Monday, February 13, 2017

The shocking truth about California meat and dairy.

Picture created By Eve Hoffman

I am grateful for The Humane Society of the United States.The Humane Society of the United States appears to a give voice to all who is in need, including life that most take for granted.

The video "Slaughterhouse Investigation" exposes how the cows are treated in a very disgusting manner in California's meat and dairy factory farms. Eating meat or drinking dairy is not a healthy choice. The unjust actions and cruel treatment creates the meats and dairy a ticking time bomb fill with lots of stress hormones, bacteria, and virus waiting to kill the next victim.

The sad fact is this treatment has become a norm, even today. The only way to stop such distasteful, inhumane treatment is stop buying meat and dairy, specially from California.

Moreover, by allowing down and injured cattle to be slaughter the meat and dairy industries sends  aloud message, they only love profit and they think nothing about placing children and people in harm to gain revenue.

I am starting to understand why the meat and dairy industries can lie with a straight face. The only focus is how much more money they can obtain. Don't be fooled, the meat and dairy industries do not care about a person's health. They have hidden case studies that have not favor them and reveal meat and dairy in unhealthy, as well as not digestible, despite they are the ones that sponsored the study.

The lies can only stay hidden for so long. As people become aware in how and what they eat does have a role in a healthy and peaceful life. The Meat and dairy farmers will need to find a better and healthier method to make money that does not include tormenting and killing life.

The meat and dairy farmers may have big money allowing and covering up the lies, yet we have the truth. After a while money runs out, specially when the masses join us and stop supplying  money to the greedy industry of meat and dairy.

One thing we can do to help is stop buying from factory farms. Also, the best way to help the cows and calves is to stop buying meat and dairy all together. When we look at the research, we learn the cows are the secondary source of nutrition. A plant-base diet is the original source that all of life sustains a healthy and well balance diet.

Next article will be the truth about dairy... stay tune.

There are several reason I became a vegan. The major reason I have stayed being a vegan is understanding animals are not a healthy source of food. Everyday there is a new vegan and every day we send the meat and dairy a message, their abuse and inhumane treatment is not acceptable.

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Video credited to The Humane Society of the United States found on YouTube.

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