Monday, February 27, 2017

A tourist gets beaten to a bloody pulp in Turkey

Picture Created By Eve Hoffman 
No matter the political issue, Tourist are victims that are at the wrong place at the wrong time.
No matter the political issue, Tourist are victims that are at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Amazing how many Americans travel to countries that have not been and still is not a friend of America. The Express reports a tourist is beaten to a bloody pulp until the man hold the Turkey flag and says " I love Turkey" The men are recorded proudly beating the man until he gives into the demands.Another reason to be careful were we adventure to outside of the United States. Not all countries respect or admire Americans.

What shocks me is how many Americans will go to countries that have had past issues with America, as well as present tensions. Also, surprises me people still visit places were tourist have been harmed.  In a ideal world a person should be able to travel safely anywhere he or she pleases. Until that happens, I prefer to stay home in familiar territory.

Countries, such as Turkey need to make things safe for tourist. In order for change to occur people must banned places, such as Turkey. When tourists are attack is an obvious sign they do not respect the people or the money that tourist provide. Perhaps, if the money is taking from countries, such as Turkey, may get them to do what is right and moral.

So, many Americans want to explore the world. Yet, a person can spend a lifetime simply traveling and enjoying America. Until the world becomes the ideal peaceful place, I plan to see what mystery are in the USA. Plus even though I have travel most of the US for the past 43 years, there is still a variety of places to see and enjoy. My favorite places to explore are the caves in the US. There are so many caves I have yet to see, including the caves in Texas, in which I now live.

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