Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween, A Day of Magic

Happy Halloween. Today's moments are filled with endless possibilities. Magic is all around us everyday. However, Halloween is a special day in which the magic becomes stronger for several reasons. Most reason are a mystery and depends on the person, as well as culture.

Many say Halloween is a day to connect with the dead. As well as the dead walk freely among us hidden in costumes.

Lots of Empaths will tell you this is the day communication becomes easier even for beginners. Perhaps because so many individuals are focusing the energy in the idea of communication, such as with the dead.

When we start to understand basic laws of nature such as energy, vibration, and attraction, everyday is a powerful day for magic.

However you celebrate Halloween wish you the blessed day and night. Be safe. Do not drink and drive. Party and live for another day.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman

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