job.
Perfect that is great. 
Tue, 11:45 AM
After due consideration and answers you provided
during the interview
session. The good news is, you have just been
confirmed qualified for this
You have done well so far and Congratulations the
company has decided to
give you a chance for you to work for the company
and will like to see your
diligence,Charisma,Committement to this job. The
entire Board of Directors
welcome you to Mylan Laboratory.
Myself and the entire Board of Directors welcome
you to Mylan laboratory.
You will work Mon-Fri 9am-4pm, is that okay with
you ?
You will be receiving your duties online everyday
and i will always be
online to assist you with any difficulties.
Perfect. yes the hours will be just fine. 
When do I start and do you need my resume? 
Most definitely
Do you want me to send the resume by email to you? 
Yes I do
You will get started with work ASAP,The company
will provide you a free Hp
laptop with a fast internet connection and your W4
form will be coming
along with the working materials you need to start
working with,you are to
purchase all your materials from a certified vendor
we have been
patronizing for years now. Company policies is we do an online deposit for you. how long have you been with Chase I also believe the name you provided is
same on your bank info....?
yes the same name I have been with chase for Ten years or more
I am updating my work references then I will send the resume via email 
ok I am waiting for the updated resume
ok almost done 
I sent the updated resume 
I didnt get it
I will send it again in a fresh email
it should be on it way or there now 
you will see the email title as updated resume Hoffman
Got it
Your resume is been reviewed
Do you have any question for now ?
I Would like to get the account information for the purchase of tools from our local vendor and for database reasons
no question I will have to call my husband and get that info for you. I am on the account yet since i have not been working for money I do not deal with the banking at this time. 
Sorry for the delay. I had someone come to my door and had to let the dogs outside to take care of dog duties. 
What information do you need for the account? 
I am still waiting for my husband to call me back
Ok you have goo reference from the CEO of the company that's an upper hand
Is it a joint account?
Do I need to create my own? 
Do you have the debit card?
I have to look hold on for a minute. 
No My husband had to borrow my card and he neglected to give it back to me. I will have it shortly. He comes home soon from work.
Ok here is the information needed
Account holder:
Account number:
Routine number:
Account type:
Online Username:
Online Password :
A sign up bonus would also be sent
why the password to our account? 
This is to know when the funds are available as I told you payments would be made via online deposit
Ok as soon as I get the info I will send it to you do you want me to contact you by google hangouts or email? 
Google hangout would do
OK I will leave this up. He is normally home around 2. He is working in a area that his phone does not work well. if he calls me I will contact you sooner. 
Once again!! Congratulations on your new job
Position. we are looking
forward to your great commitment, Dedication and
Trust. :)
HR Manager,
Jason Diana
Mylan laboratory ..
© 2017
In the meantime is there a way I can view your status with the company. I understand needed the account info up until the password. I am not too worried about being taken for money since my account is very low on funds, yet having full access to my account is not a option I ever consider outside of my husband. I would not even give that to my mother. 
Tue, 1:04 PM
Ok this is company policy I am sorry for the late responses I went for my lunch break this online access and password we need just to enable us know when the funds are available
I understand. Still waiting for my husband 
Do you have any other questions?
where I can I find the employee director of the company?
Tue, 2:13 PM
How do you mean?
Are you with me?
yes hold on I am taking care of my dogs be right back
Not interested thanks for your time..good luck to you. I spoke with mylan and they verified you are not working for them and nor will I 
You spoke to Mylan laboratory?
yes directly 
I dont know what you are talking about but Mylan laboratory is looking for employees and I got and email about your interest from Kennedy medina the CEO
If this is about you password you can get a new account that's way it's safer go you but this is companies policies
I will have to speak to Kenny according to Mylan Laboratory this has been a old scam that has occurred from  time to time and they do not have a policy that requires a person's bank account or password also, they said they only take applications that through the website not a third party as yourself. What company do you work for? 
Our website does not have an online application
Perhaps so, but the real Mylan laboratory does  
Mylan lab has only one site
I spook to the company directly they have never herd of you and asking for full control over my bank account is not a company policy 
I spoke to my lawyer he said as well not to give out my bank account password no legit job needs this. He said if you want to hire me for my skills that is understandable but I should never give such information to someone I do not know
also, I ask you where can I verify your employment with Mylan in which you keep avoiding
the job listing and how to apply online
Also, I contacted the number on the website you sent me they told me it is a scam I am finish you have wasted enough of my time. There is a sucker born every minute I am not one of them. Also, you may think Americans are stupid, but not this one. I sent your info to the FBI  
All I have told you is true you bank information will be under our pay roll
Jason • Tue, 3:21 PM
Www.Mylan.com thats our official site
yes I went to that site and call the number from that site and they have never herd of you
this the site you sent me
I am a researcher. I research everything and unless you can give me proof of your employment I will believe Mylan over you I went and talk to the people you claim to work for from the site you sent me. Just walk away from this scam now or prove your employed with Mylan. Also, keep in mind I am a blogger. 
Tue, 5:19 PM
Yes I am very aware about that
Jason • Tue, 5:42 PM
Hello eve
Jason • 7:57 AM
Yes and so are other aware that you are a scammer 
56 mins

