Friday, September 22, 2017

End of Summer

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Every great moment as a new start and a sweet end!
Every great moment as a new start and a sweet end! 

A end of Summer is the beginning of sweet Fall. One more day of summer according to the calendar. The end of Summer is marked September 23rd this year. Here in Texas, the mornings are already starting to become cooler. As any great beginning, there is a ending. Farewell Summer. 

Summer is not always my favorite season. I say this because the joy of summer depends on how hot, as well as how many water actives I attend. Now fall and spring I enjoy the most. I do miss the west coast for the four seasons. Often times Texas has two seasons, hot and evil hot. 

The best part about Fall is the cooler weather, summer fruits and veggies harvest, and Halloween. 

Fall here in Texas can be Summer like, 90's or 100's Fahrenheit . However, once in awhile the devil takes a season off and Fall will be in the perfect mid 70's during the day and 50's Fahrenheit at night. The mornings have been in the 70's Fahrenheit. There is hope. 

The delicious aspect of Fall is the Fruits and veggies. Fruits such as apples and cranberries are coming into season. Yummy. I enjoy the small red delicious.Also, veggies that make tasty soups are coming into season such as the cauliflower and squash. Oh and yummy deserts come from Fall, such as sweet potatoes pie and apple pie.

We do not celebrate traditional mankind holidays such as Christmas. Yes I know, say what? Stay tune will explain Christmas as the season approaches quickly. However, we do enjoy some of the benefits of certain holidays, such as Halloween. 

Halloween is great for all the scary movies and shows. As well as for all the yummy treats, such as candy, pies, and cake. I typically do not think of sweets until this time of year. Yet, you know how certain sweet smells will trigger a craving? Well, my sweet tooth is sparked by Fall. Also, the sales on Halloween candy is how everything gets started. 

The only thing I do not care for when the seasons ends are the time changes here in Texas. Yes I understand at one time in history having the time change was economical. Yet, time changes do not serve a greater purpose today. Shamefully we will lose a hour of sleep with the next time change. Takes me weeks to adjust to the hours moving forward or back. Even simply speaking of the time change is exhausting.  

Everyone has a favorite season. My favorite season is the end of summer and the beginning of any season that brings cool or cold weather. However, when I desire to swim in the lake, Summer will once again be my favorite season. I prefer to swim at a lake on the west coast verses the south. One big reason is the lakes in the south are very warm in comparison. The lakes in the south can be as warm or warmer then the air, which provides no relief from the heat.  

Oh yeah end of Summer! Get ready to turn off the A.C. Open the windows and enjoy the fresh new season Fall.  

What are your favorite seasons? Does the end of Summer depress you? Do you look forward to the new season? Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Thanks for the share.  

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