Friday, May 12, 2017

The gifted present moment is where success hides

There is never one easy answer to any given situation or problem.. All the answer we seek are within.We discover the answers within ourselves, as well as within the gifted present moment.

 The present moment is the only true guide in this life. A person can study. As well as collect knowledge and some basic know how to skills. The true teacher is the present moment that allows us to apply the knowledge or skills we have obtained. This is when we know we have truly learned and have gained skills.

There is a season for everything. A time to be still, to learn, and to take action. We only know what action is required when we are in the present moment. Not the past, nor the future can have an affect on our lives. Nope, simply the present moment.

Let go of the past.Only keep the skilled learned. Dig a hole and place all past things. While covering the hole send positive wishes of a brighter future. Allow the earth to devour the past into mulch. Let the sun kiss the earth and grow a new adventure.

Look to the future only for a moment to gain an overall idea if your future dreams and goals. Do not dwell on the future. Allow all present action to shape the future. Let the future take care of itself. If you find yourself worried of the future check your present moment choices. If not pleased with the present gifted moment, change. Make different choices. After all Albert Einstein was correct the perfect definition of insanity is doing things over and over expecting different results.

One of the best method to enjoy the present moment is to become still and be with the present moment. Make the best choices and enjoy the outcomes good or bad. Be sure to learn all lesson to brighten the next present moment regardless if the moment was great or terrible. The biggest challenge will be to focus on the present moment. Life, people, and things will attempt to distract you.

When you become still look at the present situation and ask yourself, what is holding me back? What are my dreams verses the present moment? What baby steps can I do within the present moment?

When we become honest and still within the present moment we become able to see the options within the gifted present moment.

Life is full of wonder and mysteries. We never know what secrets we find in the shadows until we become aware of the present moment.

Peace, love and light. Blessed Be

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