So, I went to the website Jason Diana sent me. When I spoke to a representative with Mylan Laboratories, I was told this is a old scam that occurs from time to time. Also, I was told everyone that had contacted the company had the same story, the job was referred by text, messenger, google hangouts, or email. Also, I was told Mylan only hires fresh graduates and working student, as well only hires through the website.  Since I did not get the person permission to mention his name, I will let you call and verity yourself.

Here is the contact info I called from the website Diana sent along with the link.
Robert J. Coury Global Center  
1000 Mylan Blvd.
Canonsburg, PA 15317
+1 724.514.1800

Also, when I told her I was told that Mylan only hires through the website, Diana claimed that was impossible. Another lie and red flag from Diana. Here is the career link within the site Diana sent me. https://www.mylan.com/en/careers. Never accept someone's word, look at the site yourself. Diana attempted to claim there was no contact information on the website. This lies is too obvious since Mylan is a big money making company and the company encourages people to contact them. Mylan is in the business of helping people and contacting them is a must. They say on the website Diana sent me, Mylan loves to hear from everyone, including anyone that has a questions. The two people spoke to was very professional and answer my questions with honest ease.  

There was too many red flags along the way. I knew early on this was a scam, but I played along enough to get information to share with everyone so the scammers can be shut down and everyone can be aware. Please be sure to share to help others to avoid such scammers.

One major rule I am putting in play is verifying the company and person before the interview. Also, if the person does not proved or allow time I will pass. There is a sucker born every minute and I am not one of them. Nope, I am a scammers worse nightmare, because I am the one that shouts from the roof tops to expose the lies, games, and scam for all to see.

So, I plan to  block the person that originally recommended Kennedy Medina. The only thing is I am not sure blocking will make difference. I have already removed that person from my friends list a year or so back. Also, a few years ago, I block him and he open a new account in a different name. I do not plan to talk when he messages me as well when he tracks me down on another social site.The sad fact is I am fully aware of his scams, yet he keeps trying. This is why I plan not to respond. One of the ways we get scammed is when the scammer takes lots of time to the scam. we start to believe the scammer is a friend in which is what he or she wants. So, I would recommend to block and unfriend. For all who is on facebook this is the new name and account this guy is using these days "Akim Bouraima". Be careful. This guy is very wise and appears to be honest.

The following pictures was sent to me via message from Facebook : 

For all who is on Facebook., this is the new name and account this guy is using these days "Akim Bouraima"  Be careful. Thus gut is very wise and appears to be honest.
For all who is on Facebook., this is the new name and account this guy is using these days "Akim Bouraima"
Be careful. Thus gut is very wise and appears to be honest.
Even scammers can have real pictures.  Be careful this person mixes truth with lies to get money. 

So, I plan to block Akim Bouraima since he is the person that started the original scam and recommended Kennedy Medina. The only thing I am unsure of if blocking this scammer will work. The last time I blocked him for a different scam he open a new account. One thing for sure, I do not plan to talk to him. I am hoping this time this scammer will leave me alone. The sad fact is he will move on and find another that he can easily scam. 

Profile picture 
Akim Bouraima profile picture warning a scammer

All pictures come from messages on Facebook to me from "Akim Bouraima". a side note never give away your picture as this guy did. Once they are giving to a person, you have no control how they use the picture. Unlike me, I make it clear that all my pictures are copy right protected even when I sell one. So, be sure to add a copy right protection to all your social media to protect your pictures. Matter of fact also be sure to update from time to time as well. 

