Friday, February 17, 2017

Modern Slavery Hidden in the Shadows

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Anyone that restrict a person's freedoms enslaves that person Anyone that restrict a person's freedoms enslaves that person Slavery only hides when there is no awareness
Slavery only hides when there is no awareness

Amazing enough slavery is still occurring  today in American. Many people are enslaved around the world  and in the USA for a variety of reasons. The sad aspect of modern slavery is kept in the shadows to keep profit on the rise and people enslaved for years and even for a lifetime.

The Washington Post reported the Minnesota police discovered a Chinese women that was beaten and starved that a had been enslaved and forced to be the Nanny. In the Chinese culture slavery is common, even today. As I learn more about slavery, I discover even some restaurants will use slaves to gain profit and keep cost low.

Slavery of any kind is illegal. Therefore, most slavery occurs in silence and behind closed doors. Agreements of conditions and length of time are verbal and kept in the shadows. There is a underground market for slaves. I  read a few articles that stated a person could be purchased as a slave for around ninety US dollars today. The risk appear to be low, as well as cost appears to encourages the black market of slavery.

Slaves are performing in jobs that may just surprise you. People are enslaved to work in restaurants, hotels, public and privet housekeeping, as well as prostitution, and sex slaves. Yes, this does occur in America as well.

People are enslaved for different reasons. Such as, to pay off a debt, come to America, and to create a better life. Life is bad when slavery appears better. This often occurs in third world countries where people are easily pursued by hope of a peaceful and successful life.

Slavery is driven by money and greed. Ending slavery will not be easy. Modern slavery needs to stop. The best method to stop slavery is having the public being aware. Also, if you know someone is a slave help him or her to get out of slavery. Furthermore, do not eat at restaurants that have known slaves. We can stop modern slavery by being wise how we spend our money.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows N Secrets t spread awareness and enlightenment. Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind. Did you know slavery still existed around the world and in every country?

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