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Open Minds leads to Awareness

Absolute Will, Divine Choice, True Free Will, Illusory Free Will, No Will... The Spectrum of Will (Intention) written By Dan Z
Presented by Eve Hoffman

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Open minds and hearts are the secrets to enlightenment and discovery.
Open minds and hearts are the secrets to enlightenment and discovery.

The Ladders of Intention born of Divine Purpose, originating in the Absolute Consciousness and reflecting all the way and as far as our Reality, is yet another dynamic that stretches from and unites the Absolute Consciousness with the Consciousness of Man… and beyond.

The authority by which the Absolute Consciousness creates its offspring, The Absolute Will gets fashioned into an ability lesser than Absolute which then gets passed on to the new seeds of the Absolute, the divine cells (Baby-Creators) as Divine Will.

The newly created authority of Divine Will is the authority used by the Baby-Creators in creating and running their own processes of Divine Growth... Avatars are also part of those endowed with Divine Will.

In their turn the Baby-Creators down-power the Divine Will into True Free Will, aka True Choice, and pass it onto their next reflection, the Spirit Mind, who also "waters" it down into the Illusory Free Will that is reflected into the Genetic Mind, whom, as mentioned before was somewhat of a divine automaton.
Then we have the Human Mind of total vegetation that shows no traces of any kind of Will, and who makes up the latest category of Existential Intention, that of No Will.

This is known as the Ladders of Intention, a most difficult to navigate divine journey. With each reflection of the divine dream unto Potentiality, the Ladder of Intention would add a new rung upon which the Baby-Creator would place its divine feet in order to penetrate deeper into the heart of Potentiality; with each step and reflection getting more “hardened” and lesser divine… apparently, a divine sacrifice that our Baby-Creator had to undertake in order to complete its process of Divine Growth.

Imagine that Potentiality, itself a Divine Intelligence emanated by the Absolute Parenting Entity, was the beneficiary of our Baby-Creator’s sacrifice.
Potentiality fed as much on the divine reflections within its body as did our Baby-Creator feed on the Experiential Information obtained by its reflections into Potentiality.

There is a constant hunger that Potentiality can only satisfy by feasting upon the “not so divine” outcome from the Baby-Creator’s “hiccups” of Creation.
Whenever an experience in a Reality of Manifest, aka Experiential Existence, gets outside the Divine Logic of Manifest, it is simply devoured by the surrounding Potentiality where it occurs.

It takes Potentiality in order to obtain the Experiential Information (which is in actuality a form of "live Information"), yet the Potentiality won’t simply hand itself over.

Thru its “reflections” (Realities, Existences) in Potentiality, our Creator creates the Experiential Information (Knowledge) which “feeds” its processes of Divine Growth. There are, however, instances when Existences wonder astray from the Divine Logic of manifest.
That is when Potentiality claims back the “fateful results”, the energies known as illogical Experiential Information, which it regards as “divine delicacy”.
Life itself is a divine delicacy for both our Creator and the Potentiality it gets created out of.
Our Baby-Creator feeds upon Potentiality, while Potentiality feeds upon the “divine doom experiences” in the process.
In order to experience Existence to the absolute, our Creator had to experience, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, Life, Death, etc. The Existences that are designed as Experiences of Doom and Death are the experiences in question and they also constitute a fellowship offering, from our Creator to Potentiality.

Might your Human Experience become a “fellowship offering”? Does it start looking like it? Does the expansion of the Universe have to do anything with it? How about we try and explain the inflationary vector that our Universe seems to be on from a Scribe’s perspective.
There is an infinity of Universes that make up the Dimension of Matter, aka the Multiverse… one of them being the Universe that we call home.
Within the Multiverse, Life was created by the Genetic Matrix in order to be experienced to the absolute.
An infinity of Universes was created in order to achieve an absolute degree of Existential Experience, where each Universe would create certain Experiential Information that would add to the Experiential Information created by the rest of the Universes, as in a divine puzzle that needs to get completed to the absolute.

Let’s go back to our Universe and the Flow of Information thru the atomic singularities, where we made mention of the electron carrying Experiential Information from our Reality into The Void via the atomic singularities, and depositing it into the Body of Information of the Ghost of Knowledge.
After unloading, the electron gets a set of directives along with two “divine ingredients” to carry back into our Reality.
You might have heard of the concept of Dark Matter and Dark Energy that make up the bulk of our Universe. The two divine ingredients are exactly that; converted Potentiality aka Dark Matter, and converted Void energies aka Dark Energy.

These are the two ingredients or “raw matter” needed for the Human or other kind Consciousness in our Universe, to convert into the “divine fabric” that clothes the essence of our Baby-Creator, at the same time feeding its process of Divine Growth.

The Human Consciousness processes these two divine ingredients into the Experiential Information* (also called “completed strands of Intention”, they are composed out of the energies of Thought resulting from the processing of converted Potentiality and converted Void Energy, aka Dark Matter and Dark Energy, by the Human Consciousness) required of us by our Creator.

Yet due to the irrelevant cyclicities of Thought, the Human Consciousness cannot process the divine ingredients as fast as divinely intended, having as a result the continuous over-accumulation of converted Potentiality (Dark Matter) and converted Void Energy (Dark Energy).
If we are to correct this imbalance, we need to get exponentially more creative and imaginative and create Existential Experiences with a higher degree of relevance regarding Purpose.

It sounds crazy, yet due to our processing of the “same old” Thought over and over, living the Experiences based on the “old paradigms” in demising repetitiveness, the New Thought (Experience) dictated by the “instructions” delivered constantly to our “deaf ears” does not materialize, with the result of  piling “divine ingredients”  up faster and faster.

Not processing the Potentiality and Void Energy into the Experiential Information asked of us by Creator itself, causes the Dark Matter (converted Potentiality) and Dark Energy (converted Void Energy) to accumulate at ever increasing speeds in our Universe…
The converted Potentiality (Dark Matter) in our Universe is in constant communication with the rest of Potentiality, at the same time constituting into an invasive force that threatens to achieve “critical preponderance”.

It might be that our Universe was destined to be “recycled” into Potentiality, whose ever increasing presence seems to be leading to an apparent dilation or expansion towards getting dimensionally converted from Motion (Matter, Life) into Motionless (Potentiality).
Or it might be something entirely different… Scribe simply will not tell.

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