Here are the links to report scams to the FBI, as well as the White House. 
Live Chat

Update 03/20/17:  

Here is the continuing conversation. Keep in mind, no legit job would harass a person after a person turns away a job or make things personal. The only reason I am allowing this person to speak to me is to show everyone how persistent scammer will be and will change the scam to con a person in another manner. The game is in the numbers, the more a scammer harasses typical more a person will give in. Well, not me. Let these scammers waste there time on me. At least one less person is being con or so I hope.

Also, did you notice I warned the scammer about the blog and article and the response was yes you told me you are a blogger. Not sure if this scammer is very wise. Do not fall for anyone that wants to give you money for nothing, wants you to pay for a job, or wants full access to personal accounts, such as your banking accounts.

Also, Akim Bouraima has tired to get me to open a Wells Fargo account a few times in the past claiming he wants to send money from his dying love. So, I am not surprise the people in his circle wants me to use Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo appears to be the bank for scammer. 

Also, note now she wants $25 dollars for me to have the job that she offered me last week. At first there was no charge, now she saying I need to open a Wells Fargo with 25 dollars and give her access to the account. She wants to filter $2000 use dollars and give me 200$. For what, she will not say.  See how the scam is changing.

New scam and continuing conversation with Jason Diana:
Job is still available
You need a job and I am offering you one
If you dont feel satisfied you can open a new account
Where you get your pay
Jason • Mar 15, 11:45 AM
You still will not have full access I have reported you and as well for all to see your scam via the web. Do I really need the job? Do I? haha you are a joke and do not know me well enough to tell me what I need. Get a life,  you been called on the scam 
Mar 15, 12:06 PM
I am not a scam like you say
Jason • Mar 15, 2:35 PM
I did not say it the company Mylan you claim to be hiring for said you are scam. Mylan said this is not the first time you have tired to scam someone. Only a scammer like you will not give up. No legit job requires full access to a bank account I am not buying your lies and I posted a article all about you. I am amazed you keep giving more to add to the article that proves you are a scammer...if you are with Mylan why not prove it? according to them you are not...
I went off the website you sent me and contacted them while you rudely left for lunch and did not say anything to me. I ws planing on calling Mylan anyways. You leaving for lunch and not saying anything got me to do it sooner and Mylan sad you are a scam not me get over it, retire, you cannot not scam me. I see your scam this is not a real job. 
FYI only scammers work 24 hours like you, also there is so many red flags from the moment you emailed me. You are a scam. I bet that is not even your picture. 
if you not a scam have the CEO contact me from Mylan. I found the employee directory, you and Kennedy is not on the list. I am going to believe Mylan  over you. Maylan said you are a scam NOT ME. I just check the facts and the facts are you are a SCAM 
When the FBI comes to investigate, tell them, not me you are not a scam.  I know for a fact you are a scam, the data and Mylan confirms you are a lair and a scammer. Do you think I am really that stupid I would go against what Mylan said. Once again Mylan said you are a scam  
Mar 15, 4:06 PM
I am not a scammer i can help you
If you can open a wellsfargo account i will fund it and you can take $200 from it and send the rest
Wellsfargo easy pay account its $25 You get the debit card instantly
Jason • Mar 16, 4:42 PM
Just the other day another scammer that is connected to you wanted me to open a Wells Fargo account for a different reason. Where would I send the rest and how much money are you planning to fund this new account? 
8:27 AM
I would fund $2000 and you would send the rest to me here in florida
Get back yo me as soon as possible
I feel you dont want to make money
I want to make money. What do I have to do for the $2000? 
You have $25?
Open a wellsfargo easy pay account and you get the card instantly
I want to employ you
As soon as you give me job and pay me. No legit job takes money from a person. 
7 mins

Notice how she is trying to play off the fact I want to work and make money. Pay attention, people like this play off a person's dreams and desperation. Thankfully, I know better then to fall victim to the emotional blackmail and lies. 

Once again no ones pays to get a legit job or gives access to personal accounts. Also, no one open account to filter clean money. If there is even real money involved, the money is illegal is the only reason someone would need the money launder through another person's account.  

Well, I have not heard from Kennedy Medina or Akim Bouraima since I called them on the scam, interesting. Also, did you notice how this person avoids having Mylan verify her employment.  I really should call her a "it", after all we really do not even know who we are speaking too since it is hiding behind text messages. Stay tune, I will keep you posted.

Video created by Eve Hoffman found on YouTube

Be sure to share shadows n Secrets to spread this scam so no one has to be a victim. Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind. Have you seen this old scam? Have you been scammed and how? 

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