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How to avoid online scams that offer online employment

Jason Diana This person is a scammer beware..
Picture is Jason Diana's profile picture. Who knows if this not a fake picture. 
This person is a scammer, beware.
Original post: 03/15/17

Today with advance technology there are plenty of opportunities for people to work from home or online while a person travels. The difficult aspect of discovering a online job is weeding through the scammers. Scammers always seem to be there in hopes to con someone and take advantage of a person that is simply seeking a better life. Thankfully, I am poor and wise enough not to fall for scams. Yet, sometimes understanding a person is a scammer take me a minute to recognized, since the scammer is feeding off a hope or dream.

There are many ways to identify and avoid a scam. Here are a few examples.
1. The offer is to good to be true.
2. Person cannot be verified
3. The person emails you from a persona  google or yahoo email account.
4. The person can not be verified they work for the company in question.
5. The company does not know the person that claims to be employed by the company.
6. The company tells you the person is scamming you.
7. The person ask for personal information, such as social security number before being hired
8. The person says they are going to send you a 401 and not a 1099 or a W2 form. The 401 is only for International Preliminary Examining Authority use only.
9.The person claims you get a signup bonus with a big allowance to buy needed equipment or material and all they need is you banking information. No job needs to know who you bank with and no forms should be filled out before the 1099 or W-2.
10. The person says the company's policy is to have full access of the bank account and asked for the following:
  Account holder:
Account number:
Routine number:
Account type:
Online Username:
Online Password
A sign up bonus would also be sent (only if you give the information)
11. You do not know the person outside of social media that referred you to the person that claims to be interested in hiring you.
12. Keep you busy so you get tired and hungry, so you will agree with anything a person offers without thinking about the offer.
13. Job offers are done by texting, messenger, or google hangouts.
14. The person does not allow time to verify the company or provide a method to verify.
15. The person tells you the job interview has to be done that day or the job will be no longer available.

So, here is my latest scammer. Let me start with a little background to insure we are all on the same page. Recently I have been looking for a online job, preferably part time, so I can still work on my blogs. I am starting to see a small amount of revenue from my blogs, but I still need to increase traffic to the blogs to be able to support myself and my babies, as well as the puppies and dogs in need.

So, I have a follower that has insisted he loves me, even without ever meeting me in person. OK, I will say that maybe possible, yet I am not a trusting person. One of the main reason I do not trust this person is as soon as I agreed with him and said "I love you" he wanted money to be sent to him to obtain a green card. Well, that is a red flag and another scam.  

Okay, so this same person was bugging me one morning and asked what I was doing. I told him I was working on my blogs and then later applying for some online work. He offered to contact a friend named Kennedy Medina that had a online business and could help me. So I agreed and gave him a account that I hardly utilized. The next day he says to email his friend.

Here is the first red flag. The email he sent me was bad. Here is the email. When I told him the email was bad he told me to check my email. At first I saw nothing. Yet, I decided it was time to check what emails I had. That is when I saw the email from a Jason Diana stating the following:

"Position Type: Full-Time/Part Time.
Job Position:Customer Services/ Admin Assistant/
Receptionist/Data Entry
Salary:$ 40/hr
Part time is 4 hrs.
Full time is 7 hrs
Location: Online/ Office Location
Required skill sets:
Strong customer service skills
Organizational skills, detailed orientation, project
management skills
Demonstrated ability to change direction in
response to changing priorities
Ability to accept and facilitate change
Proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite of
products and especially MS
Outlook, Excel and Word.
Detail Oriented
Professional Attitude
Organization Skills
Ability to Prioritize
Professional demeanor and strong oral and written
communication skills.

