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Sex slaves killed for sick and twisted pleasures

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
​Slavery is on the rise in the 21st century. Poor economics is a major factor. Buying a slave is about the same price for a nice dinner out at a restaurant for two. I have read several reports a person today can be purchased for under a hundred US dollars. Since a person can be purchase for little amount of money, abuse and death is on the rise for people that are enslaved in modern times. Also, because modern slavery is an underground network, there is no moral rules or regulations to protect a person in slavery. Most people are taken by means of force into slavery. However, there are people today that volunteer to become a slave for the promised of a better and free life. Also, most slaves never become free from the person who enslaved him or her due to the debt is always growing for daily care and a place to live.
Often times people, especially women are taken into sex slavery when the person is alone and in unfamiliar places, such as Mexico. (BI)Busin…

A tourist gets beaten to a bloody pulp in Turkey

Picture Created By Eve Hoffman 
Amazing how many Americans travel to countries that have not been and still is not a friend of America. The Express reports a tourist is beaten to a bloody pulp until the man hold the Turkey flag and says " I love Turkey" The men are recorded proudly beating the man until he gives into the demands.Another reason to be careful were we adventure to outside of the United States. Not all countries respect or admire Americans.

What shocks me is how many Americans will go to countries that have had past issues with America, as well as present tensions. Also, surprises me people still visit places were tourist have been harmed.  In a ideal world a person should be able to travel safely anywhere he or she pleases. Until that happens, I prefer to stay home in familiar territory.
Countries, such as Turkey need to make things safe for tourist. In order for change to occur people must banned places, such as Turkey. When tourists are attack is an obvious s…

Two Men Brag on Social Media After Cutting Off The Puppy's Ear

This original post was designed for my Bully Love and Devotion site. Yet, this kind of sick act needs to stop. So I plan on keeping this post. All of life deserve fair, respectful treatment. These two men should not be forgotten and allow to continue as nothing has occurred. For every action there is a equal and greater action. If justice is not served, Karma will visit. Got to love social media, that is how all the sick and twisted people are caught. These two men are a picture and fine example of what is sick and wrong in humanity. No dog deserves to be punish in this manner, especially after losing a fight. I wish someone would beat those two men and then cut off their ears when they are down to truly feel what this puppy had to endure.  No penalty of money is enough. This men must face real punishment. This puppy suffered greatly for the men to have gain money and entertainment. If the men are not punish properly it is only a matter of time before another victim. 
Please take the t…

Balance of being precise with a Hawk’s eye and having an over view of life is one of the secrets to success

Picture created by Eve Hoffman Sometimes life can become busy with lots of everyday details. We must take a moment to look at life from a wider view. This Hawk reminds us the secret is to take flight, as well as a step back from the micro details of our live to see the overall picture.

This week focus and thought is to understand the value in taking the time to insure we are looking at the wider view in all our causes and passions in our lives. A person must be open as a Hawk to insure all people in our path in this life is loved and respected on our journeys.

This weeks guiding Druid Animal Oracle is the “Hawk”. The hawk represents nobility, recollection, and cleansing.  

The hawk teaches us to have a balance in our perspectives. Also, to be free from any unnecessary baggage. The Hawk teaches us to let go and connect to our roots.

Also, the hawk reminds us of all the greatness in humanity. We must be noble in all action, towards ourselves, as well as all of life, man and beast.

This week t…

​Natural Rights Freedom of Speech

Picture created by Eve Hoffman The world we live is in constant change. I have always hope mankind would progress toward the better part of humanity. However, with the black lives movement past attacks and threats, as well as recent protesters has set us back to the dark ages.

I have notice lots of people use the racist word incorrectly. For example, if a person says they are against Walmart they are a racist. So, let's define the word racist.

A racist is a person that feels his or her race is superior to another.

When a person disagree with a action or comment from another or has a different opinion does not make him or her a racist.

For example, I do not agree with the cops killing anyone for any reason other then in self defense. Also in turn, I do not agree with citizens killing for their personal agenda or revenge. This does not make me a racist. If anything, I am a person that believes in the right to life.

For the sake of humanity, we must chose the peaceful route. All lives…

Astral traveling Reality or Fantasy

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Astral Traveling has been a long ancient known myth for certainties. Many people of the past as well as today that practice mediation and yoga claim they can or once upon a time could astral travel. Recently on social media I have been ask to astral travel to different countries. So, I got curious.

I can see Astral travelling possible as long as the rules are followed. So, lets fist chat about what is Astral traveling, so we are all on the same page. Astral traveling is when a person focus on a certain place and action to visit by means of the mind. The idea is our thoughts is energy and a person can glide through on the vibration.

