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New Expensive Penalties for Texting and Driving

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Keep your eyes on the road!
Keep your eyes on the road!

Every state in the union is starting to adopt a no texting and driving policies We will explore a few to see what the penalties for texting and driving.

Amazing there has to be so many laws created to cover common sense stuff such as keeping your eye on the path ahead of you. Before there where cell phones everyone was taught to keep there eye on the road. Yes, have your hands located at 10 and 2 o'clock on the wheel. The most exciting thing  that happen when driving was looking for a radio station. Most of the time we even pulled over to eat. Nope not today, everyone is in a hurry.

Today everything you think of including grooming occurs in the driver seat. No wonder driving while distracted is one of the top leading reasons for injuries and deaths these days in the US while driving. Texting and driving is among the top five since people never want to miss a thing. The saddest aspect is no matter how heartbreaking the story of someone dying or getting hurt while texting and driving the masses still reach for the phone.

No matter if a person is texting, surfing on social media, chatting on a hands free voice call or getting maps directions they are distracting the driver. Taking our eyes off the road even for a second to look at the maps directions can be the difference between life or death.  The best rule of thumb is to pull over to the side if the road. Despite how people feel they are great at doing two things at once multiple tasking is an illusion. Several studies and test stimulation reveal time and time again people can only truly focus on one task at a time. No one cares to admit imperfection or miss out on something such as "where are you?" text. However, no one person really wants to die or become independent on another person over a action that could had been prevented with simply waiting.

New laws and old ones are created and corrected through study and research. Apparently people need a form of finical and freedom restrictions to learn how to stay focus on the road. Perhaps with new laws and punishments we will reduce the thousands that die or become injured each year.

To avoid Getting a fine simply turn off phone or to silent and place out of reach. There are apps you can download that will shut things down for you and send out messages that your are driving. Check your play store for your phone.

Oregon laws on Texting and driving.

Oregon is a complete hands-free state with no exceptions. This is much needed. in Oregon there are lots of wild life that could cause harm if a driver was to look away even for a fast moment.

According to an attorney from Oregon, the maximum fine can be $2,000 to $5,000. That pails in considerations of lives being killed.However, that is too big of a fine to answer a text that can wait for  a safer moment.

According to fine is $142 for texting and driving.

With the new law in Oregan police officers are able to pull over drivers for texting. Good! So, do not text and drive. The simple act of setting the phone out of view can save your life, as well as others.

Well off to drive and complete errands. I will be placing my phone safely out of reach, so I may not be tempted.

Be safe and think before you look to your phone while driving. No text is worth being your last or the lost of life, as well as your freedoms.

Fines typically start somewhere at a base, such as the $142. Other charges can be added to any fine that can make a person loose his or her life in more ways then death. Be safe. Do not text and drive.


The penalties for texting and driving in California. 

California has a base fine in which the fines start and other fines are added depending on situation. The California DMV reports due to other penalties driver can expect to pay three times the amount for the complete fine.

According to DMV the base fine as follows. First offense $20. Second offense and subsequent convictions $50.

Surprising the base fines are so low. I suspected to see harsher fines such as the rumor I hear on the east coast. People on the East coast are paying up to $1,000 on the first defense. Appears the fines do not fit the action. of course depending on the violations fines can reach in the triple digits.

California does have a hands-free law with restrictions, such as no person under 18 can drive and use the cell phone in any form. I imagine the restrictions are to a one touch as is in the Federal guidelines for commercial drivers.

Here are the rule of the road starting with Texas.

Starting September 7, 2017 all texting and driving is illegal for all motorist. For the class C license the first time the fine will be $25.00 to $99.00  and second offense $100.00 to $200.00. Even though all other activities such as calling on the phone or using a app for directions if a police officer suspects you texting the officer will pull you over.

Now if harm or death occurs due to texting and driving there will be an additional fine up $4,000 plus one year in jail.

There are much more harsher penalties for commercial and truck drivers when texting and driving in any state in the union. Drivers loose their license along with high personal fines upwards of $3,000 depending on state and area of offense. Now the companies in which the driver work for faces even higher fines, such as up to $10,000. Most state allow a one touch hands-free device for drivers.

The safest bet is no text, no ticket. Most states have laws and penalties against texting and driving. Do you need a law to tell you to not drive and text? Or you one of the few that actually focus on one task at a time. Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind.

Perhaps we next will explore California to see what laws the great sunshine state has to prevent texting and driving. Typically California is the state to start a trend. Of course Texas held up to the slow draw of change. I wonder if Texas is the last state that added no texting and driving laws or is there still states allowing driver the freedom to chose the safe route of keeping your eye on the road. Well Stay tune. As we explore we will discover if Texas is truly the slowest state to take action in the union.

Let's keep our freedoms. Let's get back to the basic by teaching people rules, such as look both ways when crossing the street or give up your right away to avoid an accident, so we can avoid having to have common sense rules as laws. No matter the large amount of a fine or how restricted a law can be written there is nothing more sad when a injury or death could had been prevented with a education and touch of commonsense.

If there is a particular state you are interested let us know. If you have had a ticket for texting and driving, please share with us the final cost. Be safe. Keep your eyes on the road.

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