Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trump's New Immigration Ban takes effect in nine days

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What else is a person hiding that wants to hide the beauty from the world...
What else is a person hiding that wants to hide the beauty from the world...

There are countless reason to be concern with a culture that insist om hiding the beauty and joys of life. Also, when a person hides so much creates a wonder and suspicion of what other dark aspects of life is being hidden. Furthermore, even if there has been only a few extreme Muslims that have caused harm, there has been enough to be concern with all Muslims. In the Muslim's culture seeing who is telling the truth with honest intentions is not easy, nor cut and dry. A immigration ban is a must to weed-out the people against American Western culture, as well as to set better policies.

The clock counts down to President's Trump new immigration ban. According to New York Times the new immigration ban will take effect in nine days on the 16th of March 2017. According to the New York Times report, the root of the immigration ban is still the same as the original that was released in January. When the ban is first read the restrictions appear to be new. Officials are hoping to not see riots or outrage as we have seen this past January (New York Times).

Yes, this order maybe a Muslim ban. Good for Trump for standing for what is moral. Also, great that President Trump is keeping his word and not concerned with being political. With the growing evidence of the Muslim attempting to eliminate Western culture, president Trump's duty  is to protect the American citizens.

The ban is only for 90 days. This time will allow Trump to create a policy and a means to filter out the threats to Americans way of living, the Western culture. I understand Muslims have a certain culture. However, Americans have a way of living as well that the immigrant should not infringe upon.

According to New York Times the " American Muslims will also be deprived of the instruction from the leading Islamic scholars who are from those countries." Good. Also, the Muslims will not be able to access instructions and plans from the Brotherhood to further the plan on destroying Western culture. 

I am a born American. I have some blood relatives that were here before the 1600's, as well as after America was created. If a Muslim wants to live in America and reap the sweet rewards of freedom, then they must learn to adapt to America and Western culture, asking what can they do for America, not what America can do for them.

Yes, Muslims do have the right to personal beliefs and ways of living. However,  Muslims do not have the right to infringe on American Western culture beliefs. Until there is evidence of American culture is safe, I hope President Trump continues to restrict immigration to the USA. Freedom is a born privilege, not a giving right.

Time will reveal that President Trump is on the right path and the immigration ban is part of improving and bringing America's lost freedoms back to the citizens.

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