You are to set up a screen name with Google
Hangout( ) then
and add up the company Hiring Manager's Gmail
account ( ) and instant
message her for an immediate
online interview/briefing exercise.
The schedule time for the interview/briefing
exercise hold Today and
TOMORROW march 14th AND 15th 2015 by
9AM,10AM and 1pm Pacific Daylight
Time (PDT) and 9 AM your time. Make sure you are
to be available Google
Hangout at this time for the interview, your swift
and timely response
matters a lot to this position as the job starts
Your verification code is HRP07124,this would serve
as your identification
number throughout the online hiring process I wish
you best of luck.

Reference from CEO Kennedy medina

Lia paladino
Territory Manager at mylan laboratory
Recruitment Team."

The emailed appeared to be legit at the surface level.

So I contacted this person. I could not meet the times she wanted on the 14th. I told her, I would be available either later that day or on the 15th. Well, she asked me when I would be available and made sure she was ready when I was. This is another red flag. A busy HR manager has a schedule and only a scammer will flex a schedule and be ready at the same time you are.

So, I got ready expecting a online interview via webcam. Nope, the interview was done on Google hangouts via text only. This is another red flag. Anyone can be texting you with a fake profile picture. Not having a visual there is no way to verify the person.

Here is the conversation so far. Keep in mind the person is still attempting to message me this morning. That is another red flag. I told her I was not interested and she still is attempting to get me to send her my bank information. No Job is going to push when there is other people willing to work. Good thing I only gave her what I know is already in public view.

Also, when she asked for the bank information, I knew this was the final red flag and I had wasted my time in hopes of a good opportunity. No one should ever have your password to your accounts. They can add themselves to the account, delete the account, or simply drain the account of what money you have or what the bank is willing to allow to go in the negative. Thankfully, I bank with chase and they call me as soon as they see activity that is not normal for my family.

Okay, here is the conversation. The scammer's responses is labeled with her picture.Also, note she started the conversation. My response is highlighted in gray. Notice how her grammar is poor along with terrible spelling skills. The mistakes are not noticeable at the surface level. Also, notice how I miss spell Kennedy's name and she does not correct me.

