Friday, February 24, 2017

​Natural Rights Freedom of Speech

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
  We all have basic aspects of life in common. The secrets are to enjoy the differences
We all have basic aspects of life in common. The secrets are to enjoy the differences...
The world we live is in constant change. I have always hope mankind would progress toward the better part of humanity. However, with the black lives movement past attacks and threats, as well as recent protesters has set us back to the dark ages.

I have notice lots of people use the racist word incorrectly. For example, if a person says they are against Walmart they are a racist. So, let's define the word racist.

A racist is a person that feels his or her race is superior to another.

When a person disagree with a action or comment from another or has a different opinion does not make him or her a racist.

For example, I do not agree with the cops killing anyone for any reason other then in self defense. Also in turn, I do not agree with citizens killing for their personal agenda or revenge. This does not make me a racist. If anything, I am a person that believes in the right to life.

For the sake of humanity, we must chose the peaceful route. All lives matter, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, American Indian, and so on.  

The black lives matter movement is racist organization and their title reveals this truth. If you stop and think how the black lives matter movement title excludes all other race, you will see they are really saying only black lives matter. I agree black lives matter along with the rest of the variety of people of different, culture, race and economic status.

If the black lives matter movement would include all lives matter, they would be surprise how much more support they would achieve. Yet, I suspect there is a evil purpose that even goes beyond the black lives matter movement. The sad aspect is the black lives matter movement is too caught up with emotion to see they are being used as a tool to cause harm to themselves and to the world.

The protester in recent times are causing harm to themselves and others with personal interest in focus. There has been reports of people blocking emergency services while protesting. Also, protester have caused structural damages while looting. There is too many protest that is causing negative outcomes occurring to allow positive change.

Every citizens throughout the world must band together and remember all lives matter. We must understand all our actions shape the world we live in. The positive and negative actions ripple further then just the present moment. Our choices today affects the future.

We must face the real enemies that threaten our freedom and our choices. There are people in high position that want us to fight among ourselves so we are not paying attention to what harm they are causing against the world and freedoms they are stealing from us.

Don't be the distraction, be the solution. All lives matter, including yours.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" Martin Luther King Jr.

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Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do you have a passion that would spark you to protest?

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