Monday, February 20, 2017

Sad truth about Pakistan

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We all suffer at the hands of war on humanity Enlightenment is needed for pure peace and love to occur within humanity
Enlightenment is needed for pure peace and love to occur within humanity..

People around the world have the right to be fearful of Pakistan. A country that cannot love all must be restricted and observed. I read a story about a 20 year young women that was tortured and burnt alive because she married a man the family did not approve. The family felt dishonored. So, to teach her a lesson, they killed her.

See full story "Pakistan: Zeenat Rafiq who was burnt for eloping is buriedat" at

So, I got curious, was this a norm. Apparently in Pakistan anytime a man feels dishonored by a female they kill them in name of honor (Vice News). Wow, I am sicken by the manner of how the middle east behaves towards women.

I never had much of opinion of the middle east until now. I am heartbroken and disgusted.

My view on Pakistan will never be the same. I thought they had hope, yet killing for honor of man's pride has set them back past the dark ages.

I am grateful, I am an American women. I never agree with boarder control in the past. Everyone has the natural right to live where they desire. Yet, now I do agree we need policies to protect us against men that are willing to kill their own family and women. I do not want men that kill for honor to walk among my free country. I do welcome the women as long as they learn they have natural born rights and they are more then a tool or object to please a man.

According to Vice News report, five women were supposedly killed for clapping and singing with two of their brothers after the video went viral. Also, Vice News reports one of the surviving brothers are still hiding today in fear of his life. As you can see in the video the family that is seeking justice goes to great lengths to hide from the killers.

Vice News interviews one of the brothers on the video. The man said in the interview they had locked the five women in a room, tortured, and killed them, because the video was made public, and that dishonored everyone. Also, the man reported to Vice News, even strangers were encouraging the people to kill the women.

I cannot rap my mind around having a good time, singing, and clapping with their brothers or having the video viral was a disrespectful act that brings dishonor. My heart says there is lots of hate and jealous emotion against the women in Pakistan.

Moreover, Vice News reports, even if the law is changed to protect the women and bring justice to the killers, the killers still can  get away with the murders, because often times the killers are family members, and the family members that are seeking justice will stop simply because the killers asked for forgiveness.

According to Vice report the women are consider property and the men can do what they like, such as torture, and murder.

Be sure to watch the video. Pay attention how a guy attempts to explain the crimes away to Vice News. His explanations is full of holes and lies. The guy reports to Vice News when a man dishonors his people blood is required for forgiveness. He appears to act like a nick is all that is done, and women are never harm for disrespectful acts. If that is so, why are the women afraid to come outside and interact with people. This guys attempt to hide the truth is weak and pathetic.

I agree with Vice News if the women are still alive, bring them to the court and clear the case. My heart says because the dead cannot speak.

We need to be the voice for the women in Pakistan, both dead and living.
At the moment, I am unclear what we all can do for the women in Pakistan. I do know we need to spread awareness to send the men a message that their cruel acts cannot hide from the world and the women they have tortured have not been forgotten.

Also, you can join me and sign a petition for better laws and living conditions for the women and children in Pakistan at

I am in shock the men throw acid and rocks at the women if they go into a public places. Don't these men know a women blessed them with life.

Both men and women in Pakistan need to be enlightened beyond traditional education. The women need to be encouraged and educated to stand-up to the men, so this madness will stop. I bet if the men faced a women that challenged them things would change.

To all the women around the free world, let's be strong and the living example how women should be treated with love and kindness.

The Kohistan story is a example why we must support Trump in boarder restrictions. United we stand, divided we allow terrorist in that will makes us fall.

Caring is sharing. Share Shadows N Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment. Tell me what is on your mind.

Peace and love to all. Abuse to women or men should never hide in the shadows.

"The Kohistan Story: Killing for honor by  VICE News video found on YouTube"

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