Hello Mrs eve are you available now for the interview
yes I am ready
Just got the webcam set 
briefings where you will
get to know all about the job position as well as the
company information
and history ?
Your resume was forwarded to me from the
Companies Head Dept. for contact
and confirmation. Kennedy medina
Let's get started.
I am Miss jason diana i am 27 Years of age
located in spring hill,fl , 36402. The HR Manager Medical Action
Industries Inc. while we
are about to start with the Job Briefing and
Interview, i would like you to
Please introduce yourself indicating your full
name,sex, age and where are
you located ?
No web cam Is required
Hi. My full name is April Eve Hoffman. I am a female. Age 43, come May I will be 44, but do not feel a day over 21. I am presently located in Waco, Texas. I am a self-starter that enjoys challenges. Also, I am originally from California. I love to travel, especially for work as long the work is in the USA.
Ok well if we need the webcam I have that available 
Oh and sorry about the original Mr. I thought Miss and then saw Jason and changed the Miss. 
Nice meeting you , :) .
I need you to provide me with quick answers to
these few questions:
Are you a US. Citizen, if not do you have a Green
card ?
Are you clean from felony ?
Are you clean from hard drugs ?
Do you have a work reference ?
yes on all
Nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time for me today. 
This is an online and work from home job the
working hours are flexible
and you can chose to work from anywhere of your
choice,the pay is $40 per
hour training is $22 per hour and you will be
getting payed bi weekly via
direct deposit or paycheck and the maximum
amount you can work a week is 45
hours. ,if you are employed you are going to be
working as a full employee
and not an independent contractor
I believe working from home will not be a problem
for you ?
Yes working from home will be perfect for me and I am very flexible on the hours and days
Our company
When it has to be right, it has to be Mylan lab
In today's Medical arena, there is no room for
imperfection. That's why
Mylan lab dedicates every working day to
meticulous attention to
detail under stringent quality controls. We never
accept average during the
design, manufacture, packaging and delivery of our
Here's the company website ( https:// ). You are
required to use (THREE minutes You are to go
through the job briefing
before you answer your interview question below.
Once done reading you
reply back with (Done Reading).
EE) minutes of your time to glance through the
website and read more about
the company. let me know as soon as you are done
so we can proceed with the
briefing..Okay ?
OK, I look over the website. Very nice design. 
Mylan lab is a cutting edge medical device
focused on development, manufacturing, and
distribution of state-of-the-art
spine technology products that promote healing in
patients with spinal
disorders. To that end, we have built a world-class
organization based on
team work, initiative, and energy.
We are currently seeking individuals to apply for a
remote office team.
Mylan lab is a high energy, team-oriented
environment.we are
looking to hire accounting / Data Entry Clerks.
Customer service,
Administrative assistant, And also medical billers
As a member of the
Medical Action IncTeam, you will be challenged to
work hard, accept
responsibility and deliver results. You will be
provided with all of the
tools required to succeed, but your ultimate
success will be limited only
by your desire and ability.
I had own my own business for years. I can do all of the above that your company is looking for.
Accounting and data Entry is a breeze and I enjoy customer services. I am great at billing and collecting payments. Also, I would be a great access as a assistant as well
Job Duties & Responsibilities :
1. Call Clients/ Customers on Phone
2. Transcribe, review, and interpret all lease data
entry into the database.
3. Ensure all data is accurately and quickly
4. Review all documents that come in for accuracy
makes the data entry people's jobs easier).
5. Update and correct any and all inaccuracies in
the database.
Preparation of Balance sheets (Mini), account
invoicing recording, proper data analysis of sales
and recording pay slips into accounting database all these
will be done through the use of the Accounting
Can you handle all this effectively ?
The Supervisor, who would be attached to you
online, He/ She would assign
logs of duty daily and you would be required to
work according to
instructions, using the Microsoft Office tools and
the Accounting software.
Now the function of the Accounting software is to
arrange, formalize and
manage the data you have processed, sent to your
supervisor via E-mail.
You would undergo a week training from your
training supervisor. During
that time, he will be training you to work with the
programs with much accuracy and other data entry
tasks you will need to get
done. Your training will be conducted online through
your PC.
Here are the name's of the software's you will
need to
start working with Myob business essentials
software 2016,
US Patent Single Users Pack simply accounting
2014,3.5 HD
Upgrade,9.0,Microsoft Office XP 2016 Standard
Upgrade, Peach
tree Premium Accounting 2016 with a brand new
Mac probook laptop.
NOTE: The company would provide full funding to
all programs and
equipment's needed, to get you started with
This is not a sales job, Also you're not required to
spend out of pocket to
get the job, let me know if this is understood?
I am going to ask you few questions now, Are you
ready ?
Yes, I understand. 
I am ready 
Interview Section.
( 1 ) Are you currently employed?
No, other then self-employment. I started a blog back on 2016  
( 2 ) What were your main responsibilities?
Creating the website, as well as articles, taking and editing pictures, advertising, marketing, editing, bookkeeping, adding programs, HTML adds and maintenance.  
( 3 ) have you been in the military before?
My main achievement is creating a article daily and several times a day 
No military 
( 4 ) Are you willing to work flexible or long hours?
I am use to working 12 plus hours a day 
I am accustomed to working 12 plus hours a day. Sorry for the poor grammar. 
( 7 ) Do you have a HP laserjet printer, copier and
a laserjet printer that is only black and white 
( 6 ) Do you have a check printing experience
Sorry about my numbering
Yes, I believe so. Years ago when I owned my construction company, yet I would need to refresh my skills

