Thursday, February 16, 2017

More evidence found Clinton and Obama are responsible for the deaths in Benghazi.

Picture Created by Eve Hoffman
Hard choices must occur sometimes for great change to shape a brighter tomorrow.
Hard choices must occur sometimes for great change to shape a brighter tomorrow. 
People that sugar coat things such as Hilary Clinton gets my senses alerted to what is not being said. Action speak louder then words and Obama and Clinton actions tell a dark story. I am amazed on how the evidence has piled up on Clinton and Obama without formal actions for prosecution.

ETF News reports there is new evidence that both Obama and Clinton stopped any rescue into Benghazi. According to the report the teams sat on the other side of the boarder waiting for orders to enter to stop the attacks. The attacks went on for more then eight hours without help.

Furthermore, according to ETF, lives could had been saved if Obama or Clinton took proper actions.

I suspect deeper and evil reasons why Obama and Clinton did not execute the orders. Such as, Obama and Clinton are working in secret with the Benghazi militia for the greed of money and perhaps have them take over the USA.

One of the reason I suspect Obama has taken money from our enemies is he purchased a place to retire to that exceeds his Presidential salary.

As far as Clinton, she has money giving to her foundations that cannot be explained. Plus, she is easily purchased like a two dollar hooker.

I was wondering why Obama was always so quiet on the Benghazi issue. Perhaps, he does not want to say to much so us Americans can see through his lies.

We need change. I am grateful President Trump was elected. At lease he is not cheap as Clinton that can be purchased like a stale piece of gum at the 99 cent store.

We must unite and stand together. The truth can be buried, yet like everything else in life the truth will surface in time.

Love and peace. Tell me what is on your mind. Do you support Trump? Or are you against Trump?

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