Thursday, February 23, 2017

Say No to Pink PussyHats.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Wise Women are Powerful , no symbols needed....Equality and power lies within the individual, not the sex
Equality and power lies within the individual, not the sex

Power and equality reaches beyond tacky symbols, such as the pink pussy hats. The woman and women that started and is displaying Pink Pussyhat has set women back a thousand years. Say no to disgusting symbols and organizations such as the Pink Pussyhats and say yes to equality and justice for all men and women.

The Pussyhats have been becoming  a trend across social media in recent weeks as Trump has become president. The women that wear and promote the Pussyhats appears to be against President Trump due to de-funding Planned Parenthood. Also, the women appear to believe achieving equality is through their genitals, the vagina, in which is symbolizes through the pink hats. Sorry to tell you this ladies with the pink hats, not so much!

No, women cannot achieve equality through any crude symbol, such as the pink pussyhats. We do not see successful men wearing and marching with symbols that represents their penis.

Women that are seeking equality must keep the Pink Pussyhats in their pants or dresses, pull up their sleeves and get to work just as men have done for centuries without crying about their pink pussyhats.  

I am so tired of women trying to seek equality by screaming and using the vagina in their favor. If a man would had done so or created the Pink Pussyhat, the hat would be an insult. Also, what a low aim if all women simply desire equality to men.

Women are much better then what mankind deems as equality. People, no matter women or men can reach the standards and beyond when we realize we must set our goals to better ourselves, not because of gender, yet due to self value and worth the world will benefit.

All the great women and men in history did not scream and wear distasteful symbols, such as pink pussy hats to be successful and create paths for generations to come. We must remember to be loving and respectful if we truly seek pure positive change and equality.  Also, women, we must live and represent the lives we wish to obtain.

I know some people are not happy with Trump. The man has only been in office for a few days. Far as I am concern, Trump is already making changes for the better. As anything great in life, let's give Trump time.  So,  if you are unhappy with Trump, be sure to get out and vote next time. For now, sit back and see what Trump does with his new power. Trump has four years to prove if he is worthy to stay President of the USA.  

Please, as a women, I plead with all women around the world, do not wear anything that symbolizes the vagina. Bring back respect, class, and better manners by living successfully and always striving to better each day and equal to your personal worth and talents, as always never lower yourself to be equal.  Always strive to be the best divine you. We break glass ceilings when we open ourselves to our endless possibilities and reach to be equal to our dreams.

Secure and successful women do not need a symbol, such as a pink pussyhat, to represent their self worth and value to the world. Join me and live the life of equality that betters the world for the greater good. Let's show future generations of women how true strong women live and behave while achieving respect and equality in a man's world.  

As we learn the motivation behind the Pussyhats' purpose, the movement becomes clear the issue are as old as mankind. The Pussyhats are attempting to represent women's power through the female's genitals, as well as the right to abortions.  Yes, every female should have the right to carry a life or not. This act of violence against life for any reason should not be paid by the government or taxpayers.

Every life as the right to life, including the unborn. There are too many option, such as adoption, to allow the government to fund Planned Parenthood. Every life serves a purpose, including the life that was created even in worse situations, such as rape. President Trump is morally correct to De-fund Planned Parenthood. The defunding of Planned Parenthood is not a attack on women personally. However, de-funding Plan Parenthood's  taxpayers support protects life from being tortured and killed, as well as utilize tax payers money for positive and healthy programs.

Yes, everyone has the right to his or her body. However, our government should not support programs that all citizens cannot agree, especially when the issue comes to killing or creating a life.

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