 I love numbers, they keep us on task 
I got honors in mathematics with my AST degree
( 7 ) Are you seeking employment in a company of
a certain size?
No, just meaningful employment that makes a difference to humanity and to better my family as well.
( 8 )How long do you intend working for this
company ?
As long as the company needs me 
I would like to have years of employment  
( 9 ) What Financial Institution (s) do you operate
with ? (Note)That is
needed for documentation
I do not understand the question. Is this for personal banking? 
and paypal 
Where you would be getting your pay check
chase would be preferable 
Checking or savings?
( 10 ) Are you seeking a Full time or Part time
Position ?
Full time would be ideal, but part time would be fine as well
( 11 ) Tell Us why you feel you are the right person
for this Job ?
I have had people in my life with spinal cord injuries, as well as myself. I am passionate about discovering methods and means to enhance health and fitness. I understand the importance of being accurate, on time, and ahead of the rest. 
Also, I am a self-learner and with proper training I will be a great asset 
( 12 ) How would you like to be Paid ? Weekly Or
Bi-Weekly /
Direct deposit or Wire Transfer ?
I do not have a preference, being paid weekly is always nice. I will leave that decision to the company. Direct deposit
I am a team player and will have the company in mind. 
( 13 ) What do you understand by privacy and code
of conduct?
I understand everything I do or see with the company is kept to myself, code of conduct should always be professional.  
(14 ) What do you hope to archive in our company
years from now
I expect to grow professional bonds and possible growth into other positions or benefits, such as pay raises as I grow in my experiences with the company.
Employee Verification: I need you to provide the
following information to
input into our filing system.
Name :
Address : ( Physical Address )
City :
State :
Zip code:
Cell # :
April Eve Hoffman
4300 W Waco B2-102 
Waco, Texas 76710
4300 W Waco Dr. B2-102
Forgot the Dr. 
What position are you applying for?
Do I have to pick one?
Ok I am looking for the list again. 
what position is this for
Job Duties & Responsibilities :
1. Call Clients/ Customers on Phone
2. Transcribe, review, and interpret all lease data
entry into the database.
3. Ensure all data is accurately and quickly
4. Review all documents that come in for accuracy
makes the data entry people's jobs easier).
5. Update and correct any and all inaccuracies in
the database.
Preparation of Balance sheets (Mini), account
invoicing recording, proper data analysis of sales
and recording pay slips into accounting database all these
will be done through the use of the Accounting
Job Position:Customer Services/ Admin Assistant/
Receptionist/Data Entry
Admin assistant 
Good, You seem like a perfect fit for this position I
need you to hold on
online because i need to forward our conversation
and questionnaire session
to the Head Dept to enable them preview and
approve to see if you are
committed and good for this job.
Perfect that is great. 
Tue, 11:45 AM
After due consideration and answers you provided
during the interview
session. The good news is, you have just been
confirmed qualified for this
You have done well so far and Congratulations the
company has decided to
give you a chance for you to work for the company
and will like to see your
diligence,Charisma,Committement to this job. The
entire Board of Directors
welcome you to Mylan Laboratory.
Myself and the entire Board of Directors welcome
you to Mylan laboratory.
You will work Mon-Fri 9am-4pm, is that okay with
you ?
You will be receiving your duties online everyday
and i will always be
online to assist you with any difficulties.
Perfect. yes the hours will be just fine. 
When do I start and do you need my resume? 
Most definitely
Do you want me to send the resume by email to you? 
Yes I do
You will get started with work ASAP,The company
will provide you a free Hp
laptop with a fast internet connection and your W4
form will be coming
along with the working materials you need to start
working with,you are to
purchase all your materials from a certified vendor
we have been
patronizing for years now. Company policies is we do an online deposit for you. how long have you been with Chase I also believe the name you provided is
same on your bank info....?
yes the same name I have been with chase for Ten years or more
I am updating my work references then I will send the resume via email 
ok I am waiting for the updated resume
ok almost done 
I sent the updated resume 
I didnt get it
I will send it again in a fresh email
it should be on it way or there now 
you will see the email title as updated resume Hoffman
Got it
Your resume is been reviewed
