Wednesday, March 1, 2017

​Life does exist without T.V

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The consumer's world Break free and live
Break free and live.

Over a year ago, I lost my cable T.V. I have not been able to afford such luxuries. So, I have been watching some T.V shows and movies on a streaming media.

Well, finally after months of my dogs docking down my only T.V, the screen crack. So , no more streaming T.V.

I love not having the T.V. I remember in my younger days when I could not afford a T.V. I went out of the house and did fun activities. Plus, I seem to take care of more chores as well.

Once I wrote a essay in college that I had to go a week without T.V. That was the best and funniest essay I had to write. The husband was miserable, I was thrill. I could go the rest of my life without T.V

As normal there are other things that need to be fixed or replaced, such as my washer that also recently broke. Hopefully the husband does the right thing and fixes the washer over the T.V. Also, perhaps he could buy himself some much needed shoes and clothes. Hay, maybe the husband can finally go in and get his broken teeth fix.

I wish my husband could see the T.V offer no valuable entertainment. The programs are simply trash that the networks want to please the masses. The news channels are not worth watching. There never seems to be a complete story with real investigation.

Also, having my mind rest before bed without the T.V is great. For the first time, I got a full night sleep, as well as slept in a extra hour.

Waking up without T.V was another great moment. My brain was able to wake up before having to hear noise or senseless chatter.

I know the no T.V is driving my husband crazy. He is the typical American that does not mind being spoon fed entertainment. Also, when he was a kid all he did was stay in the house and read due to not having freedom to play outside. He was restricted from T.V and desired to watch since he could remember.

Now, for me, I was a very active kid. I played outside form sunup too sunset, and sometimes past my curfew. My punishments never included being exiled to my room as my husband parents did to him. I did watch T.V on occasion in the afternoons and on Saturday morning when I was a kid. I had no interest in T.V. There was always better adventures waiting for me outside the house.

Hopefully this is a new beginning for my husband to see life is more interesting without T.V. I am hoping we never get a T.V or buying a T.V is long down the road. If not, I will have to make a game plan to avoid the T.V, even if that means the husband sit alone with his empty box of false entertainment.

Life is sweet and can exist without T.V. Even, the animals love no T.V. During the day, I do not have the T.V on. I will sometimes put music on softly. I notice the dogs are calmer during the day without T.V. At night when the husband comes home and instantly turns on the T.V, the dogs start to bark more and become more active in a tense manner.

Miracles happen. Perhaps, going without T.V with be the factor to get the husband off the trash box and into the real world where he has to pay attention to the  animals and me. I know he is going to have some negative attitudes at first. We are so night and day on life. I enjoy being active in this life, not watching others on the T.V. play out fake lives and scenarios.

Plus, we need a long list of other things then entertainment. Let's see where the husband priorities lay.

Being poor in money is one way life teaches us to set our priorities, while allowing us to focus on the important things in life, such as being active in the moment, not trap in a fantasy world on T.V.

T.V is only valuable to the consumer world. Imagination and wonder fuels real entertainment.

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Tell me what is on your mind. Do you watch T.V.? How many hours do you spend watching shows and films?

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