Thursday, October 5, 2017

How to learn the guitar at any age

When I was a kid I played the clarinet, as well as drums. Life adventures of heavy parties and trying to survive curbed my desire to learn and express myself through music.

When I did play my clarinet for example, the music took me away from the harsh world in which I was growing-up in. Since I was on the run ( this is a deep story of why I had been planning running away since I was five years young. Perhaps one day I will tell my side of the day I decided my parents might as well had been wolves) at the age of 12 years old having the time, safe place and discipline was not the top priority. The sad part not even food was my focus and I loved to eat. Nope just a place to party to forget my troubles, as well as rest my head.

So, fast forward with me if you will into adulthood. I always said if I stopped smoking cigarettes, I would learn to play the saxophone. This started in my early 20's. Well, I guess I loved smoking over any music expression I desired. So, another couple of decades past and I finally stop smoking cigarettes.

For the past few years, I kept wishing I could learn to play something. Yet, I felt to old to bother. Then a light lit up and I realized that was the same excuse I had for smoking. Everyone starts at different stages of life. Yes, would had been nice to flourish my musical talents back when I was a kid. Of course having a healthy stable home each night and day would had been nice too.

At first, I wanted to barrow the guitar from  my mother. My mother has had a nice guitar for thirty years. I was sorry I bothered to ask. That is OK. Not the first time my mother could had improved my life and chose not to be a positive influence.

The funny thing is I have learned more in two day then my mother has in all the  30 years she has had the guitar. Despite my natural musical talents, as usual my mother took the opportunity to reveal her level of value I have in her perspective. So, after my mother made a comment letting me know her guitar was more valuable then me was the spark to get my own. She could had simply said no. Did not need to add the value of the guitar verse me. What we say is not always important in how we say things.

So, I order a cheap beginners guitar. I have my eye on a nicer one as a reward of learning. My guitar is not as nice as my mothers at the moment. Yet, my guitar is being played. I am learning the strings. I have also learned one note so far. Even if I had a pricey top of the line guitar, not knowing how to play the guitar makes the item a expensive decoration. Plus after much research, I feel, I got the best beginner guitar so I may know what Guitar I wish to have after I learn.

Now, once I learn the G note and the G note is second nature to me, as well as I am sick of the G note, I will learn the next note. A good friend is teaching me to play the acoustic guitar. I am taking his advice by taking one step at a time to build a firm foundation. He said I will learn C next and then to transition the two notes. At the moment I am happy with G. I am confident with dedication and patients I will quickly master the Guitar.

I do need to build the tips of my fingers up to be tough. Boy, the tips of the finger are sore after two days of practicing the frets and G note. I will have to build the toughness, as well as the flexibility. I was told conditioning the finger tips can take a few weeks. Let's see how long my soft finger will cry.

The great thing about learning music at any age is the action of the hands doing two different things while your brain gives directions is a great way to stay healthy and youthful. The brain is a muscle that needs a workout as well. After four plus decades of observing and living life, trust that the old saying "if you don't use it, you lose it". This expression applies to all aspects of life.

So, follow along, watch me grow my musical skills. If you like to learn. Great! You do not need to know how to play any music or have a special talent. All you really need is the desire, dedication and practice.

I will update once to twice a week depending on progress. I look forward to your comments and suggestion.

Thanks for sharing as well. Rock on! Express yourself however possible.

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