Thursday, March 9, 2017

One of the greatest Presidents so far in history President Trump

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Burning away the waste to make America Great.....

Even though President Trump has only been in office for a short time, Trump has already made enough changes to bring back hope and the possibility to make America strong, independent and free once again a reality.

We can see that President Trump is more transparent then any other president. The fact is proven throughout his social tweets on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Also, we can see what president Trump promise and what action he has taken and plan to take on his website, click here

Trumps ambition and passion for America far succeeds Obama. We can see how President Trump is for the people by Trump's openness and willing to communicate directly to all citizens, unlike Obama that create policies and changes behind closed doors. Also, Obama made false promises to have laws passed that satisfied personal agendas for Obama, such as Obamacare.

I agree with Dobbs, for sure President Trump will be the most successful president the USA has seen in some time (see his full video here Dobbs-trump-one-most-successful). If President Trump keeps his pace of working long hours, as well as long weeks, the system will need to learn how to really work and change. As
a result of President Trump's relentless pace, a stronger and brighter America will be will be within reach sooner then anyone dreamed possible.

I imagine the politicians are uneasy since the system is accustomed to things taking a long time to become a reality. The USA needs more politicians like Trump in leadership positions. Also, America needs new fresh leadership that has not been clogged down by political procedures. Moreover, Americans need strong leadership in all levels, including state that are willing to roll up his or her sleeves as Trump has to achieve real progress.

I predict in the next eight years we will see Trump reelected. Also, state level leadership will change to fresh business leadership with no political experiences, yet will have lots of common sense with America in focus. The old traditional Democrat and Republican parties are the thing of the past. Trump is not only a fresh of breath air that was long overdue, but a living example what kind of leadership America needs across the board, with no exceptions.

President Trump will win the next presidential race not because of his speeches and promises, but by his action and changes that will make America free, successful, and independent in the next fours years. When the eight years are up and the time to select a new president will be interesting, since president Trump has set a new high standard for whom Americans should consider worthy of being in leadership roles.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows n Secrets. Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do you support Trump, why or why not? Look forward to everyone's comments.

Peace and love to all. Some of the bet changes come from the shadows of mystery. Trump's best card is the mystery he brings in his every waking present moment. Trump has a energy that will bring forth all his promises and much more then anyone can dream. There are great things yet to come, stay tune, things are just getting started.  

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