Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sex slaves killed for sick and twisted pleasures

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Modern slavery is a fact, not a myth or aspect of the past of humanity.
Modern slavery is a fact, not a myth or aspect of the past of humanity.

​Slavery is on the rise in the 21st century. Poor economics is a major factor. Buying a slave is about the same price for a nice dinner out at a restaurant for two. I have read several reports a person today can be purchased for under a hundred US dollars. Since a person can be purchase for little amount of money, abuse and death is on the rise for people that are enslaved in modern times. Also, because modern slavery is an underground network, there is no moral rules or regulations to protect a person in slavery. Most people are taken by means of force into slavery. However, there are people today that volunteer to become a slave for the promised of a better and free life. Also, most slaves never become free from the person who enslaved him or her due to the debt is always growing for daily care and a place to live.

Often times people, especially women are taken into sex slavery when the person is alone and in unfamiliar places, such as Mexico. (BI) Business Insider reports a woman miraculously escapes a sex trade organizations out of Mexico.According to the women BI interviewed, she witness several inhumane acts most people would think would be in horror films only. Such as, she witness a young boy being sold and molested. Also, she refuse to kill a fellow slave and watch him be hung and cut until he died (BI). Furthermore, she knew many slaves that had been sold to have sex and killed. In some cases all the crimes were filmed (BI).

When the woman did not produce the money that was expected she was turned into a drug mull, since she could not kill (BI). The different organizations the woman worked for as a slave and a drug mull have been and still are under investigations (BI).

The women did not include the details how she escaped. She was abused and brutalized for years that had started when she was 22 years old (BI). I do not blame the women for wanting to keep the escape route secret. She not only protecting the person that risked life to save hers, but possible others that may escape, even though finding freedom is rare. Most slaves die long before opportunity is available from extreme abuse to planned executions.

Back in 2004, I had to get away from my father. He was a very violent and manic person. My father had approached me to help him find nice girls for his sex business. Because he said the girls that he had got to violent and would shoot too soon or kill too soon.  He wanted me to go to the local college and lure innocent pretty girls to him. My father had told me they had gotten into the rough stuff called "snuff films" and he needed innocent girls. Of course, I ran the other way and said, "no".

When I  tried to avoid my father, he threaten me. I called the police. My father knew each timed I called. He had inside connections. Money and knowing the right dirty people does sure talk and has advantages.  I even called the FBI. All I got was some bad advice. Everyone I called looked at it as a domesticated issue, despite, I was well out of the house for over fifteen years and in my thirties.

The sad part was, I got blown off by the authorities, yet when my father threaten someone else his madness was put on hold for a minute. He was placed in jail until his friends got him out again, a very short time later.

So, I know there are very scary dark people in high places politically that have lots of money that are willing to pay to have the laws suited for themselves, pay off someone to be killed, as well as pay too kill someone, while having sex.

Not sure what the solutions are, yet we do have the power of being aware, protecting ourselves, and not going to places such as Mexico, where we know slaves and people missing is a major issue.

The one lesson we can learn from this women as well is do not go to places alone. Always have a buddy to keep you safe, especially when meeting unknown people, even for official purposes. Also, women and children may be the typical sex slaves, yet do not overlooked the men that also are taken and forced into slavery as well.

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