Do you have any question for now ?
I Would like to get the account information for the purchase of tools from our local vendor and for database reasons
no question I will have to call my husband and get that info for you. I am on the account yet since i have not been working for money I do not deal with the banking at this time. 
Sorry for the delay. I had someone come to my door and had to let the dogs outside to take care of dog duties. 
What information do you need for the account? 
I am still waiting for my husband to call me back
Ok you have goo reference from the CEO of the company that's an upper hand
Is it a joint account?
Do I need to create my own? 
Do you have the debit card?
I have to look hold on for a minute. 
No My husband had to borrow my card and he neglected to give it back to me. I will have it shortly. He comes home soon from work.
Ok here is the information needed
Account holder:
Account number:
Routine number:
Account type:
Online Username:
Online Password :
A sign up bonus would also be sent
why the password to our account? 
This is to know when the funds are available as I told you payments would be made via online deposit
Ok as soon as I get the info I will send it to you do you want me to contact you by google hangouts or email? 
Google hangout would do
OK I will leave this up. He is normally home around 2. He is working in a area that his phone does not work well. if he calls me I will contact you sooner. 
Once again!! Congratulations on your new job
Position. we are looking
forward to your great commitment, Dedication and
Trust. :)
HR Manager,
Jason Diana
Mylan laboratory ..
© 2017
In the meantime is there a way I can view your status with the company. I understand needed the account info up until the password. I am not too worried about being taken for money since my account is very low on funds, yet having full access to my account is not a option I ever consider outside of my husband. I would not even give that to my mother. 
Tue, 1:04 PM
Ok this is company policy I am sorry for the late responses I went for my lunch break this online access and password we need just to enable us know when the funds are available
I understand. Still waiting for my husband 
Do you have any other questions?
where I can I find the employee director of the company?
Tue, 2:13 PM
How do you mean?
Are you with me?
yes hold on I am taking care of my dogs be right back
Not interested thanks for your time..good luck to you. I spoke with mylan and they verified you are not working for them and nor will I 
You spoke to Mylan laboratory?
yes directly 
I dont know what you are talking about but Mylan laboratory is looking for employees and I got and email about your interest from Kennedy medina the CEO
If this is about you password you can get a new account that's way it's safer go you but this is companies policies
I will have to speak to Kenny according to Mylan Laboratory this has been a old scam that has occurred from  time to time and they do not have a policy that requires a person's bank account or password also, they said they only take applications that through the website not a third party as yourself. What company do you work for? 
Our website does not have an online application
Perhaps so, but the real Mylan laboratory does  
Mylan lab has only one site
I spook to the company directly they have never herd of you and asking for full control over my bank account is not a company policy 
I spoke to my lawyer he said as well not to give out my bank account password no legit job needs this. He said if you want to hire me for my skills that is understandable but I should never give such information to someone I do not know
also, I ask you where can I verify your employment with Mylan in which you keep avoiding
the job listing and how to apply online
Also, I contacted the number on the website you sent me they told me it is a scam I am finish you have wasted enough of my time. There is a sucker born every minute I am not one of them. Also, you may think Americans are stupid, but not this one. I sent your info to the FBI  
All I have told you is true you bank information will be under our pay roll
Jason • Tue, 3:21 PM thats our official site
yes I went to that site and call the number from that site and they have never herd of you
this the site you sent me
I am a researcher. I research everything and unless you can give me proof of your employment I will believe Mylan over you I went and talk to the people you claim to work for from the site you sent me. Just walk away from this scam now or prove your employed with Mylan. Also, keep in mind I am a blogger. 
Tue, 5:19 PM
Yes I am very aware about that
Jason • Tue, 5:42 PM
Hello eve
Jason • 7:57 AM
Yes and so are other aware that you are a scammer 
56 mins

