Friday, September 22, 2017

Is Your information being sold without Permission?

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Wow, I understand we are all attempting to make a living to enjoy the basics in life in every creative method possible. Sometimes in order to make or save money we must allow our information to be sold and traded. What is shocking is the information that is being sold without our prior knowledge or permission.  
Business Insider (BI) reveals that the House Republicans allowed our internet providers to sell our search history without permission back in march of 2017 when Obama was in charge of the US. See BI full article click here . One great reason for this new law is this allows advertiser to sell the right ads to fit our search habits and lifestyles. I wonder how much profit the advertisers will increase? I can imagine there are organization and people profiting off of all kind of information being sold without permission.

What makes a person wonder what is the deeper reason why the internet providers are not wanting to be  informative to the consumer. 

According to BI, thankfully this bill is not in full act. President Trump still must sign the bill into law. Also, there will be a appeal. If Trump does not do what is right by the people, a appeal is assured.  I understand the desire to sell information to better a service or product, while increasing profit. Also, learning how to advertise benefits the consumer. I much rather see less commercial while avoiding the ads for products or services I will never utilize, such as ads for dairy. What is not acceptable is doing business in secret. The act of not being open invites trouble and greed to flourish. Typically this mentally is for the good of the individual and not the people as a whole.

Do you believe we should have the right to know when information is being sold or traded? Or do you feel if you are part of the consuming society selling information is a given? Do you think Trump will do the correct and moral act by vetoing this Bill?

The provisions are set to take affect this coming December of 2017 (BI). Will be interesting to see what Trump decide to do with the bill.

What is your privacy worth? Leave a comment, tell me what is on your mind. Thank you  for the share.

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