Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fast-food secrets that will make you think Twice

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What is in your fastfood? What? Bugs can be a common
What? Bugs can be a common

I am shocked on what the fast food is allowed to utilize as a filler. No wonder food does not taste the same made at home. One of the reason may be that fast food uses bugs. Curious10s reports, the fast food restaurants utilize bugs as a ingredients. Yuck!

Wow, also according to Curious10s, fast food can make your brain shrink. Not to be rude, yet there is some people that really cannot afford loss of brain. You know the ones I am talking about.

Futhermore, Courious10s reports, there some disgusting fillers such as beetles in the McRib that everyone so loves. Also, Courious10s reports, there is a filler that is similar to a yoga mats that are in the McRib. Wow, no wonder so many people become sick. The MCRib is really not a rib. Yep, I rather eat vegan style, at least I know what I am eating.

I never thought how nasty the soda fountains are at fast food restaurants. All the people touching things with there hands and mouths. So when Courious10s report fecal matter found on and around the soda fountains, I am not surprised. Plus, the restaurants really do not clean the soda fountains all that well. I bet there is all kinds of hidden dangers that gets people sick because of the soda fountain at a fast food restaurant.

Yep, Courios10s reports bacteria is commonly found in the soda fountains. A little ice and bugs with your soda, Yummy, not so much!

Funny, Courios10s reports the Subways foot long is a inch short and not a full foot. Does that really matter? What I would like to know is how do they buy the meat. Also, what kind of meat is being served. I have read Subway also adds a chemical found in yoga mats to the bread. Makes me question if anything about Subways is indeed healthy.

Eating out of the modern home is on the rise is not a surprise. Courious10s report more children eat at fast food restaurant than at home. I am not shock people feed their kids fast food daily. There is a misconception fast food is cheaper then fresh home prepared foods. Also, people think they are saving time. In all reality cooking at home can be faster when planned ahead.

Now, what is shocking and reminds me I am glad I do not eat fast food is when Courious10s report there is a certain amount of flies and maggots allowed verses food. Wow, really, flies and maggots should never be allowed. The count should be zero. No wonder people get sick and have stomach issues.

Also, Courious10s reports a large amount of cows have to be slaughter for one hamburger. I am shocked how many cows have to be killed to make one Burger.

Furthermore, Courious10s reports there is high amounts of preservatives in fast food. I am not surprised food from fast food can survive years and decades without molding or going bad. What surprises me people are willing to eat something that has no value and can outlast mankind.

Be sure to watch the video for the details of some truth of fast foods. Knowing fresh homemade is better and can cost less, while saving you time, would you give up fast food?

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Video found on YouTube and credited to Curious10s "10 Curious Facts About Fast Food".

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