Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Just a Thought of the day!

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Strive the better you....Being better then a man or women is overrated...
Strive the better you....Being better then a man or women is overrated...

Life's greatest moments start with a thought of the day. "Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition" Timothy Leary. Every great person, such as Joan of Arc, set out to find his or her greatness, equality was simply a bonus. Also, being equal is in the eye of the beholder.

Men and women both have positive aspects that complement each other. Being equal is not always realistic. However, being better and having different opportunities can vary depending on a person's talents, intelligence, and skills.

Similar to life, not everything is perfectly equal for a purpose. We all have special strengths Also, not all men or women are worth trying to fight to be equal too. Often times we lower our standards to fit what society considers equal. When we set our goals to be equal to a man or women, we steal from our fullest potential.

No matter if you are a man or women, we should strive to be the best. We should reach beyond what is consider being equal.

When I worked a retail job, I would hear how the men and women felt they had not achieved equal pay. I sat quietly, because due to my experience, I got a start-up pay three dollars more an hour then most of the employees. My gender was not a factor. Also, I had gotten promoted to management well before some of the men that had been there for years, due to me owning my own business and my management skills. Also, I know how to negotiate for better pay and what I want in this life.

My focus was never to be equal to the men. For example,  I knew they could lift heavier items than me. So, my focus was to work smarter, not harder. As well, my goals were set to become the best me. I remained open to all, men and women, and allow the opportunities guide me. I never fear being equal to another human. I understood, there are some people, men and women that I would be better, less, or equal.

Finding my potential and success in this life has not come from being focused on being equal to another person.

If you want to be equal or better focus on your talent, skills, and what you can offer the world. The universes will provide you the equality you seek.

Leave a comment,  tell me what being equal means to you. Share Shadows n Secrets to spread mystery and wonders.

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