Friday, February 24, 2017

Astral traveling Reality or Fantasy

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Creation has no limits...anything is possible with awareness and willingness in perfect balance
Creation has no limits...

Astral Traveling has been a long ancient known myth for certainties. Many people of the past as well as today that practice mediation and yoga claim they can or once upon a time could astral travel. Recently on social media I have been ask to astral travel to different countries. So, I got curious.

I can see Astral travelling possible as long as the rules are followed. So, lets fist chat about what is Astral traveling, so we are all on the same page. Astral traveling is when a person focus on a certain place and action to visit by means of the mind. The idea is our thoughts is energy and a person can glide through on the vibration.

So, the rules are simply. However not easy to achieve. The first rule is a person must know where he or she is going. Also, the person must had been to the place at least once in physical form. Also, the person must focus in on every detail in meditation. The most important rule of the all the person has to be willing and have a great desire.

Thankfully the places people have asked me to Astral travel to I have not been there in physical form. Also, I have no desire to travel.  I love and enjoy sleeping with my pup, Sir. Duke. I have no urge by Astral or physical form to travel.

Yes, my life is simple. My life may not always be exciting. The most important point is I love my life and where I live. So, I have no desire to Astral travel anytime soon, regardless if subconsciously traveling is possible or not.

My husband and I use to travel all the time for work.We traveled with a travel trailer and truck throughout the US. If we could do that again, I will be willing to travel. I love to travel by vehicle. Be able to walk around and feel the dirt under my feet. I do not like to fly. So, I imagine, I would not enjoy Astral traveling since mindfully traveling is similar to flying in a jet. Just as people used the law of physics to create jet planes that can fly, astral traveling is very possible with a willing person. After all, anything is possible once we understand the laws of physics, such as the law of energy.

Anything possible through mediation. When we meditate on a regulate basis, we start to feel the vibration in everything. Also, we start to feel other people's vibrations and energies. However, the key secret to any aspect of life is the desire, the will to become aware.

Peace and love. Life is sweet when we have a place to call home and someone that loves us for who were are, such as my sweet husband. Have a blessed moment.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment by sparking imagination. Leave a comment. Do you believe in astral traveling?

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