Monday, February 13, 2017

Death can occur inside a home when the thermostat is set to high!

Created By Eve Hoffman
The power of fire and heat
The power of fire and heat

I never thought a person can die in a home due to the heat. I knew cold winters can be a issue, specially for the elderly that refuse to turn on the heat to save a dollar.

CBS News reports, a women in Toledo, Ohio named Megan Giltz is being sentence for two years in prison  for leaving her son to die in a room alone in her house that reached above the 100's (Fahrenheit) due to a thermostat being left on to high. According to CBS report Giltz is serving time for not caring for her son properly, since they did not charge her for his death.

Giltz truly neglected her son. According to CBS News, Giltz had not been feeding him proper. Also, the boy was found with fecal matter all over him and his blanket and crib. According to the report from CBS news, the child was dehydrated and the cause of death was heart failure.

Giltz should have served more time for her son's death. If she had not neglected her son, he would still be alive today.

By Giltz not caring for her son, she might as well planned his death. I am shocked and confused how the justice system could not charge her for his death and only neglect. Perhaps, Giltz has money or knows people in high important places.

I know when I need to turn on the heat this winter, I will be more aware how hot I have the heater set.

Setting our thermostats on a reasonable temperatures not only save money, but also can save lives.  

Caring is sharing. Please share shadow N Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment.

Peace and love. Be sure to keep the thermostat set to a comfortable temperature. If you have gas units such as myself, be sure to crack a window and allow ventilation. Gas heat kills the oxygen in the room quickly. I found is best to keep a fan circulating air in the room, as well as a cracked window to allow fresh air flow.

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