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The mystery of success, as well as a happy life in ten simple steps

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How we think determines success or failure
How we think determines success or failure.

Sometimes in life success appears to be easy for some and not for other. Also, some people appear to be happy no matter what stage of life he or she is in at the moment, may that moment be success or failure.

Sometimes when we are on the path of our dreams being successful comes also from failing at what is not meant to be.

There is really no secret to most people's success. Success comes to everyone that is able to dream, see the opportunities and take actions towards the dream.

There are few differences  from a successful person and someone that seems to face endless hardships. One of the most important difference most studies have found is how a person thinks.A successful person thinks positive no matter the situation. Also, a successful person sees failure as an opportunity to improve or change the direction, not a end to the dream or goal.  We must take chances. Also, we must turn can't to can.

One of the secrets to changing a negative mind set is to repeat positive statements each day. For example if you are wanting a particular job, each day say to yourself how much you are valuable to that job and the job will be yours.

Another key to success is to decide on a goal or dream with great detail. Focus each day and night on your goals. Each night as you fall asleep tell yourself five specific goals that you want to reach the next day. As you reach each goal add more to your list and give thanks for the ones you have accomplished.

Also, the best method that most reach there dreams with is writing the goals down with specific details. This allows you to free your energy and focus on opportunities that may present themselves through the day. Remember, a resolution that is not written down is often times simply just a dream that will never manifest. When we write our goals down we can keep track of the progress. My goal is to become a successful blogger that travels. What is your dream?

The biggest secret to people that are successful is always within the actions he or she takes. We cannot simply dream and expect the success to come to us. We must seize every opportunity that presents itself. Such as I am always reading and writing to further my skills while opening the doors to become a successful blogger.

Another aspect of life that keeps people successful well into the golden years of life is learning. We always improve as we learn. Take a class if needed. Above all read and read more. Also, when failure is present, be sure to observe and take action upon the lessons that is offered through the failure.

Also, many people that have been successful throughout history has always been persistence and steadfast within the goal or dream. All successful people work hard, as well as long hours. They say most people miss opportunities cause the opportunities comes in work clothes. So, no matter the work, never be shy to get to work.When we work towards what we love, work soon becomes a joyful time of play. When you reach the point work seems more like play, this is the first sign of true happiness and success on the horizon.

Another aspect to success is being able to analyze the situation. Be sure not to get to caught up in numbers and research, sometimes this can hinder you from taking much needed actions towards the goal. The purpose of learning how to analyze is to understand the risk verses rewards of your new adventure, as well as provide somewhat of a educated decision with all your choices.

Furthermore, most people that are successful at goals and dreams are very focused. Do not allow people, places, or things to distract you. Remember nothing is personal. What we focus on is what we get in this life. When you find things and people in your life that do no serve the greater purpose we must be brave and let go for ourselves, as well as for others. Remember your time is valuable, even more then money, since time is the only thing that does not recycle. The best thing is to keep the people that are positive in your life and supportive of your dreams and let go of the one that are not.

Moreover, be different. Be sure to be creative and not afraid to step off the already paved path. When we try to follow someone's path we find failure and not success. We must innovate and not become a sheeple. We must not follow the herd to the already known. We must take chances to see brighter and new success in our lives. If fear is stopping you, ask yourself, what would you do if you were not afraid, then take the action to overcome your fear and enjoy a successful moment.

Another aspect of successful people is the skill to communicate. We must learn to ask for what we need. Also, remember to person is not a island and our success comes form the people that are in our lives. Never be shy to share your dreams and goals, opportunities can come in the least expedited places and people. Building a healthy network is one of many keys that are needed for a dream or goal to become successful.

Above all be honest and true to your dreams and goals. What we think will manifest. If we are not honest with ourselves and others no true success will last and failure is a sure bet.

Caring is sharing. Be sure to share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness, enlightenment, and success. Leave a comment, let me know what are your dreams and goals towards a happy and successful life.

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