So, the rules are simply. However not easy to achieve. The first rule is a person must know where he or she is going. Also, the person must had been to the place at least once in physical form. Also, the person must focus in on every detail in meditation. The most important rule of the all the person has to be willing and have…

Say No to Pink PussyHats.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Power and equality reaches beyond tacky symbols, such as the pink pussy hats. The woman and women that started and is displaying Pink Pussyhat has set women back a thousand years. Say no to disgusting symbols and organizations such as the Pink Pussyhats and say yes to equality and justice for all men and women.

The Pussyhats have been becoming  a trend across social media in recent weeks as Trump has become president. The women that wear and promote the Pussyhats appears to be against President Trump due to de-funding Planned Parenthood. Also, the women appear to believe achieving equality is through their genitals, the vagina, in which is symbolizes through the pink hats. Sorry to tell you this ladies with the pink hats, not so much!

No, women cannot achieve equality through any crude symbol, such as the pink pussyhats. We do not see successful men wearing and marching with symbols that represents their penis.

Women that are seeking equality must keep th…

Sex is always on the mind

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Sex means different things for everyone. Healthy sex is a mix of fantasy, illusion, and reality. Some depend on illusion and fantasy a bit too much. When I am on social sites,  I notice some people only talk to have a fantasy sex chat. For me this is a bore and to much work.

Let's chat and get right to reality. I wonder how people, especially married people enjoy sex chat. All the acts are within the mind. There is no real touch. The touch is an illusion the mind creates. Having sex chat is the same as having sex with a machine. Where is the passion?

I wonder is a person's life that lonely. Where are the real husbands or wives in this person's daily life? Does this person that desires to sex chat enjoy sex in real-time with a person of flesh? I read once that if a person masturbates to often her or she losses interest in others. I wonder if that is the case with people that cyber sex chat.

To each its own as I say. Personally need the real pe…

Sharks fins are cut off and the shark is placed back into the ocean ocean to die.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman

People amaze me every day. Eating for life not to kill life is my passion. I am very confused why anyone would want to cut off the fins of any fish and let the fish die into the ocean in such a inhumane manner.Yet, after watching "Shark Finning Cruelty" by The Humane Society of the United States found on YouTube one of the greedy reason came clear.

The Humane Society of the United States  reports the demand to make soup is one of the leading reason for cutting off fish fins. I am shocked people would cut off the fins of a shark or fish and let the shark or fish drown to death for a soup.

Finning is illegal in the USA ocean. The sad aspect is the United States still allows other countries to transport fins to the USA. We can make the difference by signing the petition. I use to never like petitions until I saw they make real changes and give a voice to the voiceless.
Ban Shark fins in Georgia

The more I learn about the cruelty of animals on land a…

Fast-food secrets that will make you think Twice

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
I am shocked on what the fast food is allowed to utilize as a filler. No wonder food does not taste the same made at home. One of the reason may be that fast food uses bugs. Curious10s reports, the fast food restaurants utilize bugs as a ingredients. Yuck!

Wow, also according to Curious10s, fast food can make your brain shrink. Not to be rude, yet there is some people that really cannot afford loss of brain. You know the ones I am talking about.

Futhermore, Courious10s reports, there some disgusting fillers such as beetles in the McRib that everyone so loves. Also, Courious10s reports, there is a filler that is similar to a yoga mats that are in the McRib. Wow, no wonder so many people become sick. The MCRib is really not a rib. Yep, I rather eat vegan style, at least I know what I am eating.

I never thought how nasty the soda fountains are at fast food restaurants. All the people touching things with there hands and mouths. So when Courious10s report fe…

Secrets that the slaughter houses try to create laws so we cannot see the abuse

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Secrets that the slaughter houses try to create laws so we cannot see the abuse. I fond this great video on YouTube from a student doing a research video. "Research Video Essay: The Truth Behind Slaughterhouses Final" By Maritza Galvan

Also, we will explore other videos. This treatment is a norm not a exception. I thought this was a good video because I had not known the slaughter houses have created laws to protect their rights to cause harm and suffering to the animals they gain profit.Whenever there is money, there is greed. The worse part of the abuse is all the money the slaughter houses are gaining out of the pain and sorrow of animals.

Glavan is correct most people rather look the other way than understand what they are eating. I notice myself, if I label the food as the commercials do, people are eager to eat. Yet, if you call the food what the food truthfully is such as chicken , pig, or cow and explain how the animal suffers to provide …