Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sex is always on the mind

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
The Mysteries and Wonders of Sex The Mysteries and Wonders of Sex Pleasure starts with two....
Pleasure starts with two....

Sex means different things for everyone. Healthy sex is a mix of fantasy, illusion, and reality. Some depend on illusion and fantasy a bit too much. When I am on social sites,  I notice some people only talk to have a fantasy sex chat. For me this is a bore and to much work.

Let's chat and get right to reality. I wonder how people, especially married people enjoy sex chat. All the acts are within the mind. There is no real touch. The touch is an illusion the mind creates. Having sex chat is the same as having sex with a machine. Where is the passion?

I wonder is a person's life that lonely. Where are the real husbands or wives in this person's daily life? Does this person that desires to sex chat enjoy sex in real-time with a person of flesh? I read once that if a person masturbates to often her or she losses interest in others. I wonder if that is the case with people that cyber sex chat.

To each its own as I say. Personally need the real person with me to arouse any pleasures. Mental and self-pleasure alone occurs when a person willing to step into fantasy and never desire more. Never touching the person would be a mood breaker for me and one of many reason sex chat does not encourage arousal.

Also, what is up with the pictures. Really. If a person does not want to sex chat a picture of the gentiles is not going to encourage. If anything that person gets blocked. Yet, then again I stop blocking cause another account gets created and the chase begins again. Well that is a subject for another day. Back to sex.

After talking to some friends recently, I realized in a general view men and women think of sex different. For men sex appears to be on the mind every moment of the day. Also, any picture or flirty comment will encourage a man be become aroused. However, unless the women is a hormone enrage teenager, intelligence and flirting is a must. For Women sex has a higher purpose. The purpose depends on the women. For some women sex is only to reproduce, others for psychical health, or to reach higher spiritual enlightenment.

By personally experiences there is lots of men willing to sex chat on social media, I wonder how many women actuality enjoy sex chat. For men I think it is a numbers game. The men on social sites tend to harass until they get what they want or become bored and move on. Thankfully men get bored easy when someone does not play along.

What arouses me is intelligent conversation that expands awareness and enlightenment. With the right person that is aware, sex can be a very enlightening and enjoyable experience, especially when yoga is added. The sweetness of Yoga and sex is another topic for another day.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment. Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind. What does sex mean to you?

Peace and love to all. Be free, be loved, and always enjoy life to the fullest.

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