Friday, February 24, 2017

Balance of being precise with a Hawk’s eye and having an over view of life is one of the secrets to success

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
See the world from a brighter perspective...Awareness and enlightenment is the key to true happiness and success
Awareness and enlightenment is the key to true happiness and success
Sometimes life can become busy with lots of everyday details. We must take a moment to look at life from a wider view. This Hawk reminds us the secret is to take flight, as well as a step back from the micro details of our live to see the overall picture.

This week focus and thought is to understand the value in taking the time to insure we are looking at the wider view in all our causes and passions in our lives. A person must be open as a Hawk to insure all people in our path in this life is loved and respected on our journeys.

This weeks guiding Druid Animal Oracle is the “Hawk”. The hawk represents nobility, recollection, and cleansing.  

The hawk teaches us to have a balance in our perspectives. Also, to be free from any unnecessary baggage. The Hawk teaches us to let go and connect to our roots.

Also, the hawk reminds us of all the greatness in humanity. We must be noble in all action, towards ourselves, as well as all of life, man and beast.

This week the focus is to take time daily to survey our lives like a hawk calmly, as well as see beyond the details. Flying high above the details to see the events reap endless rewards. Taking a Hawk’s eye view allows dreams to be shaped into reality. Listening to the wise Hawk allows us to pick up the missing pieces and spot the needed details to reach our purposes and success.

The secret is to remain open, be willing to stretch our  wings, such as a Hawk and watch all the dreams take flight. The only time we can truly see our dreams manifesting is from a Hawk’s eye view.

This week maybe a time to dive into the detail, recollect much needed tools, or manage the mundane routines. Whatever the need, more details, tools, or the boring basics, look to the Hawk for wisdom and guidance. Sometimes our dreams need a little bit if a Hawk’s eye view.

The Hawk encourage us to face our days with inspiration and enthusiasm, as well as builds our confidence.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment, while encouraging success and happiness.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do you find yourself paying to close to details that you forget the whole dream? Do you find yourself to focus on the big picture that the details is what harms the success?

Perhaps, a little Hawk focus is needed to find the focus path to wealth and prosperity.

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