Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Young Man Beaten and Brutalized as a Result of Blind Hate

Picture found on The Stars
The faces of hate
The faces of hate!
Fox news reports Tesfaye Cooper, Jordan Hill, Tanishia Covington and Brittany Covington on 01/06/17 tortured and brutalized a young handicap man due to his skin color being white, as well as the four hating Trump. According to Fox News reports and several others, the group took the young man, collectively  beat him, while saying hateful racial slurs and Trump hate statements to the young man. The group posted their actions live on Facebook. Also, the report reveals the group even scalped the young man. Luckily the Young man escaped. The young man had to wander alone until he was rescued according to most reports.

This cruel act is a wake-up sign for the world at large that there needs to be basic love, respect, and appreciation for life in general. All lives really do indeed matter. The skin tone is a minor difference. All humans, no matter the skin tone, culture, or economic status seek the same in life food, shelter, safety, education, wisdom, love, and success.

This recent cruel hate act against the young handicap man was motivated by the Black Lives Matter Movement. The Black Lives Matter movement needs to resolve the hate among themselves, as well with others and understand all lives matter.

Recently,  I saw a ad that stated if  person was not a Judeo Christian he or she did not value life.  That is not true. That is slander and a lie. Anyone one that is spiritual understands that all life has value, even the unborn. One thing the Judeo Christian do not understand is mankind is not better than all other life on or above planet Earth. We are the caretaker of all the animals, I do agree with. Yet, we are not here to pick and chose which animal is less than the other. The Typical Christian has forgotten they too are just an animal. No, Judeo Christian, all life has equal value and serve a variety of different purposes to provide a balance to life as a whole. Yes, animals do indeed serve a higher purpose than a meal on a person's plate. Oh, yes and sometimes animals can and do behave better than humans, Cooper,  Hill, Covingtons are great examples of this truth.  

We need to spread awareness and the value of each person among all the generation, especially the next generation to come.  All people serve a higher purpose that is set by the divine powers, no matter if the person was born of a certain skin tone, color, race, culture, typical, normal, gifted, or handicap.

The actions of Cooper, Hill, and Covingtonas are disgusting. Also, their actions are a sign that humanity needs to become open and broaden  in love, as well as acceptance to all life, no matter the minor differences and varied opinions that do not agree.

The other day, I was asked if there was a person and a dog that needed to be saved and I  could only make one choice, which one would I choose? At the time my answer was, "the life that I can save first". However, if I had to save a dog verses Tesfaye Cooper, Jordan Hill, Tanishia Covington and Brittany Covington, I would indeed save the dog.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows N Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment.

Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind. Why do people hate the same superficial issues, such as color of skin? Can humanity ever overcome the shortcomings of hate?

If there was a dog and a person drowning in a lake which one would you save?

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