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Easy Tips To become a Vegan

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  One kind act can save serve lives from unnecessary suffering. Go Vegan.
One kind act can save serve lives from unnecessary suffering. Go Vegan.

Most of my life I boarder on vegetarian. Eating meat was a struggle for me since I can remember. When I was a kid I would cry and prefer to eat the veggies and beans on my plate. I even was a vegan twice for a few years at a time, until I discovered the truth and logical healthy reasons to finally remain a Vegan. So, I understand that one of the biggest difficulty of becoming a Vegan is breaking old habits, as well as old beliefs that have been past down from generation to generation. Just as anything in life positive change begins when we change our negative belief systems.

I was blessed one day that I simply stop consuming animals and animal products. My switch may had seem instant, yet as I said took me sometime to get to where I am today. I have faith if you are reading this article so you soon will be a pure Vegan as well or you are the path to Veganism.

Easy tips to start your journey of peace, happiness, and good health to become a Vegan

1. One of the greatest thing you can do is start researching all the benefits of being a Vegan. For example the one thing I discovered that really set my new Vegan lifestyle into play was the word "speciesism ", as well how animals are treated and processed explained why people get sick from countless diseases.  Also, through research I learned animals products or animals are not digestible for in which causes all kinds of health issues, such as strokes, heart attacks, and dementia to name a few. As I explored, I learned the original source of nutrition grows from the earth. Also, studies have reveal killing animals to eat is simply for the industry to make money, not for the nutritional needs or well being of people.  

2. Those that struggle start a Vegan day. Dedicate one day to eating only plant based foods. In time you will learn how easy you can go without animals or the animal product and will naturally want to increase the days. Also, consider having a Vegan lunch or breakfast every day and limit you animal consumption to once a day. 

3. Take your time and eliminate eating animals and animals products as you feel comfortable. One of the best methods I have notice for others is to start with the meat. Challenge yourself and remove all the meat in your meals and snacks for 21 days. All new habits start and are broken in 21 days. As you build confidence and are happy with not eating the flesh of the animals remove the dairy products, such as milk and cheese. You will discover there are so many great alternatives you wonder why you had not discovered so much goodies that do not cause harm in the past. Next remove the eggs from your menu. In time you will discover there are endless way to bake tasty treats and cook without any animal products. The bonus is you will feel great, become healthier, while helping a few hundred animals per year from suffering and dying a cruel inhumane death. 

4. Cook the comfort foods that you know and love. Simply find something to replace the animal products in your favorite dishes and snacks. For example you can make Mac n Cheese without dairy. Replace the cheese made out of cow's milk with a nice almond, coconut or cashew cheese for example. These alternatives taste just as good as cow's milk, except they are digestible, offer proper calcium and not full of hormones and high protein that are only designed for a calf to digest. 

5. Be brave and explore new foods to discover new comfort foods that you will love. You will find nutritional yeast for example is a great way to get the Vitamin Bs needed, as well adds a nice cheesy or creamy taste to a meal. I had tried at least four different Vegan burgers until I started to find the ones I enjoyed.  

6. Substitutes are important in the beginning to new Vegans or former meat eaters. The alternatives helps keep you satisfied while you adjust to being a Vegan. Also, the substitutes are filled with lots of nutrition that you may overlook while learning. Once you learn how to create balanced meals and snacks you will discover the alternatives are not needed. 

7. Think outside the box. Consider legumes and nuts to replace the meat or dairy in your recipes. Always be creative and use what you enjoy. You may surprise yourself from time to time and realize the taste is all about the seasoning, not the meat or animal. 

8. Another great and easy thing is making your own cheese. Cheese is the most popular reason why most people struggle to become a Vegan. I thought I would die without cheese myself. Cheese was what got me to fail several times in the past. In a very short time I stop craving cheese when I learned about how the milk is tainted by blood, puss, and infections due to mistreatment of the dairy cows. By the time the industry processes the milk and cheese there is no value that justifies the harm caused to the cows and calves.

9. Find other like minded people. Being among other Vegans can be very supportive, as well will help you stay a Vegan. If not do not  know other Vegans not to worry what other are doing or not doing. Become the living healthy example why your friends and family may consider Veganism. 

10. Never be a snob and turn your nose up to a new food to try, such as tofu. At first I did not like tofu. I learned to like tofu by buying the Amy's meals in the freezer section at the grocery store. Also, I learned that I prefer the firm tofu for most meals and the soft for things like egg substitutes, smoothies, and sauces. Take the time to understand what you are snubbing before you decide that is not for you or you simply do not care for the food.  

The best and easy tip to become a Vegan is simply take one moment at a time, while focusing on the great benefits of Veganism. 

What is holding you back from being good to your health and becoming a Vegan? What food do you fear you cannot live without? What do you need to free yourself from eating animals and dairy? Did you know that roughly 200 hundred animals are saved per year when one person becomes a Vegan? 

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