Monday, February 6, 2017

Secrets to Breaking Bad Habits are not always easy or obvious

Picture created by Eve Hoffman

Taking charge of our lives and breaking bad habits sometimes takes a higher power, as well as a whole lifestyle change. There are so many animals and creepy crawlies that God has blessed us to help in coping with positive development throughout the different cycles and stages of life.

I have notice, even if I desire to stop a bad habit, such as smoking cigarettes, I must look at all the routines that leads up to the habitual moment of smoking. In all sense, I must be willing to embrace a demolition period in my life in order to create room for positive healthy transitions.

Regardless of the purpose of the transformations, such as a new job, career, perspective, not eating junk food, over-eating, exercising more or stop smoking cigarettes, sometimes we need an example and energy from the divine powers to guide and clean the path.   

Today’s guiding energy, the “Boar”. The boar is physical representation how to clean and clear paths of waste with courage. Also, the boar teaches us to face our weakness, fears, and uncomfortable situations. Furthermore, the boar has a wild raw energy that has a clear focus, leadership, and warrior skills needed to face what needs to be changed to create the healthy and successful moment in our lives.

Every now and then everyone needs a little inspiration, as well as healing of the spirit, mind, body, and soul. The wild boar brings to us the incredible energy to bring balance, happiness, healing, and awareness to our lives.

The boar represents the warrior spirit, leadership, and positive direction. Also, the boar guides us on the direction of our purpose in every present moment with a warrior's heart and a leader’s common sense.  

The boar can heal us when needed. Also, the boar can inspire us to write music and poetry. Furthermore, the boar brings us the clear and crystal light of insight and healing to guide us on the healthy path of life.

God's angels come in all forms from man, beast, animal , creepy crawlies, and so on. The secrets are to be aware, open, as well to be able to set the ego aside to see God's guiding spirits.

If you have lost your sense of direction, God has provided the boar as a guide to focus all energy to breakdown what is needed so the path may be wider, as well as deeper with healthier and more successful choices.

The boar has raw power of destruction to clear the path to allow a brighter and better present moment to be built. The secret is to be open to the message of the boar. We must embrace the power of the boar to release our inner warrior and leader to discover our personal designed divine purpose.

Sometimes we must allow something to be destroyed and removed from our lives so that there is an opportunity to build a better foundation to our dreams. The boar helps us to be brave to let go what is harming our present moment. Also, to give us strength and leadership skills when to remove or rebuild. All warriors and leaders are not born with natural skills, they are developed through life experiences and examples, such as the gift from God, the boar.

So, if your life is in the midst of demolition, perhaps it is the boar making room for the path that is needed for a healthier present moment. A powerful warrior and leader is always wise and knows when to destroy and to build. The secret is being aware and listening to our inner boar, so the direction of our purpose and a healthier life are crystal clear..

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows N Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Is the boar calling  to you to reconstruct. Do you need a little courage to allow your inner warrior or leader to shape a brighter and healthier present moment?   

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