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Learning to trust our sixth sense

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
  Knowledge and awareness start with understanding all the senses
Knowledge and awareness start with understanding all the senses
All of life has basic and natural senses. Being pure in spirit allows life to see what is, not what a person's ego thinks life should be.

Animals are very keen to energy, especially dogs. Dogs too have the same five basic senses as humans, such as sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. Some life have senses that are stronger than others due to being aware and connected to the divine powers, earth, and stars.

Also, what all of life has in common are spiritual senses, in which most animals that are not humans are much better with and remain open to the additional senses and the divine source.

Let's define and look at the sixth sense. According to Cambridge Dictionary "an ability to know something without using the ordinary five senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste"

Dogs are great example on understanding and trusting our spiritual senses. Dogs are very keen in knowing what a person will do regardless if the action is positive or negative without relying on the five basic senses. I am always amazed who I consider friends and who my dog knows that have hidden personal agendas.

I have learned over the years to pay attention to my dogs interaction with a person if I want to see a glimpse of who that person really is, not what I wish. No matter the outfit, or face a person puts forward, a dog can always see the heart of the person, as well as the true intentions.

Perhaps, the ability to see a person's pure spirit comes from the dog not judging, as well as living in the present moment. Also, most people have learn not to trust the sixth sense, unlike animals.

One thing for sure, people in general seem to struggle the most with judging, as well as trust in themselves. Even if the truth is clear, judgments clouds reality. Also, fear and lack of trust stops us from seeing the truth. Furthermore, most people live in the past or the future, never in the present moment where life reveals truths and purposes.

When we study nature and animals we begin to see the world without rules, restraints, fear, distrust, and judgement. We see the pure spirits of life. We see everything that is pure in spirit lives within the present moment, never regrets of the past or longing for a different future.

We also can find our individual purpose when we remain in the present moment. All of life only serves a purpose in the present moment, not the past of future. When we live in the present moment and embrace our present purpose, our future is shaped by the present in positive manners we could only dream. The past can never be effective by the present, only the future. This is one of many reason animals let go of the each moment while they pass, as well as remain hopeful, even in the most darkest and inhumane moments.

The Bully Breed is specially aware of the present moment. They are quick to jump into action when needed., always ready to forgive and start a new. That is why dogs are so loyal to even a abuser. The dog lets go of the past and hopes for a better present moment.

Observe your dog or a dog for a few days without judgement. See what things you can learn about him or her, as well as life. I love when my dogs meet someone new with me, no secrets can be hidden.

We can utilize the same tools and senses the dogs do to observe the potential person that we meet to weed though the lies, hidden agendas, and big egos. The secret will be for us to trust our sixth sense and our dogs.

I have notice over the years, people that have negative agendas do not stay for long when I became aware. When we become aware so do others on some level even if that person is not conscientiously in tune.

Have a blessed moment and practice becoming aware in each present moment. Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Are you are ware there are more senses that go beyond the basic.

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