Monday, September 11, 2017

Blessings to Florida and Texas USA

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Appears the most active part of the hurricane season is here in the USA. We have had several hurricanes hit the US coast since the beginning of September. Each one have brought devastation and death. As always mankind will rise up and build again.
The open mined and flexible survive the harsh world.

Appears the most active part of the hurricane season is here in the USA. We have had several hurricanes hit the US coast since the beginning of September. Each one have brought devastation and death. As always mankind will rise up and build again.

Our hearts go out to all the life in Florida and Texas. Irma and Harvey has brought great destruction. Large amount of  people of been confirm dead due to the hurricanes. Millions are displaced or homeless. Some life such as the furry loved ones are lost as well as displaced and homeless. These are the times that remind us what is important, life. All material things can be rebuilt. All materials items no matter how old or unique can be replaced in some fashion.  No life, no matter how big or small can be replaced.

So, the best aspect to take from any disaster such as Irma or Harvey is to be prepared as much as possible. Learn to let go. Walk in the present. Rebuild and become strong for the future.

I can see how some people can die simple by not wanting to abandon his or her furry loved ones. I have wonder for years what happens in hurricanes with the furry loved ones. In the past I would witness pets being left behind on the news. Shamefully even puppies and dogs tied to post or some object.

Thankfully I read recently the state of Texas created a law that made leaving a person's dog or puppies tethered in bad weather is illegal. Also, shelters and rescuers are helping the furry loved ones along with the people.

I would not be able to leave my five dogs or five cats in a disaster. Just as us, our furry loved ones have the same basic needs. I would find a way to keep all of us safe as a family. That is why I keep a bag of needed things in an emergency. I can grab my truck and dogs easily. We could be on the road evacuating before the news finish the sentence "Mandatory evacuation for the following areas..."

Now if I had to stay, I would know better to go to the attic of the house that is flooding. I would go to the level that is dry. If all else fails I would go to the roof. One of the big reasons I would not go to the attic unless it had a big window and ladder to escape is because I would not want to get trap in the house with no way out. The idea swimming through the house sounds easy until you add in debris and water currents. So, there is not one logical or good reason to go to the attic during a flood. Besides most attics are small and unsafe on a typical day.

Better to prepare a evacuation kit of needed items such as water, fuel, food, clothes, important papers and documentations, as well as leave as soon as possible. I know in areas that there is five plus millions people finding the road less travel is difficult, yet very much needed. I would not want to get stuck trying to leave. In that case, I would stay home and take my chances. A plan evacuation is best. There are going to be some scary people trying to leave as well. When people are panicking there is typically no rules. This is why we must plan to prevent undue hardship.

Of course thinking about a emergency plan reminds how grateful I am for living in the country with miles between neighbors. Of course we still need to plan for emergency, just do not need to worry about traffic and the road less traveled.

Now we all want to help and do all we can when disaster strikes. no one ever wants to be left alone hurting. However , be aware of scams that are out to get your money. Scammers seem to pop up the most during terrible events such as hurricane Irma. Also, check to see what percentage of the money goes to helping the cause. Sometimes we find organizations, such as PETA, only 1% what is donated goes to helping PETA's claimed caused of helping the animals. Also, rumors has it the Red Cross may be taking more away from the cause as well. Some politicians are encouraging people to avoid donating to the Red Cross due to the profit margin verses help to the cause. So, with that in mind be careful to whom you donate your money. In a ideal world all the money would go to the cause. However we must understand even the people and organizations need money to survive. Otherwise we will be creating a organization to help the ones helping. When we donate we simply need to be comfortable with the amount that is not helping the focus of the cause, such as the victims of hurricane Harvey or Irma.

Sending love, blessings, safety, and sunshine to Florida. Thankfully just as all good things this hardship shall pass.

Have you been affected by Harvey or Irma?

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