Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Muslim throughout the world Begrudge American's Western Culture

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Hate is fuel by hidden political agendas
Hate is fuel by hidden political agendas... 

Amazing how many Muslims envy American's western culture. When a culture such as a the Muslims has such a rage of resentment is a true threat and danger to all Americans, even the Americans the naively support the Muslims.

The Atlantic reveals how deep and dangerous the Muslims rage is toward Western culture. Apparently the Muslims resent the Western cultures advancements in science. Also, the Muslim appear to be jealous of the growing economic status of the Western culture. This is one of many reason the Muslim brotherhood desire to control the leadership within the America. The control of the politics and money would insure taking over the world and resources.

Also, the Muslims holds a grudge against Western culture due to being rejected and feeling humiliated by the culture as a whole. Furthermore, just as many other cultures, the Muslims resent many freedoms Western Culture enjoys, such as free speech (The Huffington Post HP). Many countries have restriction on what a person can say in public, unlike the Western culture. For example it is illegal to state anything against the Holocaust in Germany, such as the Holocaust is a fake political story (HP).

Furthermore, most Muslims follow dictators, unlike the Western culture, the politicians support the people desires and will. If the Muslims resent Western culture is simply comes from lack of understanding the natural freedoms and lifestyles.

When we boil down why most Muslims hate Western culture is because the Muslim feel they should be in charge of everything ( The Blaze). Any one, such as America that resist is consider a enemy against Islam.

Also, Muslims hate that the Western culture excepts all personal briefs, such as Jewish and Christianity (The Blaze). Muslims desire a one order religion. Recent attack against the Jewish community is more proof of the hate against Western culture and all other religions that refuse to conform to Islam.

Also, according to the Blaze, many Muslims blame America for the poor economics. Also, the Media in middle eastern counties are saying that American are stealing resource, such as oil that is causing the decline in prosperity. Bad politics and corrupt government is fueling the Muslims hate towards Western cultures (the Blaze).

There is not one simple answer why the Muslims hate America and Western culture. One aspect is clear is the hate. We can see the hate through the hostile action and protest that come from Muslims.

No matter the opinions, the hostility and hate can be clearly observed from the daily actions of the Muslims. Actions speak louder then words, talk is cheap.

I can say as a proud American, most Americans accept all people and life as they are, unless that person or culture fringes on our basic natural rights and attempts to threaten Western culture.

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Leave a comment. Why do you think Muslims hate Americans and Western culture. 

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