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Secrets for Quitting Smoking and Chewing Snuff

Update 03/08/17

Well, we are now going on our third month of no smoking cigarettes. Also, my husband, Ryan as not had a urge for snuff as well. Matter of fact, even though I am the light smoker, I am the only one that can handle any e-juice with nicotine higher then 3 milligrams.

These days Ryan is finding any e-juice that has nicotine over 3 milligrams gives him a headache, as well as make his stomach sick. Even though Ryan was the heavier smoker and user of nicotine, he has went almost two days without nicotine in his e-juice. I can see us soon reduces our nicotine to 3 milligrams or lower. Of course, this will happen as I run out of the e-juices I have that are 16 milligrams.

As the time goes by, I find myself wanting to smoke less. Also, we are finding we do not need the nicotine to make the e-cigarette enjoyable. I would strongly recommend to a smoker that has tried everything to quit as I have to try e-cigarettes. Not only will you see the smoker will become healthier, so will others around the smoker that had to endure second hand smoke. 

The e-cigarette does not omit second hand smoke or the toxins as cigarettes. The nice thing as well there is lots of flavors to explore and enjoy that a traditional cigarette cannot offer. For those that actually enjoy the taste of the traditional cigarettes, not to worry, the e-juices come in all kinds of traditional cigarettes flavor along the even menthol flavors. 

I have heard of people vaping and smoking. For me I never cared for how traditional cigarettes taste or smell. I can see how some people will continue to smoke traditional cigarettes if the right e-cigarettes or e-juice is not being used. The right flavor and level of nicotine is a must. Always ask the shop where you purchase your supplies if you are unsure. We have found that the right level of nicotine and flavor comes from trial and error. If you are accustomed to traditional cigarettes, I recommend starting with a coffee, chocolate, or vanilla flavors. The fruit flavors can become to much after a day of use and most smoker return to traditional cigarettes.

The fruit flavors I find the tropical flavors the best. Peach is so far my favorite. I am excited to try a honey. I imagine the honey will have a soft sweet flavor that can mix with a variety of other. As you learn which e-juices you like, you will also start to enjoy creating personal flavors by combining the e-juices.

Also, if you have a e-juice with strong nicotine, you can add one with less or no nicotine. Ryan takes his e-juices with no nicotine and adds a little of one with a high amount of nicotine to satisfy his nicotine craving when needed.

Here is a video showing you my new e-cigarette. There are so many choices of e-cigarettes. For me finding the right one make the e-cigarettes more enjoyable.

If you are in the Waco area I suggest you check out Overstock Vapors. She has the best service, as well as great prices and products. You can also check out her website at Overstock Vapors is located at 600 N New Road Waco, Tx 76710 Phone number 254 235-1840.

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Original post 02/07/17

Quitting Smoking and chewing stuff can be easy for some. Some people simply decide to quit  and never look back. However, people such as my husband Ryan and I needed to discover creative methods to overcome the strong addiction to traditional cigarettes and snuff.

I have been smoking now for over 33 years and so has Ryan. Our bodies have learn to cope with life and every day moments with the false soothing of tobacco products. We have tried everything from stop smoking aids such as nicotine gum and patches without true success. We even tried cold turkey. The most I have lasted was eight months with a anti-depressant  that cause me to loose extreme amount of weight. Of course, the more I quit, the less time past between me smoking and not smoking. I had developed a habit of quitting . Now, Ryan would last long enough until he left the house and was alone.

Ryan was even great at hiding and masking the smell of the cigarettes. The only thing he could not hide was the snuff. Stuff to me smells like a old ashtray. Over the past ten year Ryan never went a waking moment without a cigarette or snuff. He even smoked and chewed his snuff at the same time. No smoking aids provided the relief he needed. We found when we were out of the anti-smoking aid, we would run out and by cigarettes and stuff.

