Thursday, March 16, 2017

Child brides that hide in the shadows

Around the world, specially in developing countries there is a growing epidemic of children being forced in marring older adults. Children as young as five have been know to be forced to marry men that can be the grandfather.

Daily News (DN) reports, officials estimate that "ten to twelve million children are forced into marriage.

Picture found on Daily News
Child brides in Hajjah
The female in pink is reported to be five years old. Her husband twenty-five years of age. Standing in front of her is a classmate that was also forced into marrying the man the stands with her.

According to Daily News, the men marry the children in secret and often times in the middle of the night to avoid the authorities. Also, according to the report, the families of the children believe they are saving the girls from having sex before they are married is one of many reason the families force the children into marriage. You can clearly see the girls are not very happy in the above picture. This appears to be the look on all the children that are forced into marriage at a young age. You can see how the innocents of childhood as been stolen from the expression of the girls.

Also, according to Daily News, India the girls are typically promised to boys that are about four to five years older. However, in other counties such, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Yemen children are being forced to marry middle aged men, as well as abductors that rape, control, and then claim the child as a wife. 

Furthermore, according the Daily News, children being force in many regions are becoming common despite the laws. The sad aspect of men marring children is the abuse and lack of education that the men provide. Also, children that are forced into marriage often die at a young age. One of many reason for the young deaths is having children at such a young age (DN). Even though a female may be able to have children as young as ten years old do to being able to menstruate, does not mean the whole body, mind, and spirit is mature enough to bore children. No matter the look of the child, the female vagina is not mature enough and capable in having sex until the child reaches maturity. The children face poor health due to the vagina and internal organs become damage by having sex, as well as having children too soon in life (DN).

Also, Daily News reports, most often the children are raped, instead of loved. I am not surprised since the children are too young to have true sex desires. Even if a child has developed early, the mind and spirit is still in development. 

Moreover, due to threat and abuse children are often to afraid to attempt escaping (DN). According to Daily News, escaping is very rare. Plus, I can see the child feeling there is no hope of protection, after all the parents or family members did not protect the child from such horrors in the first place. If the child could escape, where would the child run to? Who would protect the child? 

The men that marry children go beyond sick, wrong, and immoral. Men that marry children have sick control issues that goes beyond sex. Also, a man that marries children are simply a petifile that is taking advantage of children and the families. Also, pedophilia is a known mental disorder. Therefore, there is no kind of healthy romantic relationship that is capable of occurring between a adult and child. The child is subjected to the mental condition of the adult. 

According to Daily News report, people are trying to help the children, yet they say the solutions do not come from having the children running away or taking the children from the community. Also, the report says that calling the men perverts or "backwards" is not helping the situation (DN). For me, the men that take child brides should be called what they are, petifiles. The solution they say needs to come from with the community making the moral choice of protecting the child.The only way I can see the community making a change for the better is through education and call the act of marring a child what it is, pedophilia. I do not care what culture or subculture this maybe, marring a child is not "backwards" it is perverted and should be called as it is. Our society should not sugar coat for the petfiles. The more our society allows this act to hide in the shadows, the worse the situation will become.

Also, I suspect money is another factor that encourages families to give their children to adult men. Most of the childern brides come from starved and impoverished countries. Perhaps, another solutions is to show these countries ways of increasing economics and education, so they can see that giving away the children is immoral and any economic gains is only temporary.

No matter of the personal belief or law, having children marring adult men is immoral, as well as a sick and wrong aspect of humanity. No child should ever have the same worries of an adult or be forced into an adult situation.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment. Leave a comment, tell me what is on your mind. What age do you think is the appropriate age for marriage of a young boy or girl? 

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