Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Muslims are attacking America and the Final Existing Western Culture

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Muslims Want world Control Any form of religion does not allow free thinkers
Any form of religion does not allow free thinkers....

New Politics reports, the CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) are calling for a removal of President Trump. According to the report, the CAIR plans is to take over America and force Sharia law. 

I am not surprised.  There are many reason why Trump was elected as president. One big reason is Americans did not want to vote in another Muslims, such as Obama. America has lost so many rights since Obama had been in charge. Also, the dept is worse then we have seen in history. 

Trump is a threat to the Muslim's plans is loud and clear. As the Muslims lose control, attacks such as getting people to remove Trump will occur. The greatest aspect is the Muslims do not know what will come next anymore. Trump is a wild card with opposite views of Obama. Trump's focus is on America and the basic rights, as well as freedoms to all. 

Obama's past plans appears to had been to make America poor and in so much dept we would have to bend and allow an organization such as the CAIR to take control. If we had elected Clinton this fate would had been seal. The attacks against Trump is a clear sign he is making progress and rattling cages. 

If Trump keeps this pace of long hours and weeks, America is going to prosper beyond anyone's dreams, other then Trump. Trump is the best leader America has had in decades. As time will tell, we will see only the non-Americans and people such as the CIR attacking Trump.  

Americans lived in lies and deceit for the past eight years with Obama. The Muslim was once on the fast track of complete takeover. However, now America has hope and a guarantee with Trump Americans will have honest success and growth that is not only transparent, but attainable to all who take action, work hard and be true.

Things are going to get interesting as Trump takes back America to the basic of common sense and freedoms of choice.  I am grateful most Americans support Trump and not CAIR.

Learn more of the Muslim plans at muslims-are-infiltrating-america. No matter the past, reasons, or excuse no one has the right to infringe upon other's rights as the Muslims have and still do today. 

We may not always agree with Trump. However, we all agree on the foundation of freedom, success, and respect. 

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment. Do you agree with the CAIR? Or do you agree that Trump is a what America needs to be success and free once again? 

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