Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Healing and exploring with the Divine powers of God Through Nature and Animals

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
The truth lies in Mystery and Wonder The truth lies in Mystery and Wonder... Open minds and hearts creates space for enlightenment
Open minds and hearts creates space for enlightenment....

Discovering the divine healing powers of God comes in many forms. One method Mankind has communicated with the divine powers for the past few thousand of years has been and still is through meditation and observation of nature, animals, both wild and domesticated.

Today we are going to explore the Butterfly. The Butterfly represents the divine powers of transformation. Also, the Butterfly teaches us to become akin with the air to helps us to know or change our minds. The Butterfly is the divine art of Transformation.

Just the same as the Butterfly, all of life faces a variety of stages from the moment the life or idea is thought of.

1. First stage,  the egg (just a thought or idea)

2. Larva stage (time to make a decision)

3. Cocoon stage ( the development  stage of a life or idea)

4. Birth stage (the moment to share the life or idea with the world)

Everything in life as a stage. Just as a house that is being built, must start with a thought or idea, firm foundation and frame, so does any great life or idea must start with a thought and firm foundation that is a result from enduring the proper stages. The Butterfly helps the divine powers guide us through the much needed stages so we can fly and expand as the art of success each of us were design to become.

Great success and healing comes from the power of transformation. The gift and divine example is observe throughout  several  aspects of nature and animals. However, the Butterfly is the divine example of self-awareness and true metamorphose for the greater good.

"Butterfly...that flutters in the morning light, you have known many forms, before you e'er took flight." (credited to Jamie Sams and David Carson Medicine Cards)

Caring is sharing please share Shadows N Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. How does the Divine talk to you? Do you see the divine powers in everything from the stars to earth, as well as nature and all the animals, both domesticated and wild?

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