Monday, February 20, 2017

Cows have emotions and fears!

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
  Animals are a secondary source of nutrition. Life does not have to be killed or torture for human consumption.
Animals are a secondary source of nutrition. Life does not have to be killed or torture for human consumption.  

As you can see in the video "Weinende Kuh, jetzt gerettet! Crying Cow - now saved! with English subtitles" credited to Denis Vila Found on YouTube,this cow feared being shipped off to slaughter as so many she had witness before her.

Cows are very complex and intelligent animals.  Also, cows are very social and bond deeply. The love they give each other is the same as us humans.They are very observant. So, when this cow named Emma was sold, she teared up in fear of facing a horrible fate.

Luckily for Emma, she was sold to a sanctuary. Emma was greatly relieved to see her new home and family. Emma was accepted instantly. She runs and plays with delight and great relief.

There are so many health and moral issue that tell us why not to eat cow. Emma is a living example why humans should be Vegan. Anyone that can eat a cow without a thought of the life that suffered and die is either heartless or pure ignorant.

Even my own husband refuses to give up animals, such as cows, dairy, pig, and chicken for his addictions of eating flesh and dairy products when he is away from the house. He provides no sound reason for his actions. So, I decided this week, I am not cooking for him.

One big reason I am not cooking for him is the lie of eating Vegan at work. In reality, he is eating at the most disgusting fast food restaurants, Churches chicken, Whataburger, and Donuts. Well , If he prefers fast food even knowing the health risks and inhumane treatment of animals, then I prefer not to cook.

Also, he has wasted food on several occasions when I sent him lunch to satisfied is sick urges to eat flesh. He let good food rot in the car while he bought food that was loaded with chemicals and tortured animals.

What makes me mad the most is the lies. What sickens me is my husband knows eating Vegan is the original source to healthy foods, yet he still decides to poison himself and torture innocent animals.

My husband is ignorant mixed with being heartless. I am not sure if there is a cure. I do hold onto hope, he will change his way and ill thinking. Even if my husband refuses to do the right thing, I will will continue to do what is best for me and the animals.  

So, yes, I know breaking our ill thinking about food is difficult. My husband is great living example of the ill side effects of letting your cravings control you and eating for pleasure, not for life.

Unlike my husband, I eat to live not live to eat. I am aware of what I eat. I decide what I want to eat, not some old age design menu from the past. Unlike my husband , I do not hang onto things my parents taught me simply because that how things are done.

Peace and love. As always I am the angry Vegan.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows n Secrets to spread enlightenment and awareness. Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind?

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