Friday, February 17, 2017

The secrets to Keeping New Year Resolutions

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Every great moment of positive change starts with living and survives with positive focus....
Every great moment of positive change starts with living and survives with positive focus....

Happy new year is now onto the second months. Most people have failed most of the set goals of the new Year by now. Do not allow lack of motivation or too big of a goal stop you.

Let's look at some of the popular resolutions:

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Lose weight
  3. Eat healthier
  4. Exercise
  5. ​Spend less money

Even though theses are great goals, I have found most people do not complete or achieve with a yearly plan. So, instead of a yearly plan, I recommend to set daily resolutions within each present moment to shape a brighter and healthier future.

When we take the time to set daily resolutions, the goals become realistic. The resolutions results become achievable to encourage us to continue to reach the big yearly goals.

Setting long term goals is always great, such as losing weight and stop smoking. However, most people fail to set small moment by moment and daily resolutions is why most fail on yearly goals.

So, if you are tired of failing each year, stop and make small goals within each present moment with the yearly resolution in focus.  You will even surprise yourself when the end of the year comes and you have completed a goal that haunted you for years.

Example of small goals: If you are wanting to become healthier and lose weight, I have found removing one unhealthy item from the diet every 21 days creates a new habit, as well as increases weight lose and good health. Also,  take five minutes, walk every other day. After 21 days increase the walk time  five more minutes. Keep increasing you walk time every 21 days by five minutes until you reach your ideal walk time.

If you feel you are being deprived of the unhealthy item or activity, allow yourself one day a week to have the unhealthy treat or do something you should not and enjoy. When you have reach 21 days, remove the once a week treat, them select a new unhealthy item to remove from your diet, and repeat. Be sure to replace the unhealthy item or activity with a healthy one. For example, when I eliminated Soda, I replaced the soda with fresh fruit juice. The fruit juice provided energy, as well as stopped my cravings for soda.

As always be open to better things in the moment and allow the present moment to reshape the goals. Love and peace to all. Another great year is being shape with every present moment.

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Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Did you set some realistic yearly goals for 2017? How do you plan to keep all the New Year goals?

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