Thursday, February 9, 2017

​Soda has aspartame contains fecal matter

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yummy fecal matter, not so much​ Soda has aspartame contains fecal matter
yummy fecal matter, not so much. reports, soda that has aspartame contains fecal matter. I have never cared for kind of food or drinks with fake sugar. Also, I was taught at a young age to stay away from artificial products mankind calls edible to avoid health issues that artificial products typical cause. Nature always knows best, especially when the food source comes from companies simply attempting to save a dollar by using cheap artificial products, such as aspartame. After you learn what Aspartame really is, you will think twice before reaching for anything that is created with fake sugars. 

I have always wonder why aspartame has such a nasty taste along with a bad after flavor that just sit in a person's mouth. I have never cared for the taste of aspartame. When I drink soda, I enjoy soda made with real sugar. I am grateful I am picky about what I drink and eat. 

So, by now you are asking how is fecal matter in the aspartame. Well, reports, the E coli fecal matter is part of the ingredients to make aspartame that is commonly utilized for diet sodas and no sugar foods. So, there is no way to avoid fecal matter in aspartame since the E coli fecal matter is part of the processes of creating aspartame.

If you want to avoid consuming fecal matter, the best method is to avoid eating anything with aspartame. If for some reason you do not want to drink or eat foods with real sugar, I suggest eating fruit or drinking fruit juice to curb your cravings. How I overcame eating and drinking sweet products is by eating fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth.

On a occasion I do admit, I too have cravings for soda. Yet, after reading article, I suspect I will be over any desire for soda. Even soda made out of real sugar has ill health affects.

Have you ever notice most things that taste real nice and leave us wanting more, such as a soda, seems to come with disgusting side effects or ingredients.

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