Thursday, November 30, 2017

Vegans do eat food that goes beyond Veggies

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Many people that are raised eating farm or factory foods do not understand vegans eat the original source of food that supports all life on planet earth.

Yes Vegans do eat Vegetables. However, the choices of foods is endless and goes beyond veggies. Overtime we will explore the abundances of the vegan's choices.

Also, in time we will explore what a vegan means. The meaning of a vegan can vary from person to person. Most vegans will agree that the core meaning is to live and eat without bringing harm to any life, regardless of the size, species, or intelligence. Vegans will typically agree all life serve a higher purpose then being killed for a meal.

For me being a Vegan means having a lifestyle that honors and shows respect for all life. As well there are logical reason for being a vegan, such as better personal health. Science has proven health issues such a strokes, diabetes, cancers, and heart attacks can be prevented or cured when animal products are eliminated from a person lifestyle as a food source.

Studies have proven a person's health does increase for the better when a live animal spends time with the person.

Science and research from the meat and dairy industry as proven for years the vegan lifestyle has been known to cure and prevent most diseases and cancers. The medical industry or the meat industry does not want you to know that majority of disease and sickness comes from consuming animals and animal products. The last ten years I have suffered with a a unknown skin disorder on my hands and feet. I had tried everything from pills to diet changes, as well as steroid creams without success. Well a few years ago I learn the word "speciesism" that help me to decided to become a vegan full-time. Within weeks of becoming a vegan my skin was cleared.

The bonus since I became a vegan is my skin looks younger, as well as healthy. I can eat all I want, even deserts without worrying about calories or gaining weight. When you become a certain age losing negative weight can be a issue. No matter the age or fitness of the person, the vegan lifestyle can bring balance and health.

I also stopped smoking about the same time I became a Vegan. I have lost over 35 pounds since I stopped smoking. Now smokers normally gain weight, roughly 10 to 20 pounds. However, since I became a vegan, I have slender down to a healthy weight. The lost of weight is a combination of the vegan diet and daily walks with my dogs. We walk about 14 to 21 miles a week.

Also, I notice shortly after I became a Vegan lots of my aches from my old injures are not as painful. Of course when I overwork myself, nothing stops the pain other then rest.

Becoming a healthier you takes one step at a time. Becoming a Vegan is a simple choice once you learn your personal reasons, as well as how to cook well balance meals and snacks.  The nice aspect is most meals take 20 minutes or less to prepare. So being a vegan is the perfect choice for a busy person. You can have a fresh snack or meal within minutes.

I Love both fresh, frozen, and canned choices. In time I will share what I believe is the best for beginners. The best thing to do is explore all the different vegan choices. As anything in life there are going to be some foods you desire to eat each day, as well as foods you wish you never knew existed.

Let me know what is your biggest struggle that keeps you from choosing the healthy vegan path. One of the best ways to learn how to become a vegan is to learn how the industry treats, torture, and kill to make money. The meat industry knows that killing animals is not for our health and is only for the greed of money. Don't worry, the industry will find another way to earn money. There are lots of choices the farmers can grow to feed the world that is healthy for the planet, as well as for all of the life that depends on the earth.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about being a vegan. In time you will see there is a endless list of vegan snacks and meals to select for any craving. If you are new at being a Vegan be sure to look for the V for Vegan. In time you will learn about more products such as Oreo cookies and Nature Own bread are vegan that does not have the V symbol.

Thankfully there are vegan choices for every product that is designed with animals since every food that a vegan does have a choice of eating is the original choice.

There was once was no slaughter houses and commercial farms that abused and torture life. The masses drive the industry by supporting the cause with money. Just as everything that has a beginning, one day inhumane acts against life to feed the masses will come to a end.

As we explore the simple life of a Vegan, you will soon see how many lives are saved and changed by one person's kind act of becoming a vegan. Also, you will soon learn the enjoyment of food is all about the seasonings and textures. For example, I prepare biscuits and gravy that you would never know no animal was harmed. The Secret is the balance of seasoning for the Gravy. Depending on what type of sausage you enjoy eating will be the type of seasoning you will use. One of my favorite gravies I use thyme and sage to create a classic country gravy.

Fun fact: According to most research data a single person can save roughly 200 lives each year. I live in Texas where everything is larger then life, as well as appetites. So I can see more then 200 lives are saved each year. I suspect the 200 is a mid range of the data collected.

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