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International food crisis to control the masses

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The masses are controlled by  power is money, true power lies in natural resources...
Power is money, true power lies in natural resources...

For years now geologist have known of growing demands and constant environmental changes has cause our resources to decline while the population grows around the world. This is one of many reason people in power are indeed eliminating and controlling the masses through everyday necessary goods, such as food and water. Also, political agenda are achieved through food crisis. Some food crisis are started to simply achieve hidden political agendas as well.

When I studied geology a few years ago, I discovered one of our resources that is slowing being consume with little replenishment is water. For example, Texas water comes from underground water sources. A few of the underground major water sources that supply water to central Texas are predicted to become dry in the next few decades due to lack of snow and ice in the northern states in recent decades. As the shortage of water grows throughout the world and the US, so does the amount of crops that are grown each year to feed mankind world wide.California droughts in recent decades is another sign of the food crisis. At one time in history before farmers sold out to the government, California grew enough food to feed the world. Today California is becoming a desert once again with little vegetation growth. In the next few decades as the natural resources become scarce, we will start to see how the international crisis is a true enemy of the poor mass population around the world.

One of the most easiest method to control the mass population is through resources, such as food. In today times most people do not know how to grow or raise food to survive. The new generation does not have a clue where food comes from or how the food is processed. This generation depends on fast food and vending machines. The sad part is many people will not know how to cope when a food crisis occurs.

We can see the international food crisis becoming a reality when we observe Venezuela. A food crisis has already began to destroy the citizens of Venezuela (HuffPost). Reports estimate in a matter of time the food crisis will soon be in North America.

The Venezuela food crises is man-made by the government in attempt to control the citizens through political means (HuffPost). The Government is slowly starving the mass population by portion control and how much is allowed to be purchased daily.

In America, I have notice lots of foods from other country coming in packages at cheaper prices. What concerns me is this may be the first sign of food control. I remember the years that bulk food was always at a better price. Package foods was a luxury or treat that cost more. The first step to food control is to get the mass citizens accustomed to packages. Next step is portion control. In which we have seen the portions shrink for the past eight years.

One of the sad reasons for the portion control in America is due to obesity. Obesity is the perfect excuse to create a political agenda that is masked under the impression of being better for the greater good.  The Obama administration took advantage of the obesity issue. So, due to Obama's wife's plan of getting American healthy, there has been more package foods and drinks that are only allowed in certain sizes. The cost remained the same in most of the package foods, yet the portion became smaller. The size appears to be what the Obama administration deemed as a portion for all.

As Venezuela is discovering not all portions sizes can fit all. In some cases the portion can be to big. Yet, in most cases when the government is involved the portion are not enough to sustain life in a healthy manner.

Also, have you notice all the foods that are not organic and man-made seems to becoming cheaper then healthy nature organically grown foods. Adding chemical to get the masses sick through food is another method to control and eliminate the mass population. As well as, keeping the healthy natural foods cost high and man-made foods low, so the masses only have one choice, the controlled foods.

Controlling and removing the mass population is a possible in today's times since most people are no longer hunting or gathering. The quality, choice and quantity is in all reality is controlled by a few around the world. We must become aware and learn how to obtain food before the food crisis comes home.

If this food crisis continuities to become a reality, the Movie Hunger Games may not be a fictional film for too long. Many people are willing to fight for basic resource to sustain a healthy life. I can see governments creating a lottery for basic resources, such as food and water. The more desperate people become, the more government can control and create political policies with lots of hidden agendas.

Did you know most trees and plants are edible and the wildlife is the best to observe to learn which ones to eat and which one that are harmful?  Could you survive with modern day grocery stores?

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment. Leave comment. Do you see the food crisis starting in your area? Have you every thought about how selling is not for the good of humanity, yet a profit for individuals?

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