Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Need help with communication

Meditation and Yoga provides several benefits, from physical to emotional state of mind. We also connect to the true divine through meditation and Yoga.

Today we are working on the throat Chakra. We work on our throat Chakra to help purify the throat and  larynx to strengthen and grow from within.

Also, working on the throat chakra increases musical talents, inspiration, creativity, communication, as well verbal abilities. Moreover, when we work on one chakra, other chakras, such as the heart come into a healthy balance. Furthermore, when we work on our center core, we bring health and prosperity in our lives, as well as true pure spirituality.

The video offers three Yoga poses.
1.The Lion
2. Crescent Moon
3. Chin Lock

Tips for Meditation and Yoga:
1.Be sure to drink lots of water before and after Meditation and Yoga

2.Use a pillow to sit on if needed to protect your back, butt, hips, and so on.

3.Use a blanket to provide a little more cushion if needed.
4.To work the throat be sure to breath deep in the mouth, feeling the air through your teeth, hold for at least 7 counts and release as much as possible out the nose

5. Always do what you can. Never push your body. With Practice you will improve. So, accept yourself and health as you are. Simply improve everyday through practice.

Caring is sharing. Please Shadows N Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment.

Leave a comment. I love hearing from you. Tell me what is on your mind. Did you know simple mediation and yoga can improve a person health?

Video created by Eve Hoffman

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