Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How is fast made today?

Picture created be Eve Hoffman
Several reason the fast-food never looks the same as the pictures...the lust for fastfood
Several reason the fast-food never looks the same as the pictures...

The shocking aspect is the majority of Americans need laws, restriction and taxes to chose a healthy life. I am grateful I am not a junk food eater. One of the reason I love being a Vegan, I may eat all I want, since all my choices are healthy.

Bigeyenews reports anything called diet such as diet sodas "is a joke" because diets foods contain chemicals that actually   makes a person's health worse and causes people to gain unhealthy weight. I agree the BigEyenews there is no diet foods that can replace healthy eating and exercise.

Bigeyenews reports Mcdonalds healthy food such as the oatmeal is full of sugars and is worse than a sugary snack. I have not eaten at a Mcdonalds in years. Yet, when they did come out with the oatmeal, I purchased the oatmeal, yet when I received the oatmeal it was a disgusting soap of oatmeal. So, gave back the oatmeal and demanded my money back. Later I heard friends say they wished they had done the same things, cause the oatmeal was too sweet and did not taste the way oatmeal naturally tasted.

Bigeyesnews reports more cooking oil is in milkshakes then milk. Boy, I am glad I am a vegan. No wonder I could only drink a small shake and sometime only half when I consumed dairy.

Also, I did not know refined sugars are addictive until I watch Bigeyenews video. I did know about the health issues since I was a kid. I was taught at a early age to use honey or raw sugar. I prefer honey over sugar. The raw sugar to me can be to sweet.

I love how Bigeyesnews show how a cat does not recognize a hamburger from one of the top fast food restaurants as food, yet dives right into fresh meat. Wow, if an animal refuses to eat something, so do I.

I have always wonder why fast food does not mold and rot. Bigeyesnews reveals there is no real meat or food that is prepared at the fast food restaurants. The food consist of chemicals. No wander people are malnutrition that eat fast food.

Wow, Bigeyesnews reveals there is a chemical they use in the food that is illegal to use in can food because the chemical causes death. Now, I understand why the cat refused the food. Animals are smart and can detect poisons. Perhaps I will start checking with my cats and dogs if I attempt to eat food that I do not freshly prepare.

Until I watch BigEyesnews video,  I had not understood how the advertiser in the USA could get away with lies and false advertising. I am in shocked that the American's constitution protects and label the lies under free speech.

Also, Bigeyenews exposes some truth about Mrs. Obama food program. I am not surprised Mrs. Obama food program is full of lies and is supported by the fast food monsters.

I believe if Americans really knew what the hot dogs was, I wonder if they still would consider it a national icon. I am an American, I will not touch a hot dog unless it is vegan.

I have found that a home cooked food with fresh products is faster then waiting in line to order, wait, and find a place to eat. Also, I have fund fresh food prepared at home save time as well as money.

The restaurant's prices the food to appear cheap. The truth is they give little amount of food that as no value. If you take the same amount spent at the restaurants and bought fresh food, you would see you get double the amount. Also, the food we buy fresh keeps us satisfied and healthy.

We must remember the restaurants are out to make money, not to maintain our health.

Caring is sharing, Share shadows n Secrets to spread mystery and wonders. Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind. Do you enjoy fast-food or fresh cooked foods?

"US JUNK FOOD CONSPIRACY - WHAT IS HIDDEN IN YOUR FOOD?" by bigeyenews, found on YouTube

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