Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Children living in a sewer near Seattle Washington.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Even though this seems like a clever choice on a cold winters day, the sewer is full of deadly gasses and toxins. never safe to live in a sewer
Even though this seems like a clever choice on a cold winters day, the sewer is full of deadly gasses and toxins.

People will resort to creative places to seek shelter when old man winter sets in. I never thought to attempt to live in a sewer. Amazing enough some people, including children have attempted to live in a sewer and came out alive despite the deadly gasses and toxins that can be found in a sewer system.. 

The Washington Post reports back in July of 2016 two boys about 12 and 13 years of age were found by Utility workers near Seattle Washington living inside the cities sewer system.

The workers found toys, food, and a make shift bed. Also, the workers were able to inform the kids of the danger of living inside the sewer. Yet, by the time they got to getting the proper authorities and had removed the items from the sewer, the kids ran off never to be seen again.

The shocking truth of this subject is there are so many homeless kids in Washington  no one has been able to locate the two boys.

I wonder what has happened to the boys parents. Did the parents die or abandon the boys due to financial hardship? Where are the boys?

​When I think of the homeless, I do not think children are alone, afraid, and hungry. Unlike most adults children do not have a choice. When we see a homeless child we should stop and help as much as possible. We should not lecture as the city workers did to the two boys. I am shocked they did not call the authorities first. Of course, the actions of the city workers may be a bad sign that homeless children are a normal aspect in the area.

Caring is sharing, Please share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness andenlightenment.

Tell me what is on your mind. Do you have homeless people in your neighborhood and if so are there any children? Could you trust a homeless child to help?

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