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Secrets that the slaughter houses try to create laws so we cannot see the abuse

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All lives serve a higher purpose All of life requires the same basic needs, food, shelter and love of family!
All lives serve a higher purpose.....

Secrets that the slaughter houses try to create laws so we cannot see the abuse. I fond this great video on YouTube from a student doing a research video. "Research Video Essay: The Truth Behind Slaughterhouses Final" By Maritza Galvan

Also, we will explore other videos. This treatment is a norm not a exception. I thought this was a good video because I had not known the slaughter houses have created laws to protect their rights to cause harm and suffering to the animals they gain profit.Whenever there is money, there is greed. The worse part of the abuse is all the money the slaughter houses are gaining out of the pain and sorrow of animals.

Glavan is correct most people rather look the other way than understand what they are eating. I notice myself, if I label the food as the commercials do, people are eager to eat. Yet, if you call the food what the food truthfully is such as chicken , pig, or cow and explain how the animal suffers to provide the food, people tend to put their nose up and say no thanks.  

I know how people can be blind to eating animals, I use to eat all the meat that mankind provided until I realized that there is other choices that does not have to include torturing or killing lives.Glavan reveals how the slaughter houses kill the animals with more viciousness towards the animals that are deemed unworthy for eating. I wonder how many lives suffer because they do not meet mankind's standards.

Life is bigger than mankind's idea of standards.I am not the greatest vegan cook, yet I rather keep trying than support mass killing  and inhumane conditions of animals.

Glavan is correct animals suffer the same as us. The only difference they do not speak our language. My heart breaks when the baby calf is ripped my her head while trying  to feed on her mamma. That is another reason I do not eat or drink dairy products. I know that baby suffers and does not understand why she or he cannot have the mother's love. The Cow's milk is meant for the calf, not humans. People do not need cow's milk.

What breaks me to tears is watching that guy beat the little calf to death with his hands and feet. Why are these people filled with so much hate they are blind to what they are doing? Wow, is the love of money blinding them?

I promise never to have dairy and cow again. I felt as if I was missing something. After I saw the man beat that poor innocent calf, I have  a total different taste in my mouth.

I have to admit I was missing a Hamburger, yet now all I can taste in my moth is that poor calf raw blood.

Yep, dairy and meat will never taste the same once you realize the truth. Not to worry, there is hope. Vegan food can be yummy and satisfying. The secrets is learning how to prepare the foods we enjoy eating without animals and dairy.

Glavan reveals a organic farm choice with the animals being raised how they should be treated. I do like the idea of organic farms better than the commercial farms. If you have to eat meat, at least buy from farms that raised them and slaughter the animals in a humane manner.

I still prefer to not eat meat myself. Vegan is a healthy choice that 100% stops inhumane acts to all the animals and mammals that people consume daily.

I understand being a vegan can be difficult, my own husband is only a Vegan at home. I do not care he supports such a ugly act against animals, yet I do support his choices as a free person.

We as the people that support companies with money should always have the right to see current operations and be able to report any cruel treatments under the freedom of speech act. Any industry that chooses to hide behind closed doors and laws, such and the slaughter houses should be protested by not buying any meat or dairy. Money or lack of many will send a message that change is due.

This is one many reason I am a angry adventurous Vegan. Caring is sharing. Please spread Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment.

Peace and love to all. Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind.

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