So, I went to the website Jason Diana sent me. When I spoke to a representative with Mylan Laboratories, I was told this is a old scam that occurs from time to time. Also, I was told everyone that had contacted the company had the same story, the job was referred by text, messenger, google hangouts, or email. Also, I was told Mylan only hires fresh graduates and working student, as well only hires through the website.  Since I did not get the person permission to mention his name, I will let you call and verity yourself.

Here is the contact info I called from the website Diana sent along with the link.
Robert J. Coury Global Center  
1000 Mylan Blvd.
Canonsburg, PA 15317
+1 724.514.1800

Also, when I told her I was told that Mylan only hires through the website, Diana claimed that was impossible. Another lie and red flag from Diana. Here is the career link within the site Diana sent me. Never accept someone's word, look at the site yourself. Diana attempted to claim there was no contact information on the website. This lies is too obvious since Mylan is a big money making company and the company encourages people to contact them. Mylan is in the business of helping people and contacting them is a must. They say on the website Diana sent me, Mylan loves to hear from everyone, including anyone that has a questions. The two people spoke to was very professional and answer my questions with honest ease.  

There was too many red flags along the way. I knew early on this was a scam, but I played along enough to get information to share with everyone so the scammers can be shut down and everyone can be aware. Please be sure to share to help others to avoid such scammers.

One major rule I am putting in play is verifying the company and person before the interview. Also, if the person does not proved or allow time I will pass. There is a sucker born every minute and I am not one of them. Nope, I am a scammers worse nightmare, because I am the one that shouts from the roof tops to expose the lies, games, and scam for all to see.

So, I plan to  block the person that originally recommended Kennedy Medina. The only thing is I am not sure blocking will make difference. I have already removed that person from my friends list a year or so back. Also, a few years ago, I block him and he open a new account in a different name. I do not plan to talk when he messages me as well when he tracks me down on another social site.The sad fact is I am fully aware of his scams, yet he keeps trying. This is why I plan not to respond. One of the ways we get scammed is when the scammer takes lots of time to the scam. we start to believe the scammer is a friend in which is what he or she wants. So, I would recommend to block and unfriend. For all who is on facebook this is the new name and account this guy is using these days "Akim Bouraima". Be careful. This guy is very wise and appears to be honest.

The following pictures was sent to me via message from Facebook : 

For all who is on Facebook., this is the new name and account this guy is using these days "Akim Bouraima"  Be careful. Thus gut is very wise and appears to be honest.
For all who is on Facebook., this is the new name and account this guy is using these days "Akim Bouraima"
Be careful. Thus gut is very wise and appears to be honest.
Even scammers can have real pictures.  Be careful this person mixes truth with lies to get money. 

So, I plan to block Akim Bouraima since he is the person that started the original scam and recommended Kennedy Medina. The only thing I am unsure of if blocking this scammer will work. The last time I blocked him for a different scam he open a new account. One thing for sure, I do not plan to talk to him. I am hoping this time this scammer will leave me alone. The sad fact is he will move on and find another that he can easily scam. 

Profile picture 
Akim Bouraima profile picture warning a scammer

All pictures come from messages on Facebook to me from "Akim Bouraima". a side note never give away your picture as this guy did. Once they are giving to a person, you have no control how they use the picture. Unlike me, I make it clear that all my pictures are copy right protected even when I sell one. So, be sure to add a copy right protection to all your social media to protect your pictures. Matter of fact also be sure to update from time to time as well. 

Here are the links to report scams to the FBI, as well as the White House. 
Live Chat

Update 03/20/17:  

Here is the continuing conversation. Keep in mind, no legit job would harass a person after a person turns away a job or make things personal. The only reason I am allowing this person to speak to me is to show everyone how persistent scammer will be and will change the scam to con a person in another manner. The game is in the numbers, the more a scammer harasses typical more a person will give in. Well, not me. Let these scammers waste there time on me. At least one less person is being con or so I hope.

Also, did you notice I warned the scammer about the blog and article and the response was yes you told me you are a blogger. Not sure if this scammer is very wise. Do not fall for anyone that wants to give you money for nothing, wants you to pay for a job, or wants full access to personal accounts, such as your banking accounts.

