Monday, February 20, 2017

The Truth About Milk

Picture created By Eve Hoffman
Alternatives such as, almond milk is the healthy choice not cows milk!
Alternatives such as, almond milk is the healthy choice not cows milk! 

There is so many logical and moral reasons why cattle should not be utilized as a food source. There is a nasty truth that the milk industry does not want us to know. The more we learn, the more we realize there are better and healthier choices that does not cause death and heartache.

I have enjoyed milk for years. Yet, once I realized the suffering the milk industry are causing to the cows, I stop drinking milk or consuming dairy products. Also, what has kept me from dairy is knowing the cow's milk is only healthy for calves.

My main reason was also if the farms treated the cows in such poor manner, so would companies that processed the milk. There is no good that can come from abuse and torment.  

Plus, if milk was naturally good for us, they would not have to pasteurized and homogenized the milk. There would be no need to add vitamins and minerals as well.

I remember a time when milk was not pasteurized and homogenized. When the dairy farmers hand milk the cows and allow people to come to small dairy stands to trade milk bottles for fresh ones.  Even if the industry went back to caring for the cows, I still would not consume dairy.

Cow's milk is NOT designed for human consumption. The milk industry processes the milk to allow the masses the ability to consume the milk, but not in a healthy manner. We humans drink milk, he or she is simply drinking Cow's puss design to care and grow a calf.

The best thing is to realize there are better choices then dairy to live a healthy life. Knowing there is sickness and bacteria in dairy, I will never look at the dairy products the same.

I had moments of missing dairy, yet now all I can see is the senseless pain and suffering of the cows and their calves. People do not need dairy, the calves do.

Think beyond the advertisement to see the truth of the dairy industry. Don't buy into the lies. Join me and go green. You will be surprised when you choose the dairy alternatives how much better you will feel, while stopping animals from suffering.

Peace and love. This is one of many reasons I am a angry adventurous Vegan.

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"Milk deadly poison - Best Video Ever about Milk Health Supercharger found on YouTube.

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