Monday, February 13, 2017

Trump's Ban on Immigration To The USA is Justified

Picture created By Eve Hoffman

For several decades Presidents, including Obama has set restriction in play for the security of the United States. Due to personal hate of President Trump there has been a outcry. Also, some officials have been blocking Trump from doing his job. Luckily most true Americans support President Trump in his decisions knowing all his action are for the greater good.

Every President places restriction on immigration for a variety of reasons. One main reason is to set better policies in practice for both the immigrant and for the USA at large.  

The only aspect I do not agree with is allowing some of the Christians in during the ban. No one, including people that claim to be Christians should be allowed visas or access to the USA while the ban was in place. Obama proved to us that lying is capable under some religions if that person feels he or she is doing great work for "God".

Furthermore, unless we have the same current information as President Trump, we need to withhold our opinions and protest. No new information on terrorist threats will be revealed until after the fact or deaths and destruction has occurred. Trump's ban was not meant to discriminate or harm a person. President Trump is actively protecting the existing USA citizens from known and unknown organizations. The old official are scared they are loosing control and trying to make Trump look bad. No official block Obama and his ban and his immigration ban was much longer in time.

President Trump is the first President in decades to love the USA so much he is willing to make the tough choices to bring back safety, as well as prosperity  to all without regards to popular opinion.

Regardless what the news or media is doing to distort the truth in regards to President Trump, we need to stand behind Trump with full support despite if we voted for him or not.

Let's not forget Trump is only adopting Obama's original plans. The ban could had been six months as Obama's immigration ban was back in 2011. All Trump is asking  for is 120 days so he can get a clear view of the situation and place better policies for all involved. The ban is not about religion. The purpose of the ban is about preventing further terrorist actively  in the USA in the future.

The good news is Trump still has choices despite official blocking his original ban. All Trump needs to do is rewrite the ban and set the ban in place again. I sure hope he does. Not only does he need to get control of our boarders, Trump needs to weed out the dirty business in congress. There are dark and dirty reasons some officials are blocking what is good for the USA, as well as getting in Trump's way to make the United states healthy and prosperous again.

It is time for everyone to remember including people that want to live here permanently. Do not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

Peace and Love.

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Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind.  Are you for the ban or against, and why?

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