I love nicotine. I do not enjoy the traditional cigarettes' smell or taste. So, I started to research the E-cigarettes.  There is lots of debates on the heath benefits and harm of the  E-cigarettes. For one main reason I discover so far is due to lack of regulations, as well as the product has not been on the market very long. Time will reveal the truth. However, how I look at the E-cigarettes, at lease the E-cigarettes does not have the 7,000 thousand deadly toxins that are found in traditional cigarettes.

So I convince  Ryan to allow me to try the E-cigarette since he was not ready to quit with me once again.  I told him that I was OK with him smoking and using stuff, yet I needed something that truly soothed my cravings, after all him and I have been smoking together for the past 30 years. I knew, I needed to break my smoking  habit with Ryan so I may free myself from traditional cigarettes.

On the first day I had the E-cigarette, Ryan loved that I smelled better. He also notice I was feeling better, even my smoker cough was less. Ryan tried the e-cigarette over his traditional cigarettes that first day. He felt better and more satisfied. By the end of the fist day he ran out of traditional cigarettes and join me.

The amazing part was by the second day Ryan no longer desire his snuff as well. Ryan found that he was satisfied by the E-cigarette. His personal goal is to eventually quit the E-cigarettes as well. For me, I am enjoying the moment and the process of stopping the deadly traditional cigarettes. Within  a few days my smokier cough was gone. Yes, I can see quitting E-cigarettes when I am ready. Even though we have been only smoking the E-cigarette about a week now, we both are feeling better, as well as slowing down on our intake of nicotine.

We did discover the E-cigarettes that are able to be refilled are much better then the one the Vuse offers. The Vuse is expensive and only lasted us less then a half a day. So, far the E-cigarettes has saved us money as well. The cost of  E-cigarette and nicotine oil has payed for itself within five days for us. Also, we do not need to worry about cigarette butts all over my back yard. Another bonus is no lighter needed.
In addition to saving money, we are allowed to smoke wherever we please in public places here in Texas. People seem to enjoy the smell of our E-cigarettes. I have chocolate and Ryan has french vanilla ice cream . We want to try the banana nut and honey oils next. We heard the two oils together taste and smells like  Ceros. The only nice aspect of the Vuse was the original flavor tasted the same as coffee. So, I plan to try coffee next.  

Now, Ryan did buy the Blu when his unit had lost it's charge and would not charge backup. We learned sometimes the unit comes with a bad battery. The shop replaced the unit without a issue. The unit itself should last about a year before being replaced.  To me the Blu Vivid Vanilla tasted the same as a burnt marsh mellows. Yet, to Ryan the Blu tasted like a nasty cigarette with a hint of vanilla. Plus Ryan thought the Blu was harsher and not as satisfying as the E-cigarette that is able to refilled.

We both agree the Blu is a good option if we do not have our e-cigarettes charged or with us. Yet, we will be buying  two base units so we do not need to buy the Blu unless we really need another option. Since we are heavy smokers the one Blu unit lasted less then a day. The Blu does come with two unit is only reason the buy is somewhat reasonable. Yet, throwing out the unit each day for me is a waste and I rather have a refillable E-cigarette.

The lady that owns the smoke shop where I bought my E-cigarette was a smoker for years. She developed cancer. Also, she is still young, only in her mid forties. There is hope of recovery. Her doctor advise her to use the E-cigarettes to help heal her lungs, as well as keep her stress down while quitting traditional cigarettes. So far so good. She going in for her final treatment next week. I am excited to do business with her for years to come and I too have hope she will heal and recover.

So, If you are the same as Ryan and I, you have tried everything from hypnosis to every anti-smoking aid known to man, I encourage you to try the E-cigarette. The E-cigarette is a much healthier options for the smoker, as well for all you lives with the smoker. Second hand smoke is known to be worse then the original smoke inhaled, with  E-cigarettes there is no second hand smoke.

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.Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind. Have you struggle to quit smoking without success? Have you tried the E-cigarette? If so, how did you like the E-cigarette?

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