Also, Akim Bouraima has tired to get me to open a Wells Fargo account a few times in the past claiming he wants to send money from his dying love. So, I am not surprise the people in his circle wants me to use Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo appears to be the bank for scammer. 

Also, note now she wants $25 dollars for me to have the job that she offered me last week. At first there was no charge, now she saying I need to open a Wells Fargo with 25 dollars and give her access to the account. She wants to filter $2000 use dollars and give me 200$. For what, she will not say.  See how the scam is changing.

New scam and continuing conversation with Jason Diana:
Job is still available
You need a job and I am offering you one
If you dont feel satisfied you can open a new account
Where you get your pay
Jason • Mar 15, 11:45 AM
You still will not have full access I have reported you and as well for all to see your scam via the web. Do I really need the job? Do I? haha you are a joke and do not know me well enough to tell me what I need. Get a life,  you been called on the scam 
Mar 15, 12:06 PM
I am not a scam like you say
Jason • Mar 15, 2:35 PM
I did not say it the company Mylan you claim to be hiring for said you are scam. Mylan said this is not the first time you have tired to scam someone. Only a scammer like you will not give up. No legit job requires full access to a bank account I am not buying your lies and I posted a article all about you. I am amazed you keep giving more to add to the article that proves you are a scammer...if you are with Mylan why not prove it? according to them you are not...
I went off the website you sent me and contacted them while you rudely left for lunch and did not say anything to me. I ws planing on calling Mylan anyways. You leaving for lunch and not saying anything got me to do it sooner and Mylan sad you are a scam not me get over it, retire, you cannot not scam me. I see your scam this is not a real job. 
FYI only scammers work 24 hours like you, also there is so many red flags from the moment you emailed me. You are a scam. I bet that is not even your picture. 
if you not a scam have the CEO contact me from Mylan. I found the employee directory, you and Kennedy is not on the list. I am going to believe Mylan  over you. Maylan said you are a scam NOT ME. I just check the facts and the facts are you are a SCAM 
When the FBI comes to investigate, tell them, not me you are not a scam.  I know for a fact you are a scam, the data and Mylan confirms you are a lair and a scammer. Do you think I am really that stupid I would go against what Mylan said. Once again Mylan said you are a scam  
Mar 15, 4:06 PM
I am not a scammer i can help you
If you can open a wellsfargo account i will fund it and you can take $200 from it and send the rest
Wellsfargo easy pay account its $25 You get the debit card instantly
Jason • Mar 16, 4:42 PM
Just the other day another scammer that is connected to you wanted me to open a Wells Fargo account for a different reason. Where would I send the rest and how much money are you planning to fund this new account? 
8:27 AM
I would fund $2000 and you would send the rest to me here in florida
Get back yo me as soon as possible
I feel you dont want to make money
I want to make money. What do I have to do for the $2000? 
You have $25?
Open a wellsfargo easy pay account and you get the card instantly
I want to employ you
As soon as you give me job and pay me. No legit job takes money from a person. 
7 mins

Notice how she is trying to play off the fact I want to work and make money. Pay attention, people like this play off a person's dreams and desperation. Thankfully, I know better then to fall victim to the emotional blackmail and lies. 

Once again no ones pays to get a legit job or gives access to personal accounts. Also, no one open account to filter clean money. If there is even real money involved, the money is illegal is the only reason someone would need the money launder through another person's account.  

Well, I have not heard from Kennedy Medina or Akim Bouraima since I called them on the scam, interesting. Also, did you notice how this person avoids having Mylan verify her employment.  I really should call her a "it", after all we really do not even know who we are speaking too since it is hiding behind text messages. Stay tune, I will keep you posted.

Video created by Eve Hoffman found on YouTube

Be sure to share shadows n Secrets to spread this scam so no one has to be a victim. Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind. Have you seen this old scam? Have you